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ARK2-1.gifDoubleGoldstar5.pngYSmCAkS.png windsweptcanid.pngPlease see my profile for important information regarding trades, IOU status, and other things. Thank you!

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    Please note: I am a New York DC player, so my time may not be the same as yours. Thanks for understanding!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I have not forgotten about any IOU's that I still owe, I promise! My dragons are not cooperating as much as I'd like and it's tough to get what had been requested, so please bear with me! You will get what you're owed eventually. Also, since we just had a major release, I'm trying to allow for players who don't have many trophies to get as many of the new eggs as possible.

    Games (especially Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series, Dead Space series, Pokemon series, Darksiders series, Dragon Cave, just to name a few), Dragons, Animals, Drawing, Writing.

    Just some things to know:

    1. I am open to IOU's, both giving and receiving. However, I will only do 5 IOU's of each type at a time. With the uncertainty of breeding, things can get out of hand if there's too many.

    2. Please respond to my PM's if you can. I respond to all of my PM's. If I'm asking to trade and you're not interested, please just send me a 'no' in return. I won't be angry :)

    3. When eggs leave my scroll for trading or gifting purposes, you are free to do what you want with them. If you want to freeze them, do not hesitate. If you want to try to kill then resurrect them, please do. I can't in good conscience dictate what you do with them when they are yours.

    4. I don't usually breed on request simply because I'd have too many things piled up at once, but I do often gift things that I've bred/found that I do not need. Check the various departure threads for stuff I might be giving away.

    5. Don't hesitate to ask me something if you're unsure! If you have a question about DC itself, please ask! I might be able to help you, I've been here for a little while. If you need help raising dragons, I can offer tips.

    6. Please do NOT add my (by my I mean the ones on my scroll) eggs and hatchlings to fansites, I seem to have issues with softshell and sickness from time to time.

    Neglected Experiments:
    Experiments: 1
    Successes: 0
    Deaths: 0
    1. Mint Dragon--Hatched normally, no neglected transformation, released onto AP

    -CB or Low Gen Neglecteds
    -CB Silvers
    -CB Golds
    -CB Green Two-Headed Lindwurms

    Dead eggs on my scroll are either a result of failed vampire bites, earthquakes, or death by natural causes. I do not intentionally kill dragons.


    Owed to me:
    1. 5th gen Bronze Shimmer-happyseagull

    I owe:

    1. 4th Gen Holly Dragon-Helel (Other users: PLEASE do not cajole me into making more babies when the time comes, this was an agreement made a very long time ago and I only have one Holly. Thank you for your understanding.)

    Any questions? Please feel free to PM me :)