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  1. Please let this be real, please let this be real. I would so love an invite please ^^
  2. Category: BREEDERS Title of Record: Breeder with the most Green (Pebble/Earth) Dragons Name of Submitant(forumname): KidaYuki Scroll Name (link): KidaYuki Proof for Record: 204 on my scroll ^^
  3. I kinda like having the list of forum and account stuff on the side of the scroll, I also like the neat-ness and type face. Hopefully we can get a similair skin to this once the pipa/sopa black out is done. I am glad your spreading the word and doing this for those that aren't usually remotely involved get the chance to notice and realize how bad this really is.
  4. Angels.... Angel pictures, angel statues, angel decorations....
  5. Little bit of (almost) everything European Mom: Able to trace her ancestry back to the mayflower. She had Native american, french, English, potato Irish, Russian, German, Swedish, Greek, Italian. It's fun looking at her ancestry.com page Dad: Able to trace his lineage back to Benjamen Franklin, (yes.... a prostitute,) German, potato Irish, French, English, Polish, apparently a little bit of viking, and Spanish. I look mostly like the generic Irish/German mix though. With so many listed in there I mostly just call myself american
  6. Fake. When I was growing up my teacher informed me that we where heading into the next ice age and how global cooling was going to force me out of michigan. She was a old school teacher bought up in the 70s and has anyone here ever heard of climategate? It was when 2,000 documents and 1,000 emails where leaked between global warming scientist in which talked about how they were fluffing the data to make global warming seem worse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climatic_Rese...ail_controversy and http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/...s_in_99280.html the world go through cycle
  7. I love all the new sprites, the detail on the shading for the sunset/sunrises look wonderful. the edit to the the horse makes the mane look so much more wild and vibrant. and the golds, the amazing edit to the golds! they look so much more shiny and metallic, the poses, the colors, the dinomorphism, everything is substantially better. The old gold looked, when compared to any of the other sprites, cartoony and over simplified. The old colors where flat and it wasn't that the old gold "shined" but more like it was colored outside the lines. These are all amazing and wonderful, wonderful jo
  8. same here. please re-open it >.< I didn't get around to decorating due to working retail (and it sucking big time) but I managed to collect everything
  9. *checks email* hmmm only cave mail is that I had a PM.... >.> darn, oh well. Congrats to the lucky few
  10. Christmas sprites are so pretty ^^ I can't wait for mine to finish growing~~
  11. Uh-oh... someone touched his ham
  12. I had forgotten which Christmas story it was that had the bell that only believers could hear, I'm so glad you guys did polar express or it would have been lost to me for many more years!
  13. The horse re-color looks almost Halloween ish @-@ Love everything else, can't wait to see if they'll dress up the daydreamers at some point ^^
  14. Still don't see the bone but now that you say that it looks meaty fits a green dragon just right thank you ^^ nice name
  15. I always thought of cornucopias as something much harder, whatever my dragons holding looks cloth-ish
  16. What is my Earth dragon holding?
  17. Don't see why spam bothers you. I just pitch it and the stories done. not sure if candidates have been covered lately as I just found this thread but should be fun to open this can of worms Herman Cain- Like because he's not a "real" politician, he knows what a buisness needs. 9-9-9 seems like a good plain and will probably cause the price of several things to go down. (by replacing all the embedded taxes on items the cost on the item itself will go down, by lowering the tax rate a company pays the price of their product will go down... remember no business pays taxes, they just pass
  18. *Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh Fwesh* I am the cutest evil to ever be in a serious story. Fear me!!! First, give me a hug.
  19. another beautiful dragon!!!!
  20. I'd like to see this for the last 24 hours of breeding. While were at it, it'd be kinda nice for BSA's like incubate, influence, ect to also have the same sort of time for at least the last day
  21. Wow the cave cleared out before the 5 min was even up @-@ edit: okay more eggs showed up (yay!!!) I got my 7. For those fighting with lag I found it faster to click on the neighboring binome than to try and refresh the page ^^ So happy: 7 new eggs, 2 new Zombie hatchies, 1 zombie adult and the zombie hatchie from last year. I love Dragcave Halloween.
  22. I loved the event, so much more so than trick or treating. wonderful job for the sprites, story and art! good job all ^^
  23. First go to the cemetery and get yourself a sword then head back to the garden where there's a rustling noise and fight the vine dragon over it. (least I think that's how)
  24. sorry, I can't remember but where did I find the dragon? I know it was with the snake.... found where it was, it works! one more to go!!!! having so much fun ^^
  25. A summery for a story of mine on fanfiction.net got: David Foster Wallace the first chapter of that story got: Anne Rice the latest chapter for that story (18) got: Dan Brown a different story, in a different fandom on ff first chapter: Anne Rice latest chapter (3): Kurt Vonnegut is it sad I have no idea who these people are?