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  1. "You don't eat the ball? You call this fun?" -Yoshi, Super Mario Bros. Super Show "Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it." -Arthur Dent, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "Want do you want? Wait, don't tell me, let me guess... Is it... an umbrella?! Okay, fine. Tell me." -Bard Empire, Spore "If someone asks you if you're a god, you say 'Yes!'" -Ghostbusters "You hear that, line? From now on you're the Weirdo Fountain of Eterna!" -Hikaru, Magic Knight Rayearth
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    People in Harvest Moon are very forgiving.
  3. Pokemon Red Version. On a side note, my first ever Pokemon was a Charmander... named Char.
  4. 20. This game is about stating the obvious.
  5. N: 5/10 Lowercase and numbers DX A: 7.5/10 A bit strange but cute S: 9/10 Cute and organized! Just feels a bit empty on the right
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    Edit for broken links
  7. I promise not to breed the army of huge-lineaged and/or inbred Blacks I've been hoarding from the AP.
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    2 more: Gary and Silver from Pokemon R/B/Y and G/S/C respectivly. They are why I belive you should be able to tell your Pokemon to attack people. "No Gary, I will smell you later... after my Charizard fries you like bacon!"
  9. I hereby declare these my new favorite breed!
  10. Got a Silver egg from Earthy, so I'm taking it of my list. Thanks!
  11. I can't help but wonder if that one floating ornament ruined it...
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    Most Annoying

    Mara from Kirby's Epic Yarn. "Hey Kirby, here's an idea! Let's race through the hardest levels in the game! To make things interesting, I'll show you a picture of the finish line but I won't actually tell you where it is or how to get there! You can run on foot and dodge all the monsters and bottomless pits and things and I'll just fly over everything and GO THROUGH WALLS AND MONSTERS. If you take damage, you'll be stunned for three seconds. I'll pretend to be fair by sometimes stopping for a few seconds but this will be completely offset by the fact that I can fly faster than you can climb or jump and did I mention you have to pull a string on the finish line to win while I just have to touch it so if we're too close I'll win before you have time to grab it while running at top speed? Oh, and if you do win I'll give you some wallpaper that looks exactly like what you could buy at the store and I'll say, 'Oh, well good for you I guess. Next time I won't go easy on you!'" Seriously, she's unaffected by wind that throws Kirby around like a ragdoll and she goes through lava gysers and volcanoes and even walls that you have to stop and blow up. Then the little cheater has the nerve to say she was going easy on you. Stupid little flying shirt girl, and after I went through all the trouble of paying for and decorating your room for you! I want my 500,000 beads back!
  13. Pasted in all my dragons' descriptions. Appearantly I write dragon descriptions like Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island. I knew there was a reason I liked that book.
  14. My latest addition: No-Legs the Skywing, code NLgs. It was simply to perfect to pass up.
  15. I immediately stick them in Allure of Neglected Dragons, then move them into the ER once they hit 4 days or less. That's the only site I've used and so far it's worked perfectly.
  16. Rare/Lineage: Gold, any Dorkface (can we request those?) Uncommon: Paper, Dino (any except green), Dayglory Common: Red Dorsal, Terrea, Pink Also, if you ever need 8th gen. Purple Thuweds I'd be happy to donate. Edit: Sorry, didn't know you weren't accepting at the moment.
  17. Hello everyone, my name is Mitesla and I am a Pokemaniac. I tried Digimon since a friend of mine loved it, and the first two seasons were pretty good, but I kinda gave up after that (admittedly I did kinda lose interest in the Pokemon TV series too but it looks like most Pokemon fans can say that). The Pokemon game, however, has me completely hooked. Red Version was my first ever handheld game and I've played nearly every Pokemon game since. I do have Digimon Dusk and it's a pretty good game, but I am firmly on Team Pokemon in this matchup.
  18. My first dead dragon was a water walker I'd accidently picked up. Since they're common I figured no one would want it and tried to bite it. I probably should have known better, my vampire has yet to give me a successful bite.
  19. Not sure... My alt black Thuwed maybe? Or my black marrow?
  20. Hey, how come I can't see the eggs? It keeps saying I expected to see eggs but there were none...
  21. Was doing date but recently switched to breed to make counting my mint army easier.