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  1. Congrats to the new moderators! May the odds be ever in your favor.
  2. I got my first Shimmer ever .3. My happy is beyond measure.
  3. Mine were blue when I was a baby, brown to hazel growing up, and now they're an earthy green with brown near the pupil, I guess you'd consider that hetero-chromatic? EDIT: StormCry, your avatar kinda reminds me of the condescending Wonka meme
  4. OMG the new hybrids are adorable I wish I had more Daydream dragons now, the two I had didn't make the new eggs. I was able to trade for them, though, thanks to those folks who did! I had a surprisingly easy time getting the Crimson ones, usually I have so much trouble o_O
  5. Reaction videos of people playing this are the best This game is really spooky, and the way some people response to Mr. Face looming around the corner is just comedic gold. I hate the water parts, though >_>
  6. Haha definitely had me going for a moment there. Happy April Fool's Day!
  7. I was glomped with a pretty Swallowtail hatchi Thank you QAndais!
  8. I loved the One Ring egg best so far Shadowdrake, I think they appear every 15 minutes or so.
  9. I flew up into a rotating fan in Dead Space 2 x_x oops. Forgot to use Stasis on the fan.
  10. Got sucked into outer space and bisected by a door in Dead Space 2.
  11. I would almost say it was an April Fool's joke, but it's not April yet, so I dunno
  12. The only way you know if an egg is CB is if you catch it directly from a biome or when you pick up any egg, if it doesn't have parents, it's caveborn. I don't know why all of the low-times seem to be caveborn.
  13. I'm seeing a ton of eggs with either 1 day and 6 hours or 1 day and five hours left, and all the one I've clicked are caveborn. I got a caveborn Magma from there with so little time!
  14. Certainly not. If I had to watch my friends grow old and die while I stayed the same young age, I couldn't take it. I suppose it would be interesting to see how technology moves forward (or backward, depending on how it's used), but if I lived forever I think I would be even more cynical than I already am and probably lose faith in humanity when I saw all of the horror it's capable of. Not to say that human beings don't do wonderful things, because they do, it's just...the bad might outweigh the good, especially if I'm immortal.
  15. Some would argue that gender itself is a social construction, though. How we perceive gender differs from society to society.
  16. That seems like a solid idea to me Being arrested for not using the bathroom your appearance/organs conform to is a little absurd. If you identify a certain way and use the washroom according to how you identify, that should be fine. Sure, it might unnerve some people, but generally people only go to public restrooms to do their business. I try to avoid public restrooms unless I absolutely have to use them due to bladder shyness ;_;
  17. Agree plus one million. Sprites are a big part of this site, but without the drawings/sketches first, sprites don't happen. Well okay, maybe they do, but a good sketch can help to form the basis of a good sprite. Plus, not all artists are spriters, so I totally support this.
  18. I'm all for gay marriage. If it makes someone happy, then they should be able to do it. Granted, actual marriage itself is paperwork and legal agreements, but the promise that is made is what really makes it special for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Let's all just be happy
  19. venpuikid Venus escapes negativity producing uranium ilk know iota doorstop Well, my brain just died a little. aerioghiowrh
  20. I used to be obsessed with wolves. I like them, yeah, but my favorite animal of all time might just be the domestic cat. Sharks and big cats are close seconds, though. I love corydoras, too.
  21. Not sure if it's been said before, but here goes: -A female hyena's clitoris is so large it is mistaken for a penis -Sharks have organs that allow them to sense minute electrical changes, the organ is called the Ampullae of Lorenzini -Cats will almost always land on their feet -Certain breeds of cats has small flaps of skin on their sides that allow them to reach high ground speeds -Nurse sharks can rest on substrate due to a gill pump that allows them to breathe without having to swim
  22. I was torn apart by the Hive Mind in Dead Space. As if pulling off my arms wasn't bad enough, the thing had to bisect me, too. I hated that part where the shooting mechanic is all screwy, that's how I died on the Ishimura, those tentacle things that made you have to improvise your shooting technique.
  23. I like that creeper I also have the Xbox version of Minecraft. Only trouble is I find myself wasting entire days playing (almost not an exaggeration) so I tend to move onto other things. I still get giddy when I find diamonds.
  24. Chickens are funny, my aunt has them. I would like them, but I am allergic x_x