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    Hi everybody! Feel free to call me "Bacillus" or even "Bacil"! I don't have much in the way of cool stuff, but feel free to ask if there's anything you fancy that I can breed for you! I'm not as picky about lineages and stuff like that so I won't be able to breed anything too fancy, haha!

    I do have a wishlist though! The holiday dragons can be any lineage, any gen, whatever-- I just want them on my scroll for the Encyclopedia entries! It is my goal to own 3 of the following:
    -Any Holly
    -Any Wrapping Wing
    -Any Solstice
    -Any Mistletoe
    -Any Aegis
    -Any Cavern Lurker
    -Any Grave
    -Any Desipis
    -Any Caligene
    -Any Arsani
    -Any Radiant Angel
    -Any Heartstealing
    -Any Mutamore

    I'd like to one day have one (or more ;)) of the following:
    -an even-gen descendant of the Aegis Spriter's Alts
    -an even-gen descendant of the Arsani Spriter's Alts
    -an even-gen descendant of the Heartstealing Spriter's Alt
    -an even-gen descendant of the Mutamore Spriter's Alts
    -an even-gen descendant of the Cavern Lurker Spriter's Alts
    -an even-gen descendant of the Mistletoe Spriter's Alts

    Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!