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  1. My growing dragons are all great. CB silver, CB gold, 2nd gen thuwed, REALLY nice white hatchling. The dream is real.
  2. Yandere Simulator...It's a bit inappropriate to talk about, that's why I'm debating on making a topic as I didn't find this anywhere else. Anyone else play it?(/laughs maniacally while out of Senpai's view) Besides that, I'm still in League of Legends, and Minecraft. And I'm still trying to find out how to solve some frickin puzzles I've been stuck with for a long time on Mu Complex.
  3. In the same day, this appeared on my scroll, and I got a CB silver from a trade! My first ever CB metal after 4 years of failing to trade and catch one!
  4. The tiny tree grew from your area and is a hazard to all of your dragons because if a dragon steps on it, it will get sick. Try to abandon it or kill it as soon as possible. If you can't kill it, kill 5 dragons. It will remove the poison of the tree. This egg says it's very reflective, almost metallic looking. Should I pick it up?
  5. Even though I am Chinese-Malaysian and can speak it Chinese, my mom sent me to Chinese school to learn how to write it. I quit in 5th grade, and it didn't really do a lot for me... I still know how to speak it fluently. My main language is actually something that no one really knows, so our family just speaks it when we don't want others to hear. It's called Hokkien, and I can speak it better than Chinese. However, when my parents/grandparents don't want US to hear what they're saying, they speak Malaysian, or Teochew. So many languages x.x @harlequinraven: I'm starting to learn Spanish over at a site called Duolingo. It's helped me a lot, and you should try it for any other languages you wanna speak. I forgot if it has Chinese on it or not. Surprisingly as well, my mom knows 6 languages. I envy her. EDIT: Oh, and I do know a few coding languages...JavaScript and HTML! I'm starting to learn Python as well.
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    The Wishlist

    I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Silver shimmer scale Link to lineage: Click Gifter: Lavaedra Recipient: ravenlady My Total Wish Points: Since this costs 15, I've got 40 points...I think. >.> Accepted!
  7. Rotisserie chicken and dim sum chicken foot. With broccoli and mushroom.
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    Track/Field and Cross Country are my favorite sport. I usually run around a 3 mile course every day for cross country pretty well, but I suck at sprinting. I guess you could say I'm better at sprinting than some people, but stamina's my best trait. I remember the years ago when I played tennis. I didn't like it, and it was horrible. Coach kinda sucked so I guess that played a role in tennis as well. >.> I only play badminton for fun with my friends, not competitive or anything. Though, I hate it whenever the birdie hits my head...and that happens frequently...
  9. Lets see here, so I was helping out set up lunch for teachers...and so after serving them, I got some of the lunch they had for myself. Twas good. :3 It consisted of tri tip steak right off the barbecue, perfectly toasted garlic bread, salad with dressing, beans in some sauce which tasted amazing, and salsa. Sound delicious?
  10. Caught a second gen shimmer-fail today. Heh, and no one bothered to pick it up because it was a common egg. Sucks to suck.
  11. I got a 3, with all three errors in the blue-green side, but leaning towards green. Surprisingly, green's my favorite color too. Color blind at my favorite color? Noooo.
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    The Wishlist

    I would like to join Scroll name: Lavaedra Magi link: One of seven magis. PM link: PM link! I Have Granted A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Avatar of Destruction Link to Lineage: AoD Gifter: Lavaedra Recipient: osean My Current Total: 25? I think...
  13. I think I had this dream ever since I was little, and I still remember it today. (sometimes i still dream different versions of this which is unsettling) So, Dora The Explorer invited me to a picnic with Diego. Turns out we had to climb these really high cave stairs, and Dora showed me around the cave. She seemed familiar with it. We then reached the top, where she was glowing happily, and Diego was up there as well. Opening the picnic basket, Dora wanted to show me something first. I followed her to the end of the cliff. I looked down, and there was the barber poll going straight down, through the clouds, and I assumed that it reached the ground. Dora The Explorer then pushed me off the cliff, and Diego and Dora just kept laughing and laughing until I fell so far that I couldn't hear them. And then, when I woke up, I had very bad back pain, was sweating, and was hyperventilating.
  14. extremely mad and i want to kick something repeatedly without anyone noticing
  15. This is an awfully depressing thread, but seeing as it won't hurt to post... 1. My anxiety issues...it's EXTREMELY bad when I start worrying, and it kinda makes other people annoyed sometimes when it gets that bad. >.< It also just discomforts me in a way and shuts me down. Yeah... 2. The fact that I'm in the category of "dorks who are pretty smart but lame" kind of category at school. Sometimes I hate it to the point where I start envying my friends that are popular around school and wish I could be them for just one day... 2.5. This one connects to number 2 so it's 2.5. Because I'm in the "smart" category, people ask me so much for help that it gets very irritating. I just start denying everyone once I hit that point and then I feel bad after the angry-ness goes away. 3. The way I compare myself to others way too often, and only point out where they look better than me at. 4. Me thinking I am too fat even though I'm really close to being underweight for my age. It's probably because that I think I'm not fully grown yet... 5. Feeling like I've failed everything whenever I realize I wasn't productive that day. 6. I listen very closely to when, for example, my friend says she's better than me in every way at a game I've played for almost a year(league of legends anyone? xP) and I don't do anything except feel bad and want to quit. 7. The fact that I think almost all of my friends are prettier and have better stuff than me. 8. The fact that my friends rage when they got a 97% on a test saying they failed and then I'm just there looking at my 92%... 9. I look like a frickin little kid, and people usually mistake me for a person 3-5 years YOUNGER than me. 10. When someone misunderstands me the wrong way, I get very angry...I also don't like having my hot head when it comes to those situations.
  16. I feel like utter crap right now. Tempted to eat the bag of chips I got but don't want to. Have a stuffy nose from the smoke from a nearby city and I feel like everything's dry. It's raining right now, which is surprising considering it was hot in the afternoon. I'm hot and cold at the same time. Wind was pretty strong before the rain. Took a school club photo, and got pushed around a bit because I'm a short person. .-.
  17. Worried that I won't finish my long writing assignment that I um...procrastinated on. >.<
  18. Last night I had macaroni with sausages and chicken.
  19. Anivia hurled an ice spike from her mouth and created a blizzard that killed me. Then she taunted me and started getting cocky. (LoL)
  20. Tired, not wanting to do homework, and I wanna play some games. I also feel very childish right now for some reason.
  21. I want sushi. D: I had my dad's leftovers from Flame Broiler along with rice and a chicken drumstick.
  22. I would LOVE to be famous for being a game producer. I'm working on that dream right now, and I've already made one. Pooh, and I have always wanted to start my own company too, making games. I feel like this is too big of a dream... But it IS a dream. Other option would be being a scientist. I want to be known for what I did, and not for entertainment.
  23. Around 60 or 70. A bit humid. Pretty cold if I were to go outside right this instance. No snow here, it never snows!