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  1. You don’t have an iPhone? Siri is the AI on apple products. Do you have Alexa? @Fortune86 Everyday? 3 times a day? Can I also get a bottle of whip-cream? OuO
  2. Negative. The person below me owns owns more than one dog.
  3. Sounds like a lot of family visiting. Sounds good?? Coughs. Maybe you need Siri, Lagie. Dogos is are the best.
  4. ...Whhhaa. Why. Do I get to be fed if I stay in here? Congrats, Tristan! Any big plans for Christmas?
  5. Two words. Baby yoda. Thank you, Trystan. I look forward to seeing yours!
  6. 030353Z AUTO 36015G21KT 10SM CLR 04/M03 A2990 RMK AO2 SLP128 T00391033 Decent night to fly if you don’t mind some gusty winds.
  7. *pets Phoenix* Hallo. Fort, I have amazon prime. I may may have gotten distracted by a autumn Cb and I only have three of one, @Lagie
  8. *is squished* Fortune!! *squishhugs* Heyo! Waaasup? *peels self up to snug the Lagie* I just snagged four deserts. On the prowl for those others. Did you make out like a bandit?
  9. Eh heh heh heh. Didn’t catch a single new release. How’s it all going in here?
  10. Mysterio is my favourite superhero, Swift! 😛 Hows everyone?
  11. We picked the galas and the pink ladies fresh. I definitely have fallen in love with cameos, though. Ah man. They’re so good. They’re a tad bit tart and extremely juicy.
  12. That’s awesome sauce! Good luck. Do you have a favourite apple?
  13. Ah hah! Thank you. Guys. I’m alive. We’ve made it to an apple orchard. I have my cameos now. @Lagie How’s your wares shop doing?
  14. Have you been doing any RPs lately, Fortune? My my sister is driving and she hates when I say something about her driving so I’m trying to keep quiet. I FEEL LIKE WE MIGHT DIE. Pray for me, guys.
  15. I don’t either. I am a leech. Cackles. What is that? Hey, Trystan.
  16. Speaking of Mark Hamill....Have y’all seen the new Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? He’s the voice of SkecTek. He’s amazing in there. Oh my gosh. YOUVE GOT YOUR LOOKS. YOUR PRETTY FACE... Hades is my spirit animal. I need a little sign that warns people of my sass/sarcasm. Too many people take me seriously.
  17. *smothers Spirit in hugs* I think Joker is one of my favourite bad guys because he’s bad just to be bad. He’s not got some tragic backstory that makes you pity him. He’s not tryin to win over people. He’s just crazy and he does what he does to create chaos. Maleficent is a pretty amazing character. She doesn’t take any crap. Oooohhh. I love belting out the little mermaid songs. That movie is the best.
  18. *snugs the Fortune* I can agree with that. What about Joker? Have you seen it? Is she your favourite villain?
  19. My goodness. Congratulations, I think? Hahaha. I actually used my stars to get a free pride cup from starbucks! I use it almost every day. Makes my heart happy. True. It's interesting. Makes it easier. I'm not fond of the market though. Feels like cheating, somehow. I wasn't totally on board with the whole previous holiday eggs dropping at first, but it's growing on me. Forum is certainly easier to use. I am glad I could finally tweak my name.
  20. Have: Messy Omen, caligene, and cavern lurker. Need: Messy arcana and ungendered withlight Lurker Omen Caligene