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  1. I just realized I accidentally ignored this. No. The ice was too thick. 😕 And they didn't have any of the defrost stuff. Much many annoying. Mine have mostly expired, Trystan. Sighs. It's okay. I have hulu, netflix, amazon prime, disney +, and youtube red. So I keep plenty busy. Falls over.
  2. OuO OOhhhhh? Oh my gosh. I feel like people write a whole paper by the time I type one word. Uuuummmmmm. Maybe? Wanna go play a round thingy together? Oh my gosh. xD Really? I haven't done that yet! @trystan Sorry. xD I was replying to the fact that you have you DW sources.
  3. @Fortune86 I can’t chat to another player while I’m in a mission? Or can I? I just finished cleaning my house. Maybe I can get on for a short bit! I picked the...uh...metal thingy. The green one. Hai, Spirit! You play warframe too? @trystan I was replying to you.
  4. @Lagie 😅 Autocorrect. I typed spider. For some reason, wider popped up. 😛 Ooohhhh, Trystan. @Fortune86 The whole multiplayer aspect is a bit odd. There’s no way to really communicate with the other player. Lol. *snugs the fortune and spirit* I was supposed to go fly today. But there was frost on the wings. Didn’t get to go. Now I’m cleaning my house.
  5. That’s ominous, Trystan... Oh... it does sound very much like the Spanish word for wider, Lagie. I never really thought into it. I've heard Jodie’s season wasn’t that good. Not because of acting, but because of writing. I’m hoping it’s not true. Oh dear. I wish her luck. ;; That’s never easy.
  6. So much hugging. *melts from all the hugs* My day would be awesome if you were my bootycall, Lagie! *shot* seriously tho. Why isn’t she better after seeing you?? As long as the spiders stay out of my way, we’re good. e.e I haven’t been able to see any of Jodie’s work yet, sadly. Is it one of the better ones? @Fortune86 This game is confusing. Beretta just entered the room with a bunch of bananas that was in my kitchen on top of the counter... And now she’s trying to steal my banana... mamadoggo is hungry, bless her.
  7. *late hugs Fortune and Lagie* It’s done. I did it. I stayed awake. I worked. I gymed. Can I be lazy now? oh wait. I’ve got studying to do. How’s it going everyone? Lunch was good, Lagie?
  8. I’m lackadaisical about waking up right now.
  9. It used to be that you had to hatch it yourself? Am I mistaken? Or did that change? Also... we’re allowed to talk about them on the forums now...? @Emerald01 Yeah... they all changed into arias. 😕 Same time as the frills, the bps had their revamp and rerelease. https://dragcave.net/lineage/r816 Nadjem use to be a bp.
  10. Asking where they go out? My goodness. Is it at least okay music?
  11. Thank you! :3 Do you have some?
  12. Aww. That’s sweet of them. Happy Chinese New Year, lovelies. Oohhh. Waffles. Ya know, I could go for a pimento cheese waffle with bacon right about now... I just ate breakfast, but now I’m salivating. 🤤
  13. Oohh! Okay, MP. Oh my. That’s some loud music. What are they listening to? Is it at least good music? Ahh. I gotcha, Lagie. I hope it heals you quickly.
  14. @Lagie Aw man... I’m glad you have a diagnosis at least. Are they able to help you out with pain management? @Marcus Pheonix I was trying to carefully skirt around the issue and not traumatize you! 😛 You doing alright, today? How be everyone doing?
  15. Best wishes say the doctor today! I hope they can help you out! purplehaze, oh my gosh. That doesn’t sound fun. I’m not appreciating this cold weather. I want warmth back!
  16. It’s extremely lovely, but I don’t know if it suit me.
  17. Have: Cb black zyu https://dragcave.net/teleport/f10685720a98ea53a9c12e5847c0d43b Need: 3rd gen checker summer x val09 M 3rd gen checker sunsong x val09 M 3rd gen checker copper (azure) val 09 m 3rd gen checker ice x sweetling F 3rd gen checker black x black sweetlings Like this 3rd gen checker spring seasonal x heartstealer M 3rd gen checker ice x heartstealer M 3rd gen checker azure glacewing x RA F 3rd gen checker royal crimson x heartseeker HcBBb 3rd gen checker silver x arsani M 3rd gen
  18. Aww. Jellybean is so pretty! Proud mama of 7 potats.
  19. I’ve been in love with them ever since 2009! Its an amazing game!! Im searching for it rn. Downloading it now. Whats that game that you can hunt hunt each other in??
  20. I accidentally misspelled your name. Oh gosh. Those games are dangerous. You can see I mostly play assassin’s cree on the PS4. All my other games are on the ps3.
  21. I think I found you. But I think I may not have... ill look into it. I’m horrible at shooty games tho. I used to. I think we canceled it to save money.
  22. Pppfff. It’s practically hidden! No. But I’m willing to try new things. Is it downloadable from the PS store?
  23. I’m a little annoyed. I just bought my PS4 around a year ago!! Now there’s a new system and they’re gonna make new games that you have to get the PS5 to play. Groans. Whats your username? OuO