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  1. Claude Faustus and Hannah Annnafeloz from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler, gonna start a roleplay) Bleach: Mostly all the characters, but Yoruichi Sihioin One Piece:Zolo
  2. I just hate the dark, all kinds of flying and crawling insects(except ants and small ones), really scary stuff that makes me pee my pants, and chocking to death, and heights.
  3. I playde Resident Evil 2 on the PS1, but I was so little, I chickened out while going through the doors.It was a cinematic scene, too.
  4. Just Can't Get Enough-BEP Judas- Lady Gaga Backseat- Newboyz ft. Dev & the Cataracts
  5. zangetsu34

    Rebecca Black

    Last night I heard the song on youtube. I screamed my head off (not literally) But after that, youtube videos started to freeze up. Thanks a lot you stupid Rebecca Black.
  6. zangetsu34

    Lady Gaga

    Judas is my favorite song and my parents even like it. But I don't see the fuss why people say she's a hermophrodite, if she was why would she be wearing bikinis in half of her videos?
  7. Waiting for the End The Cataclyst= Linkin Park Born This Way= Lady Gaga What the Hell= Avril Lavigne
  8. zangetsu34

    Lady Gaga

    "I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track, BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY!!!" I have to say this song is just awe-stricking and I loves it this much!!!! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-
  9. I've read and heard that after the first FF XII, it would have a part 2 just like Final Fantasy X.
  10. zangetsu34

    Maximum Ride

    The first book is called "The Angel Experiment"
  11. zangetsu34

    Maximum Ride

    The next book is Angel.I've read the first 23 chapters, but I forgot what website it was on.This is a spoiler so far: So Max got captured again, and while being attacked by erasers.....Fang appears. He doesn't help Max, then he flies off. Dylan smooches Max, then she was p.o'd. So far after that Fang was making another flock and the password was Maximmum Ride. I forgot what happened next,but something like Jeb and Dr.Gunther-Hagen told Max and the rest of the flock, that they needed to help the 77th generation of mutant kids.
  12. I am double jointed and really flexible. I can put both of my legs behind my head at the same time. Talk really fast, bend my thumb backwards below the knuckle, jump in the air, and land in a perfect splitz, can change how my voice sounds, and last but not least, I think, but I'm not sure, but I can communicate with my dog without words. Now I'm proven that I am weird. : )
  13. Either be a spy, artist, musician, or an author.Or do track or something. But I don't know, my parents said I would change my mind more.
  14. Idiots, stupid people, gossip girls, retarded boys, braggers, and all of the other people who get on my nerves.Especially people like Justin Bieber, and people who try to sing.Uggh, I have so many problems!(An people who try to say they're emo or goth, but don't even know anything about it, also hypocrites.)
  15. ((Don't care, I QUITSES))(Means quits)
  16. Stereo Love- Vika Jiguilina and Edward Maya. Luvs it. Far East Movement- Rocketeer Lady Gaga- Alejandro many more but can't think.
  17. Hi, bored don't know what to post.Thinking about quitting,don't know when.
  18. My Dad got me into scary movies and such,so our favorites are: The Exorcist (oringinal) The Thing and many others. My favorites are: Cloverfield 28 Days Later all Resident Evil's and others.
  19. I act crazy sometimes, but I do act my age but not all the time.
  20. Maximum Ride, and Witch and Wizard by James Patterson.
  21. If you've already voted, you can stillsay you like that other person, too.
  22. Nothing and absolutley not lactose-intolerant.Well, nothing I know of.
  23. The weirdest I had was when I was in manga heaven with all kinds of manga in my own library, then I got sucked into a vortex in an unknown book, then I was falling down steps with a lifejacket and an inflateable ring. The next weird dream was when all the members of the Beatles' head were chasing me and ate my legs off.0_o creepy, indeed
  24. Here's my new un-evil girl:Imari Name:Imari Age:15 Gender:Female Style:Water Apperance:5'1, wears different colored kimonos every day, brown eyes,tanish brown hair in two small ponytails in the back. Other Info:Supper speed, known as "Invisible Killer", also in the Anbu.Had a loving family with two brothers and a mom and dad, and sadly the Akatsuki killed them all ,except Imari, sitting and eating breakfast. Favorite Weapon:Using her special jutsu Crane Flower Crash, were Imari summons another clone of herself,shoots out 50 kunais as a diversion, then uses genjutsu to make even more clones throwing kunai then attacks with powerful taijutsu.
  25. Rhinestone Eyes -Gorillaz Waiting For The End- Linkin Park The Catalyst-Linkin Park Teenagers-My Chemical Romance Na Na Na Na -My Chemical Romance Sing-My Chemical Romance Man all of these are so dang catchy!!!