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    2013-04-07 - April Release

    AWESOME ! Thank you so much
  2. I have 49 eggs now ... so I think there must be more - anyway - this is AWESOME - I love the eggs and the descriptions are just great THANK YOU TJ and Spriters.
  3. I loved the "this egg seems like a Beta" (or something to that effect)
  4. Imay

    Save the Rares!

    I'd like to join! Join Date: 18.3.13 Forum Name: Imay Scroll Link: My Dragons PM Link: PM me Proof I read the Rules: I love more than seven colours I am also more than happy to be a donor and breed/catch whatever I can. I am disabled so I have periods when I am not much online, but I always respond to a PM.
  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU For increasing the drop rate so it is now at least feasible to catch the new eggs. Thank you also for the new eggs - they look awesome.
  6. Imay

    2013-01-08 - Raffle Update

    Congratulations to the winners - I am seriously jealous and very happy for you all !!! I am looking very much forward to seeing the new beauties and then I guess I will have to offer my children down to 3rd generation once again to try and get hold of the new dragon - well they say everything comes to those who wait - but I have never been that great at patience Anyway - GRAAAAAATZ - you were lucky and that is nothing to be ashamed of - just ENJOY it and have FUN
  7. Thank you once again to TJ and the Spriters for all their effort in making this another fun and joyous Christmas. The new eggs are very beautiful and I thought both the cooking and the Gingerbread was great. And to all the forum : All the best in the new year !
  8. I love the idea with the recipes - there is ONE issue though. The meat pies stack and that means I do not get vredit for the chicken pie :/ Otherwise GREAT .... now I just need to catch a Holly
  9. I just sent a link to Oblivion for a lurker - so they should be up to 2 lurkers. My hatchlings are at 23 hrs - so time is running out if anyone needs them. Please send me a PM - I am in Australia - so I will have to put them in ER tonight
  10. I have 3 hatchies - on 3 days 9. Still hoping to be able to gift them to someone without any lurkers
  11. I have 3 hatchlings on my scroll - they still have some days left before the grow up - I will wait and see what happens
  12. I still have my 3 dedicated eggs - they will hatch in 16 - and then I can hold the hatchies. Please let me know if they are needed Frankies
  13. Agreed Raine - I will do the same - eggies still have 1 day to go before I HAVE to hatch them
  14. I still have eggs sitting on 3 days - will let them go close to death and also close to mature before I give up waiting
  15. Violet - it is ONLY the new eggs that have been postponed ALL other Halloween stuff is today !
  16. Frankenstorm Helper Form: I'm willing to gift eggs to storm victims! Forum name:IMay How many egg/hatchlings I'm willing to gift: 3 new eggs - and I have not bred my Black Marrows so I will be happy to breed some of them for gifting too I'm willing to keep the eggs until they are close to running out of time (Yes/No): yes I'm willing to gift someone a 2nd egg/hatchling of the new Halloween dragon (Yes/No): yes My husband and I lost almost everything in the Brisbane floods last year - our prayers will be with you.
  17. I am at 58 treats now - so I am not sure how many we will end up with
  18. I love the costumes !! Thank you so much TJ and Spriters for the work you have done. The empty village was fun and with a great and surprising ending - I thought it was great. 42 treats and counting - I have eye balls all over the place - so at least I should be able to see the damned things Can't wait for the new eggies to start dropping
  19. Imay

    2012-09-18 - Minor Updates

    I would like to say GOOD ON YOU TJ for continuing to let DC be a FREE game with no benefits to subscribers. I think it is a great idea that people who do not like the adds can opt out of them for a small fee. I am genuinely grateful that it continues to be possible to play the game without being "left behind" because I cannot afford to pay a subscription. Oh and please put back the mouldy cheese
  20. Ohhhh - the eggs look beautiful - and I WUV the valentines cards - that it just sooooo awesome - who ever came up with them - you are AWESOME
  21. These dragons are absolutely gorgeous - and oh so elusive - this is the first release I have not been able to catch new dragons - but I think the goldens do not like me /sniffle
  22. /Rolls up her sleeves makes sure her hat is on straight and goes into the cave ready to wrestle for the new eggs WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE