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  1. A fetus is not a human being at the point of conception. It is a parasite. If you think otherwise, you're wrong.
  2. I'd also like to add that not only were his claims thoroughly debunked, he was also charged with 12 counts of abuse involving developmentally challenged children, which could definitely be responsible for some of the "evidence" or symptoms developed in his studies.
  3. Taking: ewi122's Thunder Leaving: PB Two Headed http://dragcave.net/teleport/d447e1265836d...0d47812b2c84438
  4. I had a small wolfaboo phase myself. Fortunately I'm much more... sane now, and so is the general populace. I'm glad I haven't seen "!!!hnuting is bhad and u shuld never do it!!!! EVERRR!!!! D:<!!!!" in a long time.
  5. Oohh, I remember when I used to debate about this for hours back in like, 2012. Remember wolfaboos, anyone? I personally believe that hunting is an important way of helping to manage our ecosystem as well as control overpopulation. I live in Canada, and in the territories, majority of the population hunts for their food rather than buying it due to the outrageous prices. I've seen bags of chips go up to $40, no joke. Of course, hunting endangered species and the like is bad, and illegal for a reason. A good hunter should be aware of the state of their ecosystem, and never waste what they kill. But in the end, whether hunting's good or not really does depend on your area's ecosystem and what you're hunting.
  6. Sunny right now, barely any clouds. Trees are starting to look autumn-y.
  7. Did the exact same thing with Marrows, actually. And for Pumpkins, as well. I was mostly a catcher so I ended up with only one Pumpkin and two Black Marrows... I'll try and increase that count this year.
  8. I've got a confession to make. My mom's very anti-vax, so the only vaccine I've ever had was the MMR vaccine, which is necessary to attend school in Canada. Because of that, I have a vaccine phobia, even though I know they're probably not even that bad. I personally think that children should be vaccinated. I'm pro-medicine as well. Small story time, my mom's actually a Psychology Nurse and the reason that she's so anti-vax is because 24 hours after my brother took the MMR, he became "full blown autistic," and she blames the vaccine itself and our doctor we had at the time. My brother actually has severe autism, and she's also constantly wasting her paycheck on "treatments" that have little to no effect on him. So, there's Soruc's life story.
  9. This can't happen to me. I don't have feelings.
  10. I'm most like Zeus, and I love thunder & lightning. So if I had a better & more exciting life, I guess he'd be my godly parent.
  11. Taking: Spiteful_Crow's Pyralspite. I'll name it. Leaving: A Pyralspite x Magma. Sorry for the lineage, I couldn't NOT leave something.
  12. When I use Earthquake I rarely ever get to keep the hatchling. The egg either gets killed or the hatchling runs off. Either way, I'll probably stop forcing.
  13. Birthstone dragons would be cool. I'd be up for that.
  14. I was in a Warrior Cats' chat, and somebody posted a link to their dragons asking for clicks. I explored the site a bit afterwards, made an account, and here we are.
  15. Weather's... normal, a bit cloudy. Starting to get chilly, too.
  16. I don't understand the pro-life standpoint. If somebody wants an abortion and it's serious enough, they'll find a way to get it. Banning abortions simply means that you're removing a safe way of doing so and setting us back to coat hangers and the 1960's.
  17. I, Soruc The Dragon, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  18. Beautiful 2nd stage hatchies! I accidentally grabbed a sunrise/sunset egg, but now I have two coast eggs, 1 volcano, and 1 alpine.
  19. Right now it seems like they could be Pyrope Garnets. Although like stated above, it wouldn't cover the orange. We'll find out.
  20. The hatchies are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see them all grown up!
  21. Got two coast ones just now. Looks like I'm locked again. I almost forgot how stressful this is.
  22. I finally got one... one... my mom HAD to text me exactly now...