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  1. Thanks a bunch! I have a dream of making a giant super-checker, this will be incredibly helpful, thank you!
  2. Thanks a bunch!! I will take good care of the eggs!
  3. Hello hello! This White has an almost-word code, "CuRSG", if that's your thing! https://dragcave.net/teleport/95a5961c8b143...9a94875e33cf10b
  4. Astrapi Xeno is best Xeno!! Thank you so much! Edit to add: CB Winter Seasonal! https://dragcave.net/teleport/5f0a1014cf0bc...6f34162e46c6c41
  5. Here is an even-gen Hellhorse with a pretty cool lineage that I swiped from the AP! Even better, it will be incuhatchable in 2-3 hours! https://dragcave.net/teleport/77b4d4cc1670c...fd99a76a9c423af
  6. I couldn't resist, thank you so much! Edit to add: A pretty cool Spirit Ward, I hope you like it! (I bred the wrong pair AGAIN so it's far from perfect ) https://dragcave.net/teleport/ed2112a4f0fcf...b3ac2d39bf2263f
  7. EDIT: They've started dropping for me!
  8. That Daydream Stair was too good to ignore, thank you so much!!
  9. Beautiful Gold, thank you so much!! Here is a CB green gemshard hatchie, precog'd to be female! https://dragcave.net/teleport/dd6f4f7e9062a...08daf552e2741df
  10. I would like to be entered in the raffle for: -the CB Green Copper Hatchling -the CB Green Copper Egg -the CB Aeon Hatchling -the Gold Tinsel Thanks a bunchies!!
  11. Hello! I was wondering, approximately when can holiday dragons start breeding? Edit: Thanks a bunch SockPuppet!!
  12. Thank you so much for doing this!! Forum Name: Bacillus_Incognito Favorite Number: 3 Have I ever won a 2nd gen Shimmer? Nope!
  13. Thank you so much for the raffle! And a big thank you to the donors too!!