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  1. i wish there was a way dragoncave could like filter out those who have atleast got one egg. i have been trying for several and got ZERO! i am about ready to give up hope ):
  2. if i do that, then i will have 3 hatchies and 1 egg, could i still get one of the new eggs?
  3. gah i have 4 matured hatchlings and they wont grow up! ahhh! i really want one of the new holiday ones, so im still quite new to this whole game and just wondering if the mature hatchlings can still grow up with just over 5 days left? Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this question
  4. a new "treat" comes out every 10 mins
  5. where is the second post? how can i find it?! *desperate look on my face/ crazy eyes *
  6. so every 10-11 mins a new treat is on whatever page you are on? and it doesn't matter if you go looking through every page, you aren't going to find a treat until that 10-11 min period is up?
  7. i have 11 =D what happens when/if you get all (91?) of them?
  8. does anyone know if there is a list with all of the different types of treats there are? also how many different treats are there?
  9. hmmm i found; -witch hat -a snake thing (its blue w/ yellow stripes and a yellow head) -candy/paper bag -i have no idea (in the front there is gold bar type things then in the back it looks like a giant oreo!)
  10. My dad is a former marine, a coast guard auxillary, and a volunteer in our state police. He runs 4-5 miles every day! (its CRAZY!) if any of you have ever seen NCIS, he is like Gibbs! He can be extremely strict but then in like a moment switch and be so nice! He loves to watch funny movies (Napolean Dynamite type things). I have a feeling he will be around for a long time <3 My mom is a middle school teacher. She is a hard-core cyclists! She is hard to talk to sometimes because once she has an idea, she sticks with it. Sadly she doesn't like sweets and so I am sweet deprived I love her very much! Both my parents are still madly in love with each other, and I can't be more happy with them(:
  11. jordag23

    10 on 10-10-10

    got 2 hot ones, 1 heavy one - all today really hoping they turn out as females cause so far 3/10 of my dragons have been females!
  12. jordag23

    10 on 10-10-10

    i dont like it! I have 4 mature hatchlings and they won't grow up into dragons! i really really want some of the new eggs but i cant get anyXP i sure hope the new eggs will be around for the next couple of days!
  13. jordag23

    10 on 10-10-10

    how long will these new eggs be around? they are SO cool! thanks TJ!