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  1. How much energy does it cost to harvest a crop? I got 2 and cant even harvest my very first parsnip wtf
  2. i am begging for this for influence, incubate and ward (ya know, holiday season is comming, be aware of viewbombing!)
  3. You guys use ward on non-sick eggs? I only use it on sick eggs then fog them, so far never had a death to sickness by doing that (current dead eggs are from getting skittish NRs) Also, it helps to go into your account settings and have your scroll name not appear on dragon pages, it doesnt help when you are trading much, but its a little help Besides that, i am always in for increasing the hours ward lasts! There is no downside to that Also how the hell do you get 8 hours of sleep on a week day? Its either 4-6 hours on weekdays or 10 for weekends
  4. Full support! It doesnt harm the game in anyway and having to use a BSA to protect an egg from a AOE BSA seems okay, especially since "Float" would only affect one egg at a time, so you are "punished" for having too many eggs you dont weant affected/forced to have quiet a number of Balloons to cover all eggs Seems balanced to me regarding that Tho the time restriction of not being able to use it on low time egg doesnt make sense
  5. Just disabling the the Kill option seems to be the easiest solution I really like the wording here, a dragon would be on high alert after dodging the first attempt anyway.
  6. I am begging for more kill slots, especially now with the skittish Shumogas messing with my Zombie-making I am fine with 10 slots, especially for platin trophy users, it should rank with the trophies
  7. @Fuzzbucket Amazing! Was it bred on your own scroll? That proofs that under 1k hatches are qorking with the current system, which helps a lot in the discussion!
  8. That would be amazing and a great way to avoid users to go to a third party side, even tho the wiki is 150% safe, its great for younger/newer users who dont have it in thier bookmarks!
  9. I only got my CB Pinks from a kind user and the market via AP drop & catch, any possibility for them to be aquired otherwise would be a godsend Thank you Infinis for your imput, glad you are in favor or the low view method, it would be a tough but atleast somewhat consitent method, especially for CBs & lineage breeders Also i too noticed the last few days that there where literally 1-2 pinks in the AP within 5 hours fo hogging and waiting (i was aiming for florets tho)
  10. Now that i saw it, it will bother me to no end - SUPPORT!
  11. (I didnt saw the edit) Honestly, these kinds of filters should be in too, hell, we dont even have a "Filter by: Hatchlings" but we got a filter specificly for eggs & unfrozen hatchlings, like, thoise are easy to guess filters that should be in anyway
  12. I support, not just to have an even number but also as a sorta balance between the number of breeds that exist overall and the amount of eggs/hatchlings you can have with the trophy Also more Freeze slots for Avatar of Nature's sake, 18 is an odd number too and i am also just starting with it so i got a TON to freeze 30 would be a dream but 20 would be fine too
  13. Totally since its a seperated thing from AP & cave grabs AND costs shards I want to keep track of shard spending & we got enough threads of people wondering if they accidentally double bought something due to lag and this would easily confirm that yes, it happend
  14. Let it be difficult, atleast then its not impossible and doesnt rely on the good in strangers Cant make everyone happy, but any step to make lineages continueable without AP rng is better
  15. Thanks to as friendly person on the forum, i got my first CB Pink Sapphire and might get a second one as well if all works out since we need to AP trade to make it pink in the first place Yet, i stan by the fact that you shouldnt just rely on strangers to help you out regarding that Trading is atleast safe its just between two people, but with this method you "fight" with other people over the egg in the AP you purposly want to turn pink & trade since the first part cant be done alone Hell, i cant even drop my own egg into the AP and recatch it, which is insane for me as an CB pair collector
  16. Support! Especially considering that we surely get more BSA related variants and considering that Earthquake affects ALL eggs you have, it might be cool to undo the changes from that (when the egg/hatchling survived & stays)
  17. @Nalyua How about the egg turning pink upon reaching 4th/5th shell crack stage? Its almost ready to hatch so a sudden color change would be a neat indicator (also very unique) and its kinda a warning like "yo, if you want me blue, crank upvthe views! last chance!"
  18. Sorry if that was suggested already, but it came to my attention that you cant filter by frozen hatchlings. I wanted to take a look if i missed out any hatchlings i froze out of curiosity over the many years of playing this game since i wanted to start getting a collection going, but i cant filter by that and its honestly wierd since it is a game mechanic just like BSA which you can sort by Sure, i made a group for them now, but that is not the optimal solution considering i had to scroll through 2k+ dragons by now and some got even four or eight times that amount So its a simple thing, but i think it goes a long way to be able to filter by that and see all the adorable hatchlings (I dont want any discussion over if freezing is okay or not, thats not the topic here, I just want to an extra filter option for an existing game mechanic just like BSA)
  19. The later, i didnt knew that What the frog is this madness, you should be able to do that especially because Pink Sapphire madness Now i am sad AND mad
  20. Earthquake but you can specify how many eggs you put close to this destroyer of shells
  21. Support, i kept breeding the wrong ones together now after checking the Wiki and i am mad since all my Florets are now on cooldown 😠
  22. Abandoned a CB Sapphire (less than 4 days so it will be the first in the AP) via mobile so i could catch it on my PC, i saw it, i clicked it it was gone I am crying, 200gems wasted ;_;
  23. At this point i am just begging for pinks to be added to the market, i dont care if i pay 300 or 500 gems, i just want a CB pair of Pink Sapphires It seems that AP-trading is the only sure method for a chance to get a CB currently, unless the method is changed as Velvetie suggested