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  1. Offered a silver to Iluvkittycats: no response after 24 hr Offered a silver to Stelly: still no response after 24hr.
  2. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Angel_Princess: silver Metallic: tMtDf Gift Report: cucu8873 -> stitchstinks446 : gold Metallic: WVkng
  3. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Condorflight: silver Metallic: O15GP Gift Report: cucu8873 -> aleesharose97 : silver Metallic: fkkbg
  4. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> wheeloftime13: gold Metallic: vt9lG Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Artemis1292: silver Metallic: Znx2p
  5. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Sirkegh: silver Metallic: HpCGg Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Arielcvb: silver Metallic: 8XsRR
  6. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> verdaniasoul: silver egg Metallic: I1hTb
  7. Thank you for your help! However I prefer a PB all white stripe to match its lineage so I can make a perfect even generation :3
  8. offered a silver Imago got one already :3
  9. Hello everyone, I am looking for a mate for one of my tinsels, its mate should be a 5EG PB all white stripes, and unrelated to her of course. My lovely tinsel If anyone could help it will be greatly appreciate!
  10. offered a silver to taliaangeni Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Taliaangeni: silver hatchie Metallic: K7Wsi
  11. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Ashura09: silver hatchie Metallic: Is9pn Gift Report: cucu8873 -> luckynicole659: gold egg Metallic: kAkXm
  12. I would like to be taken off the list I would like to be taken off of these lists: silver Sorry, seems like I just got too addicted to ap and almost all the time i am locked :/
  13. I want to be added to a List! Forum User: cucu8873 Scroll Link: scroll Requested list: Silver PM link: pm Just a suggestion, use the url link with the title "pm" instead of putting the whole pm down. And maybe put the dragon list on the 2nd post, this looks a bit unorganized.
  14. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> zalcsi98: silver egg Metallic: P4dhI
  15. Tinsel doesn't count as metallic. See rule 2
  16. You can glomp someone, see rule 15 Read it again...... I quoted and highlighted it for you
  17. I tend to collect tinselkin before (No idea why, I don't even like stair or spiral) But I guess this urge finally cools down a bit. Here are some of the tinselkin I've got in the past (and lower than most of other from my scroll) autumn kin water kin red nebula kin The newest and luckiest addition: Beauty from Crouching Tiger (Really want to do a checker for this but probably not gonna happen)
  18. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Zeriath : silver egg Metallic: art3D (cute code, isn't it :3)
  19. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Spyrofan2000: silver egg Metallic: yzEFT
  20. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Woke: Silver egg Metallic: yWIQL
  21. Request! (If you can help that'd be great!) I have a white seeking its mate! Sweet x White checker! (the grandpas need to be alt!) Found one! And this pretty black x grey checker seeking a black mate (the dad needs to be an alt also) And now another one I want to find a mate with!! This gorgeous sunsong need a mate, grandpas must be regular sweetling and unrelated to her also Thank you in advance! I'd happy to trade for them if I can I am also looking for unwanted silver fail female moonstones (needs to be even gen and not inbred )
  22. Gift Report: cucu8873 -> Pensfan1829: Silver egg Metallic: BI6fW
  23. For you the forum id is the name you registered in forum, and yours is herobrine745.
  24. Gift Report: Honigdieb -> mildfiasco: Breed egg Metallic received: /view/dBFf3 This is a view link, not a lineage link Gift report: cucu8873 -> Phenri : Silver egg Metallic: VEmne This pairing is fruitful! Only two offsprings and both are silvers lol They love me so much P.S. This is a glomp because nobody is on the list :3