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  1. Just to let you know, most of these people are from the techno- pop scene that are blowing up in the music career.So take yor pick!!
  2. zangetsu34


    Rhinestone Eyes, On Melancholy Hill, and Stylo are my top three of my favorite songs on Plastic Beach.
  3. Mine is a junk collector: 3 notebooks a scientific calculator twilight book(never read.EVER.not a twilight tard) a stackable drawer thing lamp glue bottle tons of manga books romance/mystery novels a big folder of drawings a watch Shonen Jump books pencils scisors torn up notebooks cardboard circle a popcorn basket(not real) hair band eraser animal figures picture holder Now that concludes my messy desk
  4. ((Kazumi POV)) "Great now, we have a spy on our hands.Oh I bet everybody is going to be mad,but we need to confer on what to do to catch that rat!"
  5. ((Shadow's POV))) "Come on Imari!!You found the lair and many mysterious people.You have to report this to the Anbu.Don't waste time just go!!!"she said thinking. "Come back here you deviant!!" Kazumi yelled
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    I to has discovered them from Feel Good Video.I love their website, it is so cool also I'm a member there too.
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    Lady Gaga

    So true so very very true.And I'm going to her concert at Bridgestone Arena April 19!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot WAIT!!!
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    Justin Bieber

    Justin crappy Beiber has destroyed all music by his ugly hair , horrible voice and he deserves to get hit by a car,get scratched up by rabid squirrels and many other things like having every bone in his body broken.* yay!! hip hip horray!! cheer cheer!!!* Also he's made his own TRADING CARDS. I saw them in Wal-Mart. But who would by those?
  9. My favorite is "I saw mommy kissing Santa" by the Jackson 5, and "Christmas Tree" by Lady Gaga, but Ilike all X-mas songs
  10. Being a gerbil while playing improv.sad, sad,sad
  11. My dog is half schnauzer and chiuaua(error if so to the word)I want a leopard as a pet but they're wild animals.I want a cat, though....
  12. I speak english, a little bit of spanish.Want to learn more Japanese, I can count to 10 in Japanese. ichi ni san shi go roku shichi hachi ku ju
  13. My real name means godess of death, black mother and a life giver and taker.It's also Hindu.
  14. One disgusting thing is when my dog killed a nasty ugly four inch mole. Another is seeing two male dogs ganging up on a female dog and you know what
  15. I saw on the Maximum Ride website, that "Witch and Wizard" was coming out with the second book called "The Gift" and it was going to be a tv show.KS and RP being in the movie, * sputter, gags, zombie eats brain*, That's a super negative NO!!!
  16. I like: Bleach Naruto & Shippuden One Piece Claymore D. Gray-Man Death Note Kingdom Hearts FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood DragonBall Z & GT Bamboo Blade Xenosaga Inuyasha
  17. I just love Billy and Mandy because they are so funny and ridiculous. Plus a game came out and I beat it in one day!
  18. I like all of the books by James Patterson, especially Witch and Wizard
  19. I've read School's out -forever and Fang. I say it's a really good series, but for somereason I really like Nudge. I don't know why because she is a computer tech...
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    Maximum Ride

    This is a really great book, eventhough I've only read two. It's a really good storyline, with amazing character who are crazy.
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    I have 23 volumes of Shonen Jump 2 volumes of D. Gray-Man(17 -18) 1 volume of Bleach(32) 1 volume of Naruto(44) 1 volume of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories(2) That's all, I mostly collect Shonen Jump
  22. 1.Bleach- Ichirin no Hana 2.Bleach-Shojo S 3.Bleach-Asterisk
  23. From the game Bloodrayne 2, there is this monster called Sleez. and "it" keeps saying "bring me my children" when the thing is 50 feet tall!!!!!
  24. zangetsu34

    Lady Gaga

    I just love lady gaga.I listen to all her music and want her outfits.The reason why she calls herself gaga, is because gaga means crazy!