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  1. Im going to try and make a line for all the 'agressive' dragons. actually. those i find the most beautiful.... like Shepard/rotty mixes. that whole BSL thing is.. well, you know, the other two words that start with the letters B and S. thanks you very much, and i shall work hard
  2. D:!!!!! is there any face for complete and utter horror? I LOVE SHEPARD'S! and a guy i work with goes on and on and ON about how well behaved his Pitt bull is! I've never seen her but she sounds like a wonderful pet. I'll join up, start a Spitfire line for the Shepard's x3
  3. ATM... im just obsessed with Spitfires i think they look so pretty. I dont care if they're aggressive, i like their colors x3
  4. I wont be breeding blacks either. though in the past few days since i picked up my egg (with an unfortunatly long lineage), i saw another egg, and a hatchling also on the abandoned page.
  5. SO basically, i would have to breed this to get another black, then kill off the parents. to get a clean lineage, that is. *still trying to compleatly understand this thread* *bonks own head*
  6. what does a common black egg look like? i picked up an abandoned black egg with a green glow like line around it :/ *check my scroll to see it* no need to click it, ust look at it, i wanna know
  7. o kill option = useful in its own way. kewl. Trying to learn the ropes of the site ^^; But i was wondering... how long does a dead egg stay on your scroll for?
  8. *takes oath* I solemnly swear: I will not breed for breeding's sake: I will breed because I want the result of that breeding or know that there are people who want it. I will not breed when the AP is full and I can't keep the result of the breeding. I will not contribute to an existing wall: I will breed those those commons that aren't so abundant at the moment. I will if at all possible breed sometime between xx.15 and xx.45. I will not participate in massbreeds but can someone help be BECOME a responsible breeder? I haven't bred any dragons yet, but i w
  9. "I, mindz_eye2, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" An i'll do my best to keep the ones i have from dying long live dragons! i killed one once... *shame* nevah agin. that button scares me >>...
  10. Agreed. It saddens me greatly
  11. michigan and ohio arent much better when i started my job in september, it was still tshirt and shorts weather during the day, but jacket/coat weather by night even had snow once O.o i wish it were 20 degrees at night though, probably looking at another 10 degree night however >>
  12. Ack! i forgot about it compleatly! *freaks out and tries to think of idea* this would be my second year, i totally failed last year >>;