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  1. Id say that counts. I was wondering if you had any PS systems. We've got a PS4 and PS3. Are you excited about the PS5? I don’t know if multiplayer would ever work out if we found some game to play.
  2. I’m usually up at 9am at the latest. But I accidentally slept until 11am. Whoops. Speaking of energy... *zombie walks toward the coffee maker* Do you have any consoles, Fort?
  3. *snugglesmooches* Hi!! OuO You’re on late? @Marcus Pheonix How old you be, out of curiosity?
  4. Sorry. I was falling asleep when I wrote that. I don’t remember saying that!
  5. F! C is way too cold if it’s 30°C D nono. Acetaminophen! Is a Pin killer.
  6. 👀 Funny is what you were saying. Right? I will take the occasional acetaminophen for shark week. Otherwise, sitting can be painful. More power to y’all lovely peeps! Lagie, I hope you’re surviving over there! I can’t imagine what we’d ever do without your magical brownies. Not bad. It’s 30° out. It’s warmed up a bit here too. I’m sure the puppies will be glad. They’re due to open their eyes soon.
  7. I’m approaching that state. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and make sure to go to the gym everyday like I used to. Hopefully, that’ll help. Oh mer gosh. That’s nasty. It’s 27° here. My eczema is killing me. I’m trying to fight it back before it becomes a problem. IT IS I. Wild Vange. I shall never be contained! *snogs Spirit and snugs Marcus* Your painting are always magnificent, @Spirit
  8. I’ll go ahead and clear it and see if it happens again. Nope. Didn’t work.
  9. I can thankfully inform you that I have not died! Although, it felt like I was when I caught that unknown bug. Hopefully, you’re a healthy horse?
  10. I’ll be perusing the biomes and then suddenly, I’ll get this page. It’s always the same eggs listed. It’s never different. This first happened in December. You can not pick up any of the eggs. This is only on mobile. Only way to fix it right now is to refresh.
  11. Me looking up symptoms for flu. Internet: You gun die!!
  12. Best wishes to you, Lagie! I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. ;; I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  13. Everyone is different, mind you. Mine was uncomfortable, but not horrible. It's on my upper spine. I remember thinking 'why the did I agree to do this,' as soon as the needle touched me. Felt like dozens of tiny bees poking at me, but the saving grace was that the pain mostly dulled to a quiet ache when the artist was getting more ink every few seconds. Hahaha. But looking back, it wasn't that bad. It was a 2 hour tattoo due to detail and shading. The worst bit as the last 30 minutes. I'm absolutely in love with it, though. Best $300 I've spent. Healing was tricky. I had to sleep
  14. Good job!! I'm proud of you! I'm on day 2 of the week and I've been to the gym both days. Last week, I went four out of the 7. xP
  15. My first kiss was with this amazing girl I fell head over heels for. We went to a Christian college where we could have been kicked out if anyone found out, but I fell in love with her. She was my first love. We were in my dorm room, sitting on the floor studying for some class, as you do. I looked over at her and we talked for a bit. She looked absolutely beautiful and I wanted to express my love for her so that she would know. So, I just kissed her! My heart felt as if it exploded. I really loved her with every ounce of my being. But her best guy friend broke up with his man and
  16. People did like lineages back in those days. They definitely mattered to some. But it wasn't so crazy as it is now. Dragons didn't HAVE to be named. And codes didn't matter AS much. Messy dragons weren't as big of a deal. And inbreds were quite loved. Caveborns were valuable, but not crazy desired. I remember being able to catch golds. The past holidays being brought back thing did annoy me a bit. It used to feel like it was something special. But I understand that TJ wanted to include everyone. I do miss tinsel/shimmers being rarer and more sought after.
  17. Forum name: Evangeline Pm link: Boop! List of Valentines I can breed: Val09: 1 CB 3rd gen checker val09 x copper Td4cS Bloodswap only please. 3rd gen checker val09 x yuletide Lineage 3rd gen checker val09 x ice uOuAx x aDi1m Bloodswap only please. 3rd gen checker val09 x ice YPahw x Nprgm 3rd gen checker val09 x aegis FNV2z x qJmEs 4th gen checker val09 x yulebuck fhyai x Fmgb4 Sweetling: 2 CB Sweet 3rd gen sweetling x marrow Lineage 3rd gen sweetling x silver lineage 3r
  18. Have: Cb white zyu Zyu Need: 2nd gen ice x val09 3rd gen checker flamingo x sweetling F 3rd gen checker spring seasonal x heartstealer M 3rd gen checker ice x heartstealer M 3rd gen checker sunsong x val09 M 3rd gen checker azure glacewing x RA F 3rd gen checker gold x heartseeker F 3rd gen checker copper (azure) val 09 m 3rd gen checker royal crimson x heartseeker M 3rd gen checker silver x arsani M 3rd gen checker black x black sweetlings Like this 3rd gen checker ice x
  19. Have: BSA Hatchies 2nd gen pb silver Silver Pink Magis Need: 2nd gen ice x crowned floral F 2nd gen leodon x sweetling F 2nd gen silver x sweetling F 2nd gen ice x soulstone M 2nd gen ice x sakuhana M 2nd gen silver herald x mutamore F 2nd gen antarean x spirit ward F 2nd gen diamondwing x mutamore F 2nd gen azure glacewing x floral crowned F 2nd gen pink x sweetling F 2nd gen lunar herald (indigo) x mutamore F 2nd gen ice x val09 3rd gen
  20. WANT: 2nd gen aegis x celestial Have: 2nd gen wrapping wing x bbw hatchie 2nd gen snow angel x black truffle (Tri-wing colored) 2nd gen solstice x royal blue 3rd gen checker garland x tan ridgewing 1 soul. Fresh. Pure. Untainted. Can combine. Wrapping wing Garland SA Solstice
  21. Thank you, lovely! @Lagie I done gone and did that too. XP The little buggers just don’t wanna be eaten.
  22. Hmm. Is anyone experiencing trouble with items disappearing behind ads? Refreshing about ten times is really the only way to fix it so far. And I’m not trying to block the ads, necessarily.
  23. Thank you! I just noticed that. Also, Merry Christmas. Thanks for taking your time and coding all of this for us, Bossman! I hope you got to sleep in and enjoy the holiday.
  24. Thank you, guys. Ahem ahem. Lemme rephrase. If I find recipe, do I need to just write down the recipe? Or can I find the recipes I’ve found listed somewhere? Lol