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FOOTBALLKICKINGFLAMINGOFROMSPACEcleancoptransparentyd.pngARK2-1.gifAvatar and scroll link image drawn by ShaydraSilversky, and used with permission. Egg made by Switch.Always looking for an ND. Or a 2nd-3rd gen tinsel. :3 Will trade anything I have for one.

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    Tinsel breeding lists:

    Holiday breeding lists:
    Valentines: Bajka20 - Heartseeker x Rosebud egg

    To note:
    Look for a bronze x vine tinsel not from glory or f*ck for priscel

    Current IOUs:
    Viar: Holly 4th gen IOU

    IOUs I have fulfilled:
    Infinis's neotropical/terae hatchlings
    KingZanto's 3 purple hatchlings
    Alie15's bronze tinsel
    ForeverFlygon's silver tinsel
    Renmiri's gold tinsel
    ShaydraSilversky's gold tinsel
    Maladjust's PB marrow
    applemcsauce's 2nd gen marrow
    lawlwut's 2nd gen marrow
    nuttymeg3's red stripe
    Ice_SW's silver tinsel
    xeyla's bright breasted wyvern
    Justarius's ice dragon
    violet_ninja: 4 hatched eggs

    People that I've glomped:
    strifes_lady: 3rd gen geode eggy
    ferus: long lineage thunder eggy
    xeyla: 3rd gen white stripe eggy
    Classycal: 2nd gen PB summer eggy
    Astrodeath311: long lineage thunder eggy
    Catlover74: nice lineaged silver tinsel eggy
    RainStar13: short but messy ice eggy
    Artisteri: ice eggy
    horserideraaa: 2nd gen geode eggy
    SinisterKitty: silver tinsel eggy
    lachrymation: silver tinsel eggy
    magicaldragon98: bronze tinsel eggy
    Deadly Nonchalance: bronze tinsel eggy
    Nightwing915: silver tinsel eggy
    amlptj: bronze tinsel eggy
    incondicency: silver tinsel eggy
    Moondance18: pretty pink eggy
    SubtleStarlight34: yellow dino eggy
    Merci: blue stripe eggy with a nice lineage
    Sweet_Wyvern: ice eggy
    Jmm: nice ice eggy
    Momo: ???(forgot)
    Lethendralis: bronze shimmer eggy
    Valkiepoo: PB red eggy
    ?:Paper eggy
    blackchimera: gold tinsel eggy
    Sunfeathers: Paper eggy
    Applesauce: Vampire eggy
    Nightwalker: Magi eggy