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  1. I think it's pretty impressive that they can make robots so expressive. I think it's a really beautiful movie that I'm happy to watch again and again.
  2. PS3: DJ Hero, Civ 4, or Little Big Planet depending on my mood. Right now it's mostly been civilization because scientific victories take forever.
  3. -When people get out of a car you should always look at their feet first. -Music always plays during the important parts.
  4. Do you have a favorite book in the series? Mine is Goblet of Fire. I've read it the most and it has some of my favorite scenes in all of HP.
  5. LokyCokey

    Misheard Lyrics

    I don't speak Spanish but I have my own made up lyrics to La Bamba. If I start singing it now it sounds like lalalalala bamba a nessa see una poca la tokya.... there's more but I'll spare you. Also, I found out about a year ago that there's a song by Jimmy Buffett called Come Monday, not Come On Babe like I originally thought. It's extra embarassing when the title is wrong.
  6. http://sarabethia.myminicity.com It has begun
  7. - When you're running away from the killer don't run upstairs unless you have a way out. - Cell phones never work when you really need them. - Always be suspect of the pretty people.
  8. I really like this site. The simplicity is nice. Thank you!
  9. I kind of have to disagree with this. The Gryffindor's were the cool, popular students. I have to disagree with this too. Harry Potter and his friends were not meant to seem popular or cool. Harry has unruly hair, glasses, and is constantly berated and made fun of. Hermoine is a nerdy know it all with frizzy hair. Ron is a lanky clumsy red head. When you think of who these kids are in school they are not the cool popular people. I would agree with the fact that the sorting hat creates stereotypes. The whole purpose of the hat is to fit people into the house that best matches their personality. So of course the Ravenclaws are smart and the Gryffindors are war heros. But Narcissa's act was most certainly heroic and brave. Do you think that lying to Voldemort doesn't require an immense amount of courage? If things had turned out differently there is no way that her or her family would have survived.
  10. I really like the Princess Bride. It made me laugh so much the first time I read it. Now I always take it on vacations and I just read my favorite parts over and over again. I always start out with good intentions to read the whole thing, but eventually I start skipping over the creepy parts, and then I just start skipping all over the place to find my favorite scenes. If you haven't read it and you like the movie then you should really like the book.
  11. I probably cheat when I take the quizzes because it's easy to tell which house goes with the different answers. When I answer honestly I'm usually in Ravenclaw, but when I answer by who I want to be I'm usually in Gryffindor.
  12. "I don't believe in fairies!" ^ ^ ^ My all time favorite battle cry. I adore the Dresden Files, they're intense and funny at the same time. My family and I were reading them together but no one has finished Changes yet and I'm dying to talk about it with someone so PLEASE message me if you'd like to speculate on what's next. I'm working the Codex Alera series now and I couldn't be happier with it. I can't believe that it's written by the same mind that brought us the Dresden Files. I hope he has some more series yet to come.
  13. 2012 wasn't horrible because I didn't have very high expectations and I enjoyed Woody. The first worst movie that came to my mind was Coneheads. It was too childish and immature, and I was 10 when I watched it.
  14. I own both and even though I'm more used to my PC my Mac is extra pretty. Gotta go Mac.
  15. I've read both and while I'm aware that Twilight is poor writing it has its entertaining moments. Eragon is so much better than the Twilight series. I'll have to look into it ripping off star wars, I'd never heard about that before. Although I think it's hard to create a completely original fantasy series because so much has been done already. I was horribly disappointed with the Eragon movie. I didn't even finish it I was so mad about it. At least the Twilight movies are what is to be expected from the series.
  16. I really like this series for the fact that it takes such a strong stance against stereotyping. In the books it's especially apparent that the heros are the nerdy unpopular kids in school. Neville is the best example of it. And not all of the Slytherins are bad. The only reason Harry survives is because of Narcissa. The real message to the story is that love prevails overall and people can become whomever they wish to be regardless of their background.