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  1. This is the rule you must keep in mind if you're going to date online. I found my first bf ever from RPG forum about one year ago and because of a long distance, we can see each other just 2-4 times in year. Of course it hurts that I can't see him whenever I want, but I trust him and I'm sure that there comes the day when we move together or something When you start online dating, you just must remember that safety comes first. Instead of going online on a dating site and askin if that random guy there want to meet right now, it's better to have him/her is msn first, talk with him/h
  2. This is my third time doing Nano and I also found Dragon Cave because some peoples have dragons in their signatures : D In my first year I won but last year I failed because my lazyness and because too boring idea. Now I'm aiming for win again with better idea and hopefully I edit this one so it can be published. There is my profile: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/310932 Feel free to add me as writing buddy. Just send me nanomail or something so I know who you are : D