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  1. I saw brines in the coastal biome, but I didn't get any. They're probably harder to catch because people are trying to catch more of them based on how many TJ has of each egg. Or that's my guess. I'm egg locked with 2 of the rancid, 3 of the musty ones, a CB pink and Green Dino, so I'm content.
  2. I wondered why the cave was absolutely empty, so I decided to check the forums to see if there was a new release. I haven't caught any yet, but I'll remedy that soon. EDIT: Caught two rancid ones from the desert, and then the caves were empty again.
  3. I successfully traded for my first gold!
  4. I finally summoned today! My ice female did it for me.
  5. I summoned a GoN egg and finally bred a second gen CB Shadow Walker x CB silver egg! I can't believe it happened on the same day!!!
  6. My first holiday dragon was this marrow: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0EQu Shortly after that I got an additional marrow and an AP Pumpkin. Unfortunately at that point, I didn't have any pinks (or I was out of influences) so both of my CB marrows ended up female.
  7. I'm sad that I missed the first story. That wasn't a Christmas story that I had heard before so now I don't know what it was about. I won't miss another day.
  8. I've been summoning since September 19th, when my ice dragon grew up. No successes so far. But I'm going to keep trying. Next day I can try is December 4th.
  9. When I go out with my family, they'll usually spot me some money for stuff, whereas if I go out with friends, then I have to pay for everything. So that's a point for family. I've also got a sister my age who I will go out with, and so, she's closer to "friend" as far as interactions between the two of us go, but because she technically lives in the same house as me, I'm counting her as family for this. I don't have that many friends beyond my family, so family wins out for me. Although I will go out with some friends, who are very awesome.
  10. 1. Mint 2. Water Walker 3. Bright Breasted Wyvern 4. Albino They are all still on my scroll (and I believe all but the mint, who I remember was on the abandoned page, were picked up from the cave - they're all cave born).
  11. I managed to get 6 before the first hour of the release was up. I've got them all influenced and all but one incubated. I love the hatchlings, and the cracking stages of the eggs! Too cool! I can't wait to see the adult.
  12. I hover over the third slot and hit F5 over and over again. I've managed to catch 2 CB silvers and 2 CB blacks this way and countless CB nebulas, CB vines, CB whites, a CB magma, and 2 CB thunders... Sometimes, I'll wait for 30+ minutes in one biome just refreshing. It's irritating. It's also easier to catch rares during the drops in-between the big drops. I caught the 2 silvers in-between drops. There's less people online; I think both times I caught those I was in the desert and there were like 2 users listed as being online at the time. I usually have the best luck in the desert when catching rares.
  13. Try this: Ballroom -> Balcony -> Upstairs -> Small lone door -> Clear the door Hope that helps!
  14. Same here. ^^ Instead of studying for my organic chemistry lab and then lecture exams, I spent my time enjoying this. It didn't take too long though, so I still had some time to study.
  15. I finally found the chicken. Yay! I had to map it out to finish it. The only thing that I ended up searching for was how to get that stupid chicken. Pretty cool! And the first holiday event that I completed 100%!
  16. 26/10/11 Entry Three I have not yet found a mate yet, regrettably. I was unable to mate with Neon Green Shadow; she rejected me and now, won't come near me. I'm not sure why, but she doesn't seem to like other dragons. I don't feel too bad about the rejection; she rejected a silver tinsel male as well. Still, I would like to have a mate. There is a lovely ribbon dancer dragon named The Epic Grinch that I am interested in. As of yet, she seems uninterested in me, but that isn't an outright refusal in itself. Still, I wonder if we will ever be able to mate together. She has a long history with one of the Stargazer nebulas in the Clan, and I'm not sure that she will give that up for me. There's another ribbon dancer in the clan, named "A Christmas Ribbon", who doesn't seem to have a mate. Perhaps I should look into getting to know her. Right now, eggs that I haven't seen before have started floating around. The dragon tamer says that these are "holiday eggs" for the Halloween dragons (I've only ever seen three of these in my life; all female - one is very small and orange, and has a strange affinity for pumpkins, and the other two are bony and smell of death). Apparently, there will be a new breed of dragon very soon. The dragon tamer wants to collect as many of these new dragons as possible. Hopefully, these new dragons will not be as strange as the other Halloween dragons. -Shining Silver Stardust
  17. I'm so excited about breeding my pumpkin. And I can't wait to see the new dragons!
  18. That is for sure. I went to my college's counseling services and it really didn't help. Although I did find out my Myer's-Briggs personality type (INTJ). I'm on fall break! Finally, a break from organic chemistry lab! (Too bad fall break is only 2 days...)
  19. I'm from the backward state of South Carolina in the USA (the patron state of ignorance, racism, and everything bad about the United States. Oh, and when they outlawed slavery, we didn't like that, so we succeeded from the Union). I hate it here so much. Only two more years, though, and then I'm off to graduate school and away from here! I wish I was from Germany, though. I was over there in east Germany (Magdeburg, specifically) studying abroad this summer and loved it so much.
  20. I just got a new puppy less than a week ago. <3 Her name is Kiara and she's a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix along with something else (she's brindle patterned, which isn't exactly what that breed looks like ^^). She's going to be huge (her paws are massive). She gets into absolutely everything, and chews on everything (I'll be very happy when she's no longer biting me with those sharp puppy teeth). She's already becoming house-trained, which is impressive, considering she's only 7 weeks old. We have two other large dogs, Conner (a pitbull mix; he's my sister's dog) and Julius (we have no idea. Probably a lab mix, but there's something else in there. He has one blue eye and one half blue half brown eye). Conner is a sweetheart. He's my nap time buddy (always gets up in bed with me and sleeps with me). Julius is crazy, but funny too (he loves chasing lights). They're both pretty big (~85 pounds) but we think Kiara's going to be bigger. I love my dogs.
  21. I hate not being in a relationship. I've never had the opportunity to be in one before, the pool of people around here I'm selecting from is very, very small. I've also found that I think in a way that seems to be unique around these parts, which makes just finding friends hard, let alone a relationship (I have very few friends for this reason, too). I have never met somebody who I was attracted to and who was single simultaneously. It gets really lonely, though. I know that I tend to be more attracted to male-bodied individuals, but I don't think I'd be opposed to dating a female or somebody genderqueer. My parents might not be happy, but whatever. I've recently come to the realization that gender is pretty irrelevant to me anyway, and most of it is just taught to us by society. But, yeah. I'm single and it sucks going around town and to class and hearing everybody else talk about their relationships.
  22. I beasted my genetics test today. It helps when you have friends who have had the class before you, so they can tell you what to expect (and show you their old tests... I mean, if you're going to hand back the tests and let people keep them, and then not change the tests, it's no fault but your own when students compare notes...).
  23. I haven't had a failure yet, although I do wonder if that's because it really hasn't failed at all, or if I've just lost track of what I influenced to be what.