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  1. I almost had a heart attack too! I was so excited to finally see my hatchies this AM and instead saw a tombstone! I was so disheartened until I read everyones stories about seeing the dragons on AOND and there they are! Sooo cute! I'm happy now 😺
  2. You guys are going to die, I just got 'Boho, Draeconia, False Temptations, BottomlessPit, NightFaerie, GhostlyVeil, DarkDescent, EmotionalDarkness, Bloodpit...can't believe itπŸ˜‰
  3. Here goes some more! ColdShoulder, TheTiniest, UnnaturalEnvy, DarkEnvy, SurrealSky
  4. β€’ Needs a Thunder Dragon (I've got the other 2) so I can try to summon a Guardian of Nature β€’ Really wants to work on perfect and beautiful lineages β€’ Has to finish naming the remaining almost 400 dragons πŸ™„ β€’ Started a new project/ grouping the 117 breeds I've got so far... β€’ I want the ungendered and male/female gendered hatchlings for all breeds, as well as of course making sure I've got both gendered adults too (looong work in progress) β€’ I want a Neglected but don't know when I can attempt that, I'd need to do a lot more research first lol β€’ Needs to go back through all dragon codes to make sure I didn't cover up a neat one 😫 I know there's more but can't think of it...
  5. I CAN'T believe I got...ready? FoxyLady, PrettyWomen, AltTab, GermanChocolate, KinderEgg, VanillaFrosting, I've got sooo many awesome names I can't list them all...definitely a work in progress as well!
  6. Category: Title of Record: Breeder with the most Electric dragons Name of Submitant(forumname): lost1ny3gurl Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/lost1ny3gurl Proof for Record: My scroll
  7. I was just checking out my signature and my status banner says 'status unknown'. I've never seen that before, is there a reason? It shows up in yellow too just like how the 'scroll free' is green and 'scroll locked' is red. Weird!!
  8. My F Night Glory's code is 'HOki', I named her 'Hoki-Poki' I also named my F Sunset 'R I P-Zazu' after her code, 'ZaZU'. My sister-in-laws dog passed away and his name was Zazu! My M Ochedrake's code is 'Vq9H', his name is 'NineOClockVanquishing'. My frozen F Hellfire's code is 'rmen', I named her 'ZestyRamenNoodle'.
  9. Ok, well then just the other ones together? That's fine too, it'd only be one more little space anyway!
  10. Can I make a request? Turn these into one animated badge? I have all these and don't want the badges to take up all my sig space! If you could that would be awesome, pretty please!!
  11. LoL, this is actually a funny thread! I would've never thought to look for dragons with my names! With my REAL name I'm a M Mint with one offspring, which is a frill! I don't know when I changed genders but ok! With my username I found three dragons to make up the whole thing, other than that there's not one with the whole name. lost - frozen green pebble hatchi, ny - M Frill, gurl - F Purple Dorsal
  12. My favorite so far was a tree with a dragon (perfectly!) made out of lights. Very lovely!
  13. I must've missed the conversation about this but how is the CB geode possible? Just another tj specialty?
  14. I miss my dragon counter EDIT: I know there are others but I like the way this one looks the best
  15. Hopefully I did this right. Rare: CB Gold (specific) Chicken CB Magma (specific) Uncommon: Cheese CB Tan Ridgewing (specific) Nocturne Common: Sunset (If not a common then change to Balloon) Terrae Canopy Depending on gender...I freeze multiples, if that's ok of course!
  16. HIGHEST Views-12,194 (M) WaterWalker UniqueViews-1,973 (F) Vampire Clicks-24 (M) Yulebuck
  17. I got a cb pygmy the other day....the code is KJYO....I'm so naming it 'KillJoy'!! Oh yeah...and my winter seasonal..her code is QpoW, so I named her QuietPartOfWinter
  18. I love those spriter version snowangels! They're pretty!
  19. I had a post earlier in this topic but guess what? I've changed my mind! I think my dorkface tri-colored snowangel is my fav!
  20. I'm just curious to ask if it's possible to make a 2010 grabber badge for vamps. There's 2010 grabber badges for holly's, snowangels, and yules, so why not vamps too? Just curious...I love vamps and I just got mine a few months ago. EDIT: I just thought about it, maybe there aren't the badges b/c vamps can just bite to make more but am still curious. lol