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  1. Love the DustButts! The adults are gorgeous! Not crazy about the pose on the Sapphires, though- it looks really unnatural and awkward to me. Probably won't collect them, as pretty as the colors and design are :<
  2. "Contributor" in the sense of the badges refers to those who planned the event, not those who post in the forums- all users other than those who put the event together get the regular badge C: Edit: 'd
  3. Oh wow :0! Not the sort of body I'd have expected on a valentine dragon- loving the salamanders! Thanks to the spriters, these were lovely from egg to adult!
  4. I wish we could go back, especially since there seem to still be other items to collect and see :l I managed to get a beetle before I got the pearl, but I wish we could go back and look for other things as well. I have no idea how much I'm missing this year.
  5. ^ Pretty much this. It would almost have to generate incoherent babble as opposed to actual names; I think it would be frustrating every time it generated "Bob" and nobody could actually use the name. I've used other name generators and modified my results to make the names usable, but a generator wouldn't be practical to implement here.
  6. Holy cow I was a bit wary of where this derg was going when I saw the hatchlings, but the adults are beyond stunning! I lobe them ; A; I think these are my favorite Christmas breed by a wide margin - sorry, Winter Magis. Going to be hoarding these pretty extensively next year.
  7. Has anyone else lost ingredients? (Not used them, just lost them from your collection) I know I had at least one Walking Nepenthes, because I remember getting excited about seeing something new and reading the description of it- but it doesn't seem to be in my ingredient collection and I know I didn't use it
  8. -Climbs into the 'not a fan of the new Nilia sprites' boat- I like the changes to the Holly, though- and the new Horse male looks pretty good. Just wish they'd at least kept the original Nilia sprite for one of the genders. I really don't like either of the new ones- that female in particular. I do love that the Holly kept all the spirit of the original and fixed some of the things that really bothered me about it. Very nice.
  9. Hnnnnnnnnnng I haven't been this excited for a derg in a long time. I hope that the adults are as amazing as the hatchlings ; 0;
  10. HNNNNNNNG THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE THEM ; A; I'm glad I was able to catch so many, I'm going to hoard these so hard ; n; Those females are absolutely stunning.
  11. I've been using the St Patrick's Day skin since it was made an option, I absolutely love it - glad to see that it isn't going anywhere, but Dino Cave was super cute as well.
  12. Oh wow, those hatchies-- I'm hoping that the adults will be colorful, stunning beauties ; A; C'mooooon be pretty! Be pretty! I want to love these, they're so awesome so far! -Crosses fingers-
  13. Y'know, I know it's supposed to be a crest, but-- the placement of the head fins and the chin crest make it look like the female has an amazing head of well styled hair.
  14. Personally I'm praying that the gemstones stick to the shell after they're laid - because, otherwise, ouch ; A; As a woman, that is all of my do not want right there. ALL of it.
  15. I wish the sprites had stayed the lovely pale pink that the S1 hatchies have ; A; The adult is a bit too.... busy, for me. Otherwise, very pretty~ Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the event!
  16. Does anyone know what the cave would look like for a Water or Deep Sea dragon? Water dragons are pixeled into the surface of the water, so I imagine it would look silly if they were sitting on a cave floor o.O I've scanned the thread and haven't seen any. Edit for spellfail
  17. I wish I had gotten a more interesting cave ; m; The one with vines, or the moss, or even the one with the trickle of water. This one is just so....... stark. It doesn't seem to matter what I add or what I take away, I can't fall in love with this - so, I think I'm pretty much done.
  18. WELL THEN - no, I had no idea that those were clickable. They look just like regular text on my page. That explains a lot. Thank you!
  19. Alright, maybe I'm missing something here. I logged in yesterday and got the first round of shinies. I logged in today, but, I only see yesterdays shinies. I have nothing new to add. I thought maybe there was a collecting element, but there is nothing floating around on my screens. Is there some way to unlock the new shinies that I'm missing or are they just not showing up for me? ETA: Hard refresh has done nothing, but I can see that my limit for item has been bumped up to 20. Just nothing new to add.
  20. HAVE: Green Dino WANT: CB White egg or hatchling + one other common CB hatchling. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  21. Alas, not a winner this year. Would have made an amazing birthday surprise, but can't say I'm shocked ~ Congrats to everyone who won, and good luck to everyone who collects the prize babbins!
  22. Good luck, everyone! Glad to see the bump in prizes coupled with allowing more entries for active players ^^ Good compromise for problems in previous years.
  23. Ooooh, I love that shade of green and blue together. They don't quite make their way into my list of favorite holiday dragons, but they are gorgeous nonetheless. Can't wait to gather some more up next year.
  24. I gotta say, I LOVE the Alchemy Game. I've used it to fill my bar quickly for both yesterday and today - perfect for those of us working longer hours due to the holidays and those who don't have the chance to pick up the individual shards. Thank you so much to the event planners for that - and the game is incredibly fun, to boot. The graphics thus far have been lovely, as well - I'm loving that Yulebuck.
  25. If I hadn't seen the concept art, I'd have never known that there was a hood. There are many wonderful details, but, it's a bit..... much. I do like this quite a bit more than last year's dragon (which is pretty high up on my list of least favored breeds) but it doesn't surpass the Marrows, Shadow Walkers, or Pumpkins in my opinion. All the same, thank you to the spriters ^^ I hope to get a few more of these next year and I think they'll be lovely in lineages with other burly and brutish-looking dragons~