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  1. Mine is a big collage of Mindless Behavior pictures. I'm obsessed with them so don't ask questions.
  2. zangetsu34

    Lady Gaga

    Her music have hidden messages just like her videos, if I don't understand the video I just watch the anaylisis video on youtube. Some people call her Guadalupe, a type of mexican god. Also, I heard she's coming out with an upcoming CD, that she said:"Is coming out sooner rather than later".
  3. My parent are going through a divorce and my mom keeps accusing my dad of cheating on her, then she takes it out on me. My dad is awesome but my mom isn't, she's like a psycho. But anyways I'll be all right.
  4. My class pets at school are two sand boas and a lepoard gecko. I just absolutley adore baby bearded dragons. So cute!!
  5. I don't own a car yet, but everytime I'm in the car with my parents and I see a Mustang I yell,"Blue Mustang!!" Or something of the sort. But this is the bad boy I want: http://www.mustangspeed.com/2009_mustang_giugiaro.htm Awesome isn't it?
  6. J.Cole ft Trey Songz- Can't Get Enough
  7. I wonder what cheats there are. One time I saw someone hack. I got like 200 friends. I only play City of Robloxia and Town of Robloxa and occasionally zombie games and mostly RP games.
  8. zangetsu34

    Lady Gaga

    If anyone watched the VMA's last Sunday, you probably couldn't tell it was her because of her alias 'Joe Calderon'. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=lady+g...ron&FORM=IDFRIR
  9. zangetsu34

    Lady Gaga

    If anyone watched the VMA's last Sunday, you probably couldn't tell it was her because of her alias 'Joe Calderon'. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=lady+g...ron&FORM=IDFRIR
  10. I have seen the gameplay for Revelations, it looks good just like Brotherhood, but I think Ezio is a little to old in that game. But there is some new features, like when he throws a smoke bomb, there is a view that you can see through the smoke. Also when he's in Constantinople, Ezio has a flame thower and it hit the ships with the bad guys on it.
  11. Im obsessed with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Bleach: Soul Ressureccion, drawing, snakes, Ulquiorra, Claude and so many other things I can't name right now.
  12. I can write backwards, plus I'm so double- jointed that I can bend all my fingers in an odd position that makes mostly everyone I show goes "ewww". Also, I can jump and do the do this splitz, can put both feet behind my head and walk on my hands for three seconds. Boy, how freaky am I?
  13. I say cheese is disgusting to me
  14. Japanese alphabet has more than 40 combinations
  15. Japanese alphabet has more than 40 combinations
  16. I have an account, I hate most of the people on there. They always get on my nerves so I have to just ignore them. I have an new account cause I lost my old one. It's superstar404. My old account name was fullmetalblossom. Roblox was pretty stupid for a while. The moderators don't really pay attention to the chats or anything, one time I was on a game, there was to noobs, in a house chatting that they were stripping in front of each other then started to make out. I just reporeted them. The marvelous thing ever made.
  17. Resident Evil 2 on the PS1 when I was about 5 years old.
  18. Never seen the animated Transformers, but i've seen the first and second movies and I can't wait for Dark of the Moon coming out the 29. I remembered one time in the middle of science class, we were talking about the moon cycles and about why we only see one side of the moon, yada yada yada, after the subject was over and the whole class I blurted out that I knew the new the new Transformers movie. And everyone was shocked and they kept asking ne what it was. I found it on youtube cause I was on the computer, tired of listening to music. So there you go.
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    I like them but my parents get mad everytime a blast a song on the cd player.
  20. Lady Gaga- Scheibe. Even though it's German part of it, it's so dang catchy. Also I love Heavy Metal Lover. "Dirty pony I can't wait to hose you down"
  21. I have MHF one and two, but it is sooo hard, because i'm a begginner. The only things that I have killed was a Yian Kut Ku in training grounds and over a 100 killings of Giadrome and Vespoids. The Daimyo Hermituar scares me a whole lot cause of its shell on its back. Also, i've killed 3 Bulldromes. The Congalala in the training ground I almost killed that but it belly flopped me. I was thinking about Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, but I need suggestions. Can anyone help?
  22. I absolutley hate the Sims 3. Sorry but no offince, the characters all look the same anway that you make them. Plus they put two many extar stuff in there like, following the Sims to school or whatever, and marrying ghosts. How stupid is that? I'll just stick with the Sims 2 and keep creating families. I only need one more game and that's Freetime.
  23. Has anybody heard of it? I just have pictures of mostly all the characters. I am thinking about a roleplay, but I just need some ideas.
  24. Black Butler One Piece Bleach Death Note Elfin Leid D-Gray Man, though that's only some, not all. :=+ :?