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  1. Both dragons are absolutely gorgeous, thank you both spriters and TJ for these lovely new releases. I love the Pillows, they look like giant angora bunnies xd.png (disapproving bunnies much?) And the Swallowtails are exquisite. I'll be sure to catch more of these beauties.


    I love the additional black stripe! I need to try and breed one, both all for my stripes are still cooling down.

  2. I love Black and White (playing White version now) so far. Only thing I miss is that you can't have your Pokemon trailing you anymore sad.gif I liked to talk to them as they walked with me, I though that innovation was very clever in HeartGold SoulSilver. Still, I like the integration of seasons and the new Pokemon are pretty sweet smile.gif I LOVE the crocodile one. I chose Oshawott as my starter, and so far he's up to level 31. I beat the fifth gym just yesterday, was a victory by a thin margin 0_0 gym leaders have gotten tougher.

  3. Only got through a little bit of Okami, but I find it's one of the best games I've played. It's very stylish, love the calligraphic imagery and the fluidness of the graphics. I did have it on Wii, but I sold it after getting severely frustrated by the controls and bought the PS2 version. I love just running through the fields watching Ammy's feet create flowers as she ran smile.gif

  4. Cheese is love. That is all.


    But really, I love the stuff and I'm so glad I'm not lactose intolerant, otherwise I'd be very sad if I couldn't eat Brie. Brie spread on Triscuts is amazing. The rind is very nummy as well, ah, love those soft cheeses. Mozzeralla with Prosciutto (really salty ham) is fantastic as well.

  5. Prolonged train horn tests X_X I live pretty close to a train station, but ordinarily I don't hear the trains come or go. But when they test the horn, I hear it, a LOT. It can go on for twenty minutes sometimes ._.


    Also, cat barf. Eugh.

  6. A thought just occurred to me...I'm really not looking forward to what people will say after this contest...

    I think I'll just stop looking here altogether. There'll be too many people being annoying about how they didn't win.

    Eh, way I see it, I tried, and if I don't win, oh well, it was fun anyway biggrin.gif But yeah, I know what you mean. Hope that people don't take it to heart too much.


    I had a lot of fun (and some utterly frustrating moments, too), so I'm excited to see who wins.

  7. I have a problem/question that doesn't directly have to do with the contest, but does have to do with the trees. I have no interest in the contest per se, but I do want to decorate my tree because it's pretty.


    Last night I removed all the decorations from my tree and moved them off into th brown area off to the sides because I noticed that new decorations were often going underneath currently applied decorations, and making it difficult to move things. I got tired of it, so decided to just wait until we had them all before doing the actual decorating.


    The problem is that when I came back on today, all of the decorations had disappeared. I don't mean faded out, I mean they're GONE. Completely.


    I'm really sad and upset. Like I said, I don't really have an interest in the contest, but I love the tree and the idea of being able to decorate it myself.


    Can I please get back my decorations? I am so sad you wouldn't believe it. sad.gif

    That's strange...maybe the images aren't loading? Maybe Java (does it use Java, I'm not positive) was disabled for some reason?


    If they don't show up, you should probably PM TJ, it might be an error. I wish you best of luck!

  8. I wonder if one of the "Moar events" will be a Christmas tree badge, and we have to find ornaments and presents to put on it. We MIGHT even get to arrange them in any way like, if that's what it is.

    That would be awesome smile.gif


    Got a Yulebuck and Snow Angel egg, so I'm set for now. Next year I'll be able to hopefully make eggs for those who don't have them.

  9. Scroll Pages option is fabulous, thanks TJ! Renaming will definitely come in handy, and it's interesting to see who bit my Vampire and who I've bitten. I don't really do freezing, but I'm sure other users are pretty stoked about it. Many thanks for the new stuff!

  10. The first Shrek game. That, and Hellgate London. Not so much because it was so bad it could make bad games look good, but because of that fatal bug that didn't let you get past lv. 20. That, and it was just so repetitive.

  11. Love the Left for Dead series, but I need to go get the Sacrifice at some point. The Passing was pretty cool, love the banter between Ellis and Francis xd.png I love the second game because you can smash zombies over the head with a GUITAR. Ahh, that satisfying "TWANNNG" sound smile.gif