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  1. One day I’ll make a deliberately slow trip. It’s only ever been to get somewhere quickly. My goodness. That’s a long ways away. Good college? May mom flew with me from Wa to SC to go to college. I ended up staying down here. Dannggg. That’s pretty cool. Same area? Or have you moved around a bit?
  2. That’s quite a trek. We took the drive to Texas since it was cheaper. Took us around 18-20 hours one way. Longest drive I’ve made was NC to Wa. That took about four days. I miss Oregon/Washington even tho I was born down here. You from PA?
  3. I’m in the southern Carolina. I had a tio(uncle) that got married in Texas just before thanksgiving. So we also went to the beach while we were there. Hahaha. Maybe we are bats and we just don’t know it. Or maybe the matrix is glitching.
  4. I miss South Padre Island. It was a nice 70°. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll stay up and look at it. That’s pretty late, though. Random fact: Some scientists analyzed the communications between bats via a super computer. And the top three things that bats talk about are: 1. Complaining and fighting over food. 2. The female bats complaining about unwanted male advances. 3. To complain and yell at other bats that invalid personal space.
  5. It’s 36° here. Bbbrrrr. Is it about the same for you? I took a temp two day job at an office for this weekend. Euch. Gross. But it pays well enough. Le sigh.
  6. Only if you dust and then spray the house with fire retardant first. Do you have a dust sucker in there?
  7. *makes grabby hands for the toast* Oh dear, Lagie. Good luck. Where do you guys advertise for helpers? *snugs Lagie and Fortune* Anyone wanna come clean a house with me?
  8. Naws on the rope. Morning! Afternoon! Whatever it is. I’m too tired for this crap.
  9. I used to crochet. What do you normally like making? Maybe one day. You ever won any of ‘em?
  10. Customer service is quite tough. Good on him. My my. You stay busy! Hahaha. I cleaned a house today that you would have loved. So much craft material. So many stencils. I have a basket of buttons on my table that I need to go through. There are some pretty buttons. Im too lazy to enter raffles. Maybe I should go check it out. Congrats tho! I miss eatw tools. I couldn’t tell you have many I have. I’ve lost count by now. I really need to go organize my dragons. I like to lurk in the AP and catch low time BSAs. A quick incubate and they catch in a coup
  11. I believe it. You’d have to be to troubleshoot for a company. Do you work too? Very cool! Ahh. Florets. They’re pretty. Ices are my passion. I’ve got two of the pretties this week. I’ll keep a lookout for some florets. Im trying to get some BSAs for a newbie “starter kit.”
  12. Smart guy. Ap is a little dry of BSAs tonight. Least it’s not blocked up!
  13. Insurance be a bit expensive. Even through Medicare. Once I finish school, I’ll be able to deadicate a little more money to health insurance. A CPA nurse. Even better. Oohh? What’s he do?
  14. Ahhh. Oh my goodness. Both of y’all are injured. We need a CPA medic. Euch. Yeahhh. That’s no fun. They charged me 1,000 out of pocket for my visit which was absolutely outrageous. And $10 for the meds. Lol. At at least I have dental insurance. Oohh. 11:11. Make a wish.
  15. I guess I’m referring to the resurfacing ones. And the reported texts made by the agents aren’t exactly shiny. What’s sad is that the same people who hate that “Hillary got away with crimes” are gonna be the same ones criticizing that Trump is being called out. What we’re you doing?? A wasp sting right? Is going to a doctor expensive? They gave me some extra strong acetaminophen pills that helped with my throat abscess awhile back. Not fun. Glad you’re near the end now. Pull the pul, Trystan?
  16. My jaw has been lost. Has anyone seen it? *showers Lagie was medicines* Not feeling any better? ;; I’ll be a hair from Thor’s beard. Someone just gave me a platinum on reddit for hating on fondant. Thhhheeee heck.
  17. Quiet wheezing. I mean...you’re not wrong. Eh heh heh heh. There’s already claims of bias too. This is amazing. Everybody is going crazy.
  18. @trystan That impeachment be looking like it’s progressing. Let chaos reign. @Fortune86 What’s for dinner today? I’m gonna start making on these nets. @DragonSpirit009 ...I... I guess coal is better than nuclear power??
  19. I won’t ignore it. I’ll get the synopsis at the end of the day. But I don’t enjoy watching every second. I do agree that it’s all very surreal.
  20. @Fortune86 Hmmm. Better than nothing I suppose. Does it taste like whip cream still? Almonds and carrots are good snacks health wise. But they’re not my favorite. We’re yall able to eat foods? This forum is so weird. It didn’t load this until just now when I posted. Hey Trystan. I mean. It sounds like a preceding to me. If the roles were reversed, they’d be doing the same vice versa. I don’t watch those things because of all of the bickering. But I’m glad you’re interested. Whats on your docket for the day?
  21. I feel that short life on a spiritual level. It does make flying a DV-20 way easier tho. My tall instructor keeps complaining about the cockpit being too small. Hope you're feeling better, Trystan. Sounds fun. G’night, Marcus.
  22. Amazing toppage. Page 900 and everything. My generation would be proud. Ayyyeee. Those Nokias could take a beating, for sure. Hmm. You have “ok google” then. I have an “old” iPhone 6s. Really don’t like the newer iPhones. Lol.
  23. @Lagie Okay boomer. I’m teasing. You got one of those flip phones?