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  1. I will now gain all the levels. All of them.
  2. Whoa whoa whoa. No limit? That's awesome! While I'm personally not ecstatic about the prospect of yet another raffle, the lack of limit totally makes up for it. Thanks, TJ! now to beware of holly hoarders
  3. I've been trying for two days and still haven't gotten one; however, I got incredibly lucky and snagged my first CB ice. .w.
  4. Obama Sea Hitler TruMoo Sayonara Kansas Sunscreens Scalene Cameowmile Inkscape Tricolour Talksprite Travels Tractors Mosquitoes Trainers Trapezoids Contradictor Hoped Smiley Cantillate Fructify Translators Wegmans Smokie Cholesterol Trampolines Bathtub Contacts Trucks Troops Coals Lagging Tramps I Warned You About Those Stairs Ridged Souffle Snowpants Cello Orthodontist Mrr Staircase Trailers Sort Exercise Wished Emperors Rectangular Audition Geese Trends Pouncellor I have never realized how lucky I am!~ =(^>w<^)=
  5. I also like the idea of putting them on the nocturnes' schedule. I live in EST and I thought I only had one zombie until I found the other while sorting my scroll.
  6. Neon purple. What is a CB holly and how can I get one?
  7. Well, buck it. I never do win these things. I've had a terrible day anyway, and here I was, looking at my mail, and nothing. I really hate these stupid raffle things, just one more dragon I'll never get a good lineage of. If you release good-looking dragons, make them available for everyone. Just the icing on the cake of misery. Congrats to those winners who are pretty much set for life now.
  8. I would like an avatar Forum Name: Ivyshadow Which Dragon: An s2 holly hatchie and an s2 winter hatchie What do you want it doing (be specific): I'd like them facing each other, wings fluttering, then flying up and high fiving, then fluttering back down and twitching their tails. Any Text? (font): No thanks Background (can also be animated): like except preferably with animated snow Border y/n: No thanks Payment: uh, whatever you want I guess...
  9. Ooh- it ends at midnight TONIGHT? YAYAYAY! I'm on vacation, so I missed the last two days :/
  10. I'm on my knees praying to TJ that this is real ;_; and that I'll recieve an invite.
  11. Category: Trivia Title of Record: Youngest DC Player Name of Submitant(forumname): He doesn't have a forum, he's my brother and pretty much uses mine Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/blackninga Proof for Record: Uh....my word? Not sure how to answer this. He was born December 23rd, 2002
  12. •Name: Ivy •Spliced or Original: Original •Colors: tan, white, brown, black, dark brown •Designs: The main egg is tan, with a white heart in the middle. There are two little tan ears poking out the top, and two white feathered wings poking out the side. There are also brown "spikes" with black speckles (spikes like hedgehog spikes) surrounding the egg. There are two little black dots (like eyes) near the top of the egg and a slightly bigger dark brown dot (like a nose) below and in the middle of those "eyes". •Can others use this egg: No, please :3 I'll wait as long as you like
  13. Ivyshadow

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    thank you so much :3 I'm no longer afraid that SOPA will go into effect!
  14. Banned for not putting powdered sugar and ice cream with a puff of whipped cream on top on my brownies. (mmm...)
  15. grats to the winners! hint: pick a holly. >.> or an alt black... *thinks how nice it would be to have alt black lineages floating around*
  16. Yes! Please! I realized the errors in my wreath (I made it a Holly hatchling and a Holly egg, with HOLLY at the top, and there were a few misplaced ornaments. Also, MY TREE SUCKS D:
  17. No prize or holly for me this year I has a sad.
  18. No e-mail, as always I've never won anything, and probably never will >.< Congratulations to the winners, IF anyone won! (by the "no email"s around here)
  19. I love that little yulebuck hatchie in the middle
  20. I always freeze one at s2 and raise another to the adult, because that way I know I'll have both on my scroll.