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  1. Picked up this ridiculously pretty Sunsong, and plan to breed a mate for it. biggrin.gif


    Also traded for a CB Golden Wyvern, which will help in a huge PB GW lineage that me and a friend are going to eventually start.

    That is a beautiful lineage indeed! People here can be so creative :3 Also, congrats on GW, they are hard to get now!


    My second Guardian of Nature grew up. Happy day!

  2. These new eggs and hatchlings look very cute. I checked DragCave on a whim (haven't been here in a while) and what should I find but a new release! Finally managed to catch a Brine, I kept accidentally refreshing the page when I saw the description xd.png Also, I really like the idea that the dragons are being released in different biomes, I think it prevents them from clogging one page up and makes it easier for people to pick and choose want they want.

  3. I really like the idea of sending valentines, it's very cute smile.gif And the new dragon looks sweet, the egg is very clever. I would have loved to see a little bow on it, though, sort of like the Hershey's Pot of Gold candy boxes. But it's not a complaint, maybe a suggestion for next year? Awesome work everybody!

  4. The decorations of the dragons are really adorable, I LOVE the Balloon Dragons as Santas xd.png The Pillows are adorable as well. I like the idea of Wreath decorating as well, and the story book is a really nice gesture. Thanks to all who made this possible!

  5. Very nice new dragon smile.gif I have to say that it's not my favorite of the Halloweens, but it's a beautiful set of sprites nonetheless. Please don't think I'm being a jerk, it's just my opinion and I mean no harm and I appreciate the hard work that was put into this critter. As an artist myself I have learned to develop a thick skin for when people either aren't crazy about my work or just simply don't like it.

  6. Thanks very much for telling us, and for all the effort you put into keeping this site up. It's very much appreciated smile.gif Only thing I'm really worried about on my scroll is my GoN egg and my Black egg that keeps getting sick. I find my eggs have gotten sick much more often these days.


    I second you, majors!

  7. Wait, so you became allergic to seafood? That sucks :|


    Never heard of buttermilk fried chicken... sounds... interesting.

    Yes, it was after I ate Shrimp Bisque that I discovered the allergy. It sucks very much sad.gif


    I'm not entirely sure how it's made, but I buy a bucket of buttermilk chicken at Wholefoods and just reheat them on the nights I want it. Sooo good, very tangy, and it's on the bone, which I love.

  8. Buttermilk fried chicken is one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten. As much as I don't like the idea of what some animals are put through in the meatpacking industry, it's a staple to my diet :\ I love meat, but I'm allergic to fish and shellfish, which sucks because I used to eat clams all the time in the shell ;_;

  9. Any Silent Hill monster, especially the Schisms (OMG, so scary and yet so cooool). Also, I'm very impressed with Twilight Princess' lineup of baddies and monsters, they have definitely gotten cooler and more mature-looking. Not that I didn't like the old Zelda games, I love them to bits, but it's always nice to see a breath of fresh air injected into a long-running series.


    I also rather like the monsters from Dementarium 2. I have yet to get Amnesia, but Mr. Face is undoubtedly epic. I mean, look at him! Mr. Meltyjaws definitely scores high on the creepy scale.


    Darksiders monsters are also beast (Stygian being just one example). Silitha scared the hell out of me, I am rather terrified of spiders.

  10. Pokemon plush, various figures from Resident Evil, Predator, Alien and such, and Bionicle and Technic Lego parts. I am almost always attempting to improve my lego-ized D0g with all the nifty new parts that come out from time to time. Also, soda tabs, because...I really don't know, I just like them, especially the AMP, Rockstar, and Monster ones with different colors and cool designs.