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  1. I have vacation. Soooo.... of time
  2. ooeeeewwwww!!! I just LOVE those candles!!!!!!
  3. It is not, I never saw a pot with a sideways tilting bottom.
  4. drop on the whole hour, so NOW!
  5. Okey... I see the white top, but the yellow.... I did not even know there was such a thing as candycorn. Is it made from candy, or corn? But corn is very hard....???
  6. Is it not a tat too orange for corn?
  7. 25min past. Got: What is it? Edit: so 11 in between
  8. Cool, got an http://-gdhS.gif Drop was 14min past. so 11 min in between
  9. Ow, now i see it. Sorry, looking over things is my speciality. Sorry *swallows*
  10. Cinnabar, I got one that's not on your scroll So there are at least 93 of them!! Ow, 12min in between Edit: drop was 3min past. EDIT 2: Sorry Cinnabar, you got it, found it.
  11. So far timed in between: 12min, 11min, 12min, 12min.
  12. Ah! 12min later. Got Edit: drop was 51min past the whole hour.
  13. So far timed in between: 12 min, 11min, 12min. Last drop was 39min past the whole hour.
  14. 12 min later, on 39 min past. Got YumYum!!!
  15. Still between 1 and 3 min till nexst drop i think
  16. I saw this on someone's scroll: Anyone an idea what it is?
  17. 10 min later, still nothing... EDIT 11 min