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I do take and give IOUs. Not really interested on being higher than 2nd on a list unless it is a 2nd gen tinsel or 2nd/3rd gen shimmer.I breed all but my metals for free on request, just send me a PM.CB Holidays I own: Marrows on, Ribbon Dances on, Rosebuds onMy Scroll

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    My Wishlist

    2nd gen tinsels (any color)
    Male and Ungendered Neglected
    2nd gen egg from Holly - Breed doesn't matter
    2nd gen Tinsel and Shimmer fails - Breed doesn't matter
    2nd gen metal fails

    My Tinsels

    KT Azhreia - G/4/Stair w Black - Living in Sin
    Apollo Azhrei - G/4/Stair w Terrea - Apollo
    Golden Agrona Azhreia - G/5/EG - Gold Epica
    Epica Azhreia - G/5/Stair w Stripe - Gold Epica
    olden Blossem Azhrei - G/6/Stair w Vine - Gold Epica

    Inextricable Azhrei - S/5/Stair w Black - Inextrica
    Silver Medal Azhrei - S/5/Stair w Black - Dawn's Silver Medal
    Dagnir Azhrei - S/5/EG - Abby
    Silver Star Azhrei - S/5/Stair w/Blue Nebulas - Inextrica
    Mara Azhreia - S/5/Spiral w/Marrows - aoB0
    Hatchy - S/5/Spiral W/Sunsongs - Patxaran
    Kokoro Azhrei - S/6/Stair w Pink - Penk
    Dawn Medal Azhreia - S/6/Spiral - Dawn's Silver Medal

    Lava Flow Azhrei - B/4/Stair w Magma - Alcoholic
    Army Azhrei - B/4/Stair w/Vine - Army
    Winterstern Azhrei - B/4/Spiral w/white - Antihypertensive now Aht6
    Charmine Azhreia - B/5/Stair w Ember - Hypnotizing
    Matey Azhreia - B/5/Stair w Marrow - Bronze Ivy
    Fille Azhreia - B/5/Stair with Moonstone - Cielatahl
    Grown Up - B/5/Stair w Harvest - Brazen Zalvaris CB
    Grown Up - B/5/Stair w Royal Blue - Cayvyn
    Grown Up - B/5/Sprial w GW - Se 7 en
    Copper Azhrei - B/6/EG - Cayvyn
    Bronze Spriter Azhrei - B/6/EG - Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing
    B/7/Stair w Hellfire - Galletian Victory

    Growing Up:

    3rd gen M Ice x F Nebula

    SW X Silver swaps at Halloween:


    Me -> QAndais: 7 Hatchies off wish list (on hold)
    QAndais -> Me: 3rd gen shimmer (on hold)

    synditrix -> me: 3rd gen shimmer - Seems to be inactive

    shadesofchaos -> 2nd gen Ice mate
    3rd gen Blusang mate