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  1. Golden Treasure: The Great Green A newly released Dragon visual novel that plays like a "choose your own adventure" story book with events, hunting mini-games and very hard and interesting riddles and math questions. Multiple endings, many artifacts to discover and an utterly amazing way of writing the life of a Draak-kin (wyvern like dragon who arte deeply connected to nature and songs) Worth to check out on steam!
  2. The first one is perfect! An option to turn it off/on for those who like to see more of the background or dont need such information should be included as well i think. That would be neat.
  3. I fully agree that a small amount of shards can bright up your day and atleast help you get another egg from the market, tho veteran players who have a breeding pair of each dragon besides prizes dont win in this situation either but there is not much else to offer. Full support on this!
  4. I am all up for swamp biome, its a wonderful wetland that is not clearly split up like the Coast is with its huge cliffs and the bottomless ocean. Its also one of the biomes that would be entirely different depending where it is places. It can be hot and mostly water like the Everglades with creatures left and right around you but hidden from the eye or cold, foggy and spooky like the northern ones, being the birthplace of ghost stories, will-o-wisps and huge monsterious beings that vanish suddenly with the change of wind in the fog. There is a high chance a dragon will hide there, knowing how much the fog, water and the unsetteling sounds will trouble potential egg stealers.
  5. Because i am one of those eldritch ancient beings on the Internet that was part of the wonder and glory that was Dragon Adopters (before it got taken down) and a friend of mine payed an artist to make a banned of our favorite dragons. It was the very first artpiece i got and i cherish it.
  6. Stories like this make me lose hope in humanity, not that i have much left anyway. We should be glad medicine is so far that abortion is easier and much safer done then it was before, everyone pregnant should be able to use this oppotunity. If you dont want a child, do everything possible for you to prevent it but that still is not 100% safe as life & people can be horrible. Your body, your rules. Nobody has the right to do choices for you if you can do them yourself.
  7. Finished my first run, watched the Stars with Ion. (i think thats the romance route?? Can someone confirm?) I just want to protect this good child! ;_;
  8. Same, the moment i saw Ion i was all like "I need to protect this child."
  9. Oh thank you very much! You saved me from a sleepless night! Okay, then i can finish it tomorrow yeah!
  10. The front page doesnt say anything how long Snow Wars will last, i hope till new year because its like 3am soon here and i just want to finish it, i need less than 30 stone (stone towers) and only like 50 (roof + some plants) wood ;_;
  11. The event ends in like less than 4 hours correct? Gosh, i cant get my fortress to finish, i need stone and wood, the last few hours i just got snow and ice and a bit of stone. Please give me stone & wood! Before (6 hours ago) Now:
  12. Bless you TJ for the update, claudius looks so wonderful when angry!
  13. Oh dang! That would save me so much! thank you! Very good idea!
  14. Damn, i only need some more stone & wood to finish it, i got those so rarely! Might delete my canons later, dunno what to place there instead, too bad i cant hide my tent in the house since its 3x3.
  15. Serious tho, bless Snow Wars 2, the top notch best game ever, i having a blast with it! A BIG thank you to all who worked on it! The only thing i dont like is that its so easy for rescources (snow pile, ice crystal, trees, rocks) to not be seen behind walls, i would love a "Remove all rescources" button once you reach like Levle 40 or so, just so that i can build and not worry about making it so that i see EVERY free tile.
  16. Support from me as well, sound like a good idea, but i would not make the Paper Dragon do it, they are still a very rare breed. How about the Script Dragon? It sounds logical for a dragon that has markings on its body to learn to write? Also, like most BSA dragons, able to be found by everyone (and who says they dont use your local paper dragon as supply? )
  17. I am neutral about this, had 2/5 this year so i am very happy, have 3 zombies now even when this was acually my second try to do so. So i might be lucky simply, but luck should still play a huge deal in that and when some are not lucky...well, good luck next year i guess. Zombies are in that way an "easy" neglected, random to get but possible compared to them being almost impossible to get but that mystery is solveable for some dictated people. But if we get a BSA about this, i acually thinking about the regular old Stone Dragons for getting it. Why? Logical thinking, how would you be able to get more kill actions? I think sharping the sword to get a extra kill chance sounds pretty good, dragon scales are hard as hell and i dont like the idea that all can simply dodge to avoid thier fate, some could simply stand there and are like "you think that would hurt me?" So having the Stone Dragon sharp your sword for a extra kill actions sounds nice, could be a onetime thing that they refuse to sharp your sword again now knowing why you are doing this.
  18. Here are my successes this year: Former Purple Opal Former Misfit So this year, 2/5 not bad, not bad, 3/5 turned to ashes, rest in peace my dears. Past success: Former Spitfire
  19. I mean, we got ghost, pumpkins, zombies , flame skeletons (omen are ghost rider confirm), pure darkness (lurker).....how about pure skeletons? a headless dragon 8well not purely headless, but invisible neck?)
  20. I missed the omen last year, so yeah, i have a major need. i only need one more egg to have my breeding pair. I only want 2 cbs or each gender when it comes to holiday dragons, i dont breed much except like frills and frills and frills
  21. @TerraAnne Thing is, Bisaboard is a german site, i could try to find someone who might have codes EU wide, bot outside of that i can only try to get the event mon itself. "hacked" pokemon is a pretty vague thing nowdays, do clones, which are legit mons and are impossible to be tell apart from real ones because, well, everything is legit from what WE can tell, not even Nintendo is able to block them or anything, only a daterminer would be able to by checking the hidden ID (that is needed to say "is it shiny or not").
  22. I completly missed the realease and now i cant find the Siyat xD Time to wait in a bush and be a fast grabber
  23. Just saying, i do acually nothing else. I wait a day or two and dumb my eggs in one single hatcheries. They hatch on time and i never worry about them. The only time i have to worry is when they are in a trade or when holyday season is there, because then all viewbombers are on the hunt. The last time a egg of mine got sick was last christmas, but i could solve it quickly.