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  1. Oy, still haven't gotten one >_< I'll just keep trying. Congrats to all who got them, and to those who didn't, keep trying! EDIT: Well, it seems I've gotten one, though I don't remember having a success o_O
  2. You're welcome hope you're feeling better, this is prime cold season what with the crazy weather. First it's cold and then it gets warm again x_X Also, got a shrunken head. It's...lovely.
  3. They randomly appear on pages of dragcave.net (i.e, a dragon's info page, the main cave page, the AP, etc) it's just a fun little scavenger hunt, if you will. Congrats on pumpkin slice! I got a zombie finger and a little bunny with a heart, a candy cane and a shamrock just a few minutes ago
  4. Wind-Swept-Canid is my alias on Deviantart. It used to be WindyWildWolf, but I closed that account and made the new one. I love canids, and the name seemed to flow nicely.
  5. When I got Pokemon Blue, I couldn't figure out how to walk out of the house Finally, I realized the carpet was like a door and I got out. Also, I tend to not reload in FPS's and get owned because of this. While I'm at it, I'm wonderful at falling off the edge of the world in any Zelda game.
  6. I'll watch it when I'm in a bad mood, perks me up pretty much instantly. "It's a Leopluradon! A MAGICAL Leopluradon!" Also, the Banana King=win. It's so crazy it's impossible for me the believe the person who made this wasn't high or drunk. Or both. The tongue noise There's so much about this that's both insane and hilarious at the same time.
  7. My native language is English, took 5 years of French but I'm not really fluent. I'd like to learn German, Hebrew, and possibly Russian. At the moment, though, I just don't have time
  8. I accidentally killed my Silver egg with Earthquake >o< I'm awesome.
  9. I love this game I'm pretty good at it until it speeds up and I start either falling to my untimely death or crashing into solid objects.
  10. Don't say who's there when you answer the phone in a horror movie. Don't go alone into a seemingly empty, dark room. Don't leave your TV on with the 'snow' pattern, lest creepy little girls come crawling out of it. And don't go out into the woods at night with no batteries for your flashlight. In fact, don't go into the woods at night, period.
  11. Oh, I mean 'kiddie' as in aimed towards younger audiences, but I definitely think it has appeal for older people as well. Not sure it was originally intended that way, though.
  12. Aw, yes, that cockroach <3 Somehow, Disney was capable of making an otherwise revolting (in my opinion, that squishing noise they make when they're killed= x_x, plus my general dislike of insects) insect cute.
  13. Man, I've got so many I'm gonna have to list a few. Silent Hill series (love them all), Resident Evil series (except for Outbreak), Mass Effect 1 and 2, Pokemon series (not the mystery dungeon or other spin-off, though), Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, The Witcher, Super Smash Brothers series, Zelda Series, Serious Sam (mindless but fun!), Bioshock 1 and 2, Psychonauts, Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid series (haven't played 4 though, no PS3 ;o;) Rule of Rose, Half Life series, Portal. EDIT: After looking at some responses, just remembered some stuff I forgot.
  14. Anaconda *shudders* Why did Jolie sign on for that?! The last thing I needed at 8am after eating breakfast was the pulsating insides of a snake and watching said snake vomit up a half-digested man. Bleh.
  15. I'm not really into kiddie movies anymore (I'm more inclined to watch Terminator, Predator, Sleepy Hollow, or Alien over something cutesy), but when I saw WALL-E for the first time, man I was hooked. WALL-E has restored my hope in Disney. So bloody cute. I never thought two robots could be so adorable. "Evaaaa" I actually have a WALL-E plush on my headboard Still have yet to obtain an EVE one. So, what do you think? I don't think this is a duplicate topic, I searched the multimedia section.
  16. Wind-Swept-Canid

    10 on 10-10-10

    They look awesome, can't wait to see the adults! Question: Will they be added to the DragCave Wiki once the adult designs are made public? They probably would be, but I wasn't sure if the Wiki was still active.
  17. Wind-Swept-Canid

    10 on 10-10-10

    I've seen quite a few cave drops I wouldn't worry about it, they'll be around.
  18. Banjo-Kazooie on Xbox LIVE Arcade Ahh the nostalgia...
  19. Same. I love Skillet, didn't even know they were Christian until I looked them up on Amazon or something. Not that it matters, I just like the music. Sometimes a little too preachy, but for the most part I like it.
  20. Silent Hill Homecoming. I don't care what anybody says, I like it Heh, sorry, Homecoming just gets a lot of flak. Not that I'm one of those insane fangirls or anything... Nah, but really, I love all the SH games (even Shattered Memories), I'm looking forward to SH8, though I am skeptical. Still, I won't make judgment until I see/play it.
  21. I admire her individuality, like some of her songs, but wouldn't consider myself a fan. I give her a lot of credit for pushing the envelope, though. Anybody ever seen her Kermit the Frog outfit? That was awesome
  22. Thank you She's not as innocent as she looks, though, I assure you.
  23. Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I hear it, and I start humming it, then it won't leave my tiny braiiiiiiin. But I like it.
  24. Just finished playing The Witcher a few hours ago.
  25. RPG+Futuristic game=recipe for win. You know what would be awesome? Having an Elcor squadmate I heard people talking about it, more as a joke than anything else, but it would be hilarious to hear an Elcor's battle cries. With enthusiasm: Today you meet your end. Practical? Not really, but it would give me giggles. Besides, BioWare said ME3 was going to be slightly more light-hearted. *Is hoping for Elcor squaddie*