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  1. i'm doing a brochure on pet snakes, can anyone recomend an unusual breed?
  2. you should check up on bettas, i know that the males will fight if put together, and i was told that the females will do the same. if you know different let me know i,d like to start breeding them when i'm done school.
  3. lol he reminds my of one for my kittens that disapeared. you had to wear shoes in the house at all times.lol
  4. Hey, Stunningfire, are you into the warriors books? the ones with the cats?
  5. thats cool what type of lizards and fish are they?
  6. You want a lot of pets? in fifteen years on the farm i've had: 2 dogs, 5 horses, 2 steers, 1 mule, 10 fish, and around 250 cats!!!!!
  7. @ merlin2 where did you get your maine coon as i have been looking to get one?
  8. Thats true. The use of feeder mice or other feeder animals is vital to the development, honing, and maintance of instinct in animals.
  9. not all cats "play" with live mice. cats can get the job done just as quickly as snakes can. all of my cats "played" with mice they had just caught and killed. even if they dont kill right away the cat is just doing what its instincts tell it to. most of the time the mouse's back is broken so it might not feel pain. we should not personify the mice and call it animal abuse. thats what i think.
  10. Of the dragons that i have hatched i have 3 males to 1 female
  11. Is it just me or is there a third place in the menu of twilight princess for link to have armor other then the hero and underwater outfits? and do you get a third outfit?