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  1. I saw that and I had to accept the challenge, so I reshuffled their words for some extra bump! No words added and silliness ensues: Wipe from so major bum, ping!
  2. Shanna_

    Art Worm

    THIS HAS TO BE STARTED AGAIN!!!! I am sooo loving this, it was very disappointing to see it was an old topic..... Has anyone posted TJ yet? I WANT IN!!! BOooooooo, yes this is the cow sound
  3. Does anyone knows it this flashes black or blue with green? My mother thought blue, but I think black.
  4. Will you help me?? I have a slow pc, and I've tried everything! Slow internet, slow pc...... Please, Help? Someone??
  5. HiHi, cool! Lucky you! Maybe it was in the back of your mind..?
  6. Ow, sorry I didn't see your question!! Well I agree with that. What do you think of the look-a-like sorting hat?
  7. I thought that also Well, doesn't this: looks like a Nimbus 2000?
  8. I think this one: looks like the hat from Harry Potter. Who agrees?
  9. I didn't say this!!! My mother thinks is a turd on a wooden board big fun!!! (she thinks )
  10. I think it looks more like an elephant. I didn't even see the tail until you said so and I started looking. It is a Trick or a Treat?
  11. What is this? Is it an elephant on a stick or something?
  12. Okey. I felt offensive.... And I still, I stick to my opinion about the mods thing. And I understand about the double posting thing, because the pages will fill too quick.
  13. I just thought of it when I had posted it, but I thought that it would be weird or something it I edited the first and deleted the second. Plus, these are 2 different topics, so I actually had to quote, and not make 2 posts. And, I think you can let the correcting over to the mods.
  14. Aha. Luckily we can click it to get to the page.
  15. There is a strange thing about the link to the Trick or Treating on my boyfriend's scroll, it doesn't show the pumpkin, only a link: 2010 Trick or Treating. That's all, strange isn't it?
  16. euhm, I do see the credits, but I don't see a link.
  17. Where is the post for the credits?
  18. Congrats Shajana! I'm past halfway. I want the cute candleeessss!!!!
  19. Ow, yes, congrats from me too!