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  1. I perfer Savannahs, very beautiful. I would adopt one, but they cost at least $700, as you have to breed a cat with a cheetah, a difficult combination. Heres a link to a picture http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/savannah-cat.html My old black kitty was taken by a careless driver, but I got a new calico kitty Plus, theres a big fluffy black cat like our old one that hangs around my front porch
  2. I usually go to the AP and refresh constantly. I try to go the the AP because most of the eggs have a low time left, and of which I always go crazy with click-sites so they grow fast :3
  3. Jak 2, and still trying to beat it I played it since I was five, but now I'm stuck at a mission I can't do... So I've tried to beat it for like, 6 years now