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  1. Glad I saw this was just about to go offline! Think I will stay for a while!!
  2. Happy Easter Everybody!! I Love this event!! Thanks TJ and Spriters!
  3. I just finished sending all of my fully grown flowers to random people. Thank you to all that sent to me and whoever gets the ones I sent out, I hope you enjoy them all! This was such a fun event!
  4. I like the alts, very pretty...cant wait until my hatchies mature!
  5. Anyone need a Jack in the Pulpit? I have the yellow and the reddish one.
  6. I am looking for the following flowers for my collection Bat Sun Seeker Venus Fly Trap Pink blue bonnet Rafflesia any color If anyone has any of these I would love to get one...unfortunately I don't have any of those to trade since I haven't gotten any of those seeds yet! But if you need something else let me know and I hopefully have one! This is such a fun event! Thank you for the flowers! _therese_ - Rafflesia , sunseeker ImbaDr00d - Blue Bonnet - Blue angelicdragonpuppy - Rafflesia - red
  7. I have many flowers available, if you need something for your collection, let me know including your scroll name and pot color and I will be happy to send one to you. I have just sent a bunch out to some random people. Hope you all enjoy the Flowers!
  8. I have a dragons head and a dragons breath to trade if anyone has one please PM me I will be online for another 30 minutes and then later this evening, let me know when you can trade. Also if there are any other particular flowers people are looking for please PM me and I will see what I have. I wish we could keep the gardens but people are posting that we cannot so I want to share the flowers I have grown. Thanks for a fun event!
  9. Oh I like that plant! I hope I get a seed!
  10. What does the Bat plant look like? I haven't gotten a seed for it yet.
  11. I have had that too...it will say the person doesn't exist??
  12. I have a Jack in the pulpit to send...I will pick a random person unless someone wants it?
  13. I cant wait for these flowers to grow! I gifted my Biter plant, now I hope I can get another seed to keep in my garden for after the event is over!
  14. Thank you Jaxson for the Flower! Now I don't have to wait until it grows! When one of my flowers are ready I will send you something pretty back in a gold pot of course!
  15. I didn't get any of those seeds..a few iris and hibiscus, jack in the pulpit and a biter. If there are any flowers you do need just let me know and if I have one I will send it in a gold pot for you!
  16. I like the blue pots. Are there any flowers you are looking for?
  17. Just got two Jack in the Pulpit seeds in a row! I love these flowers and cant wait till they bloom. Will the gardens be empty after the end of the event or will we be able to see all the flowers we had? Sorry if this has been asked but my connection is bad due to the ice and snow we have had so scrolling to read all the posts is difficult at this time! Thanks TJ and Spriters for a great event!
  18. Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you TJ and spriters for this wonderful Holiday event!
  19. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Aurora344 I am at level 20 trying to get to 25!!
  20. Thank you..I guess I still have a way to go!
  21. What level do you have to be to get the trees and the sculptures and other great stuff.... I am at level 15 and haven't gotten those things yet...or am I just missing it somewhere? http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/aurora344
  22. Loving this snow wars! I am only at level 10, cant wait to level up some more. Of course still trying to get a Holly egg....those little suckers sure slip by really quick! Just received a PM from a very generous member! Now when I catch a Holly I will be just as generous! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
  23. All but two of my new dragons have turned to adults. I cant wait until the final two mature, the adults are fantastic! Thank you TJ for this event it was wonderful. To all the artists who designed the dragons..you did an outstanding job, they are all great, and a huge Thank you to you all as well.
  24. I have 4 eggs to gift to anyone who did not get one . Just have to wait for the cooldown. Send me a PM if you need one.