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  1. Gorillaz:On Melancholy Hill, Rhinestone Eyes, Superfast Jellyfish "I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower that you made of plastic power your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away" "Up on melancholy hill there's a plastic dream are you here with me? if you can't get what you want, but you can get me." GO GORILLAZ!!!!!!
  2. I like: Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Courage the Cowardly Dog Ed, Edd,'n'Eddy SpongeBob and others I can not name them all. Also on CartoonNetwork was some anime(or still some) Bleach Mar One Piece Death Note DragonBall G, GT, and Z
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    Okay the lead singer is 2-D, Russel is the drum player and Noodle and Murdoc are the guitarists.Eventhough they're animated they still rock. Also a new cd came out called Plastic Beach.Also the website is fun
  4. I have played the game, but have anyone played the Heavy Metal Robot Unicorn Attack?
  5. As Kazumi was venturing in the woods, she saw a shadow run by a tree. "Hey, what are you doing here?!" Kazumi yelled.The shadow was small and quaint and very fast.As Kazumi was chasing her she ran out of breath and stopped.
  6. " So, who are you actually looking for?" Kazumi asked Rorora. Kazumi paused in thought. She walked in circles for a couple of times.Then ran back to Rorora. "You're looking for Deidara, right?But if you ask me I haven't seen him." After that Kazumi ventured off into the woods
  7. I actually just started this roleplay.(Suggested by Emoragirl17)
  8. I'm Confused Now. Someone help me!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I say the Sims 3 is a bunch of crap because you can't really design the sims how you want to and they all have the same faces!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Kazumi was speechless.So she just turned around and went back into the lair. ..................
  11. I've beaten both of the games, but know I think it's retarded
  12. ((Thanks for the tip, Emora)) Kazumi was outside the Akatsuki lair. She was thinking. She looked up and saw Rorora running around franticly. "Are you alright, Roro-chan?"
  13. Hi I'm zangetsu34 and I'm joining this roleplay.My charracter's name is Kazumi. Name:Kazumi Age:16 Gender:Female Other info:Akatsuki Member Favorite weapon:Rock Sand Sword Style:Earth Appearance:Dark, long black hair,tall,brown eyes,black pants, sleeveless green shirt,fishnet arm wear.