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14agavo.png <--- My Mireu! UEM9xpv.gifbronzewinner_by_zaverxi-d8eggfk.pngdorkette2.gifMy Scroll 2G Shimmer offspring lists are OPEN.I am currently OFFLINE and am PURGING the monster that is my overflowing inbox. If you can't reply right away please understand I am updating my list and replying as soon as possible to everyone. Current level: FULL Currently working on replies. Missing one? It's coming soon.

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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to my profile!

    My personal project is the Lucien-Seraph lineage which harbors the descendants of Empress Jahanara Anu Lucien and her lifemate Elias Seraph. Jahanara is an incarnation of the goddess Tiamat, passing on the lineage of dragons to her offspring.

    I am also the proud owner of a CB Bronze Shimmerscale that I won in the raffle. I do breed her for 2G offspring for others, so if my signature says that my list is open don't be afraid to PM me. I don't bite. ;)

    I do have a wishlist of sorts:

    -2G Holly (Please contact me if the list is open or CLOSED if you are willing to breed one for the christmas season)

    -2G spriter's alt offspring (I will admit my weakness and I will listen to spriters if the list is open or CLOSED as well)

    -2G Prize Owners please feel free to contact me in regards to swaps.

    That's about it though. I listen to offers on a user by user basis so please don't feel discouraged and think you'll never get a 2G just because you don't have NDs or CB metals to offer.

    I don't want to put any true "prices" down here as I said because nothing is set in stone. Hell I've even been approached for non-dragon offers so I'm staying very open minded.

    Also I am attempting to be a prize owner that doesn't snap at people who PM me, so please all I ask in return is your understanding that I will reply to all your messages in a timely fashion.

    I will be keeping my lists of people private, so don't hound them for offspring if you happen upon them.

    Also if you happen to one day own one of my Shimmerscale's descendants I would love to know who you are. (I know most people don't care or can't keep track but I will treasure this dragon and her descendants).

    Just a side note: If my PM inbox is full and I am online please give me 5 minutes to clean it out as I am usually in the progress of responding to someone. Then you will be able to send me a message regarding my 2G offspring.