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  1. <3 The 6 eggs really helped me catch my two new Halloween ones. Turning off Java and images was still not helping as much as I had hoped, so it was great to know I could get them.
  2. Ughhhhhh 2 hours.. nothing.. *ded* My computer is usually SO fast - but neither firefox nor opera are working like usual, tht lag is so horrible. T_T I have to go to sleep soon. T_T but I want these eggies! D:
  3. cup o' tea anyone? I AM DONE WOOT! 92/92!!!! ALSO bionelly is the AWESOMEST person ever and I now have a pumpkin eggy!!!
  4. 83!!!!!!!!! *dies* I'm so tired. It's bedtime for me, lol! Tomorrow (Actually.. this evening. But tomorrow for me since I am just now going to sleep. ) I will finish it!
  5. Yay! I finally got the rat skull!! That makes 73~
  6. YAY! Another vampy eggy! Now just to get a Pumpkin! but that will have to wait.. I have a paper due in 6 hours that I haven't even begun to start work on. <<; Also I finally got this one! I know I Said it before, but again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who worked on this project.. you definitely made me wanna continue using dragcave for a very long time, and this is incredibly fun! :3 You guys are all wonderful and amazingly talented, and just freaking awesome!
  7. OMG I GOT A VAMPIRE EGG FINALLY! @_@ and I'm up to 49 treats!
  8. HAHA! Thank you for explaining it, ThatDeadGirl! Sheesh, I'm refreshing with less than a second in-between each time, people are freaking FAST. Wow, geez. Eeeee, I want candy like this irl! o.o
  9. In my absolutely fruitless attempts for the past two hours to snatch a Pumpkin or Vampire eggy, I noticed something, there seem to be two different responses when you miss an egg. o_O Is that normal? Or is it just for me? I have gotten this one twice: Unfortunately, you are not quick enough, and someone else snatches the egg before you can get to it. and this one at least a couple dozen times: Try as you might, you cannot seem to find the egg you are looking for in the abandoned area. Also, more on topic - I have 36 treats now! ^^ These are so awesome!
  10. See, that didn't happen for me. All I have is a text link that says "2010 Trick or Treating".
  11. Gaaaahhh I can't seem to catch any pumpkin or other special eggies, they all give me a "Try as you might, you cannot seem to find the egg you are looking for in the abandoned area." message. I think I'm too slow? Also I am LOVING the treats found around the site, they are super cute and cool! Thanks for doing this, it's really fun. ^^