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  1. Caught the offspring of one of my previously auto-abandoned holiday eggs. Didn't even notice until I went to name it that my own dragons were among the grandparents. One of those strange flukes that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks, Darth_Fitch! https://dragcave.net/lineage/1CwR5
  2. I was having the same problem- a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) cleared it up for me. If you're in the temple, he should start talking to you when you move to the entrance of the room with the glyph in it.
  3. Mine are largely inspired by codes, or are related to a personal project of mine. Since they're mostly nonsensical names, I can also reverse that and pick names from my dragons for new characters rather than naming my dragons for characters that already exist. It's very handy, though I usually end up not liking many of the names and tend to change them if I think of something better. If they're not code inspired, they're usually short snippets I've heard from songs or they're silly names like All The Brine, Pocket Lantern, I Don't Know Where I'm Going, Badly Named Dragon, etc. I'll also grab show/game reference names when I find them free, or references to books and such. Some of the ones I've grabbed are Halicarnassus (named after the FFXIV enemy, not the city), Giga Puddi, Binky, A Wish For Wings That Work, I Call Her Wendy, Happy Mask Sales Man, The Dark Brotherhood, etc. I used to use a name generator, but it got to the point where all of the names were taken.
  4. New wingless breed?! I'm so on the hype train for this release ; A; Those drakes, SO CUTE - I'm glad I grabbed three of those, just looking at the sprites so far I'm inclined to think that those are going to be my favorites.
  5. These all look so promising! SO HYPE I decided to go with 3 of the new drake-size eggs. I love me some drakes, and gold things tend to be hard to find later. Got two of both of the others - really looking forward to seeing what's in that blue egg.
  6. Daypaw

    Flight Rising

    Lucky duck- I've been doing all of my grinding there since it released and I've only managed to get gull familiars, and one crab. I've resorted to throwing them at Baldwin. Congrats on the awesome drop
  7. FFXIV - auto ran into a chasm on a low level job while watching game grumps in my other window.
  8. Glad I remembered to go back and pick up my eggs @ ^@ Almost forgot that I still had a bunch of others waiting to hatch and hadn't grabbed them yet. They're looking super adorable so far O wO The S1 especially looked a bit cat-like. Since it's Odeen credited on the hatchies, going to sit over here and pray for a black cat themed dragon. FINGERS CROSSED!
  9. This lag is insane. I won't be catching mine until this evening (gotta wait for my third round of eggs to hatch) so hopefully it'll be cleared up by then ; A; The new eggs look fuzzy - I AM EXCITE.
  10. I've found a few treats that were clearly Odeen's doing. -snuggles the cat pile- Loving the minesweeper- been a while since I've played, but thankfully I'm not too rusty
  11. Late to the party but still managed to lock myself within the first five minute drop- very easy release Favored diamonds because of the stunning eggs. Hope the adults get some of that shimmer- the hatchlings so far seem dull by comparison (though still very cute!) Leaf litters are looking adorable, as well.
  12. It looks like that poor Dark Lumina is trying to scoot across the floor without using it's legs. Adorable. Kinda disappointed that I don't like the pygmies or green Easterns more :< They were some of my favorites based on the hatchling stages and eggs. Seems that I've gone completely the other way on this release- the ones whose eggs I didn't like (Aeons and Crownes) have turned out to be my favorites. I hope those Aeons don't end up being rare D: I want an army of them.
  13. It looks like it's just an alt of the actual Lumina, not a hybrid. Other dragons with alts (Dorsals, Ridgewings, Nebulas, etc) have the potential to breed their 'normal' and 'alt' forms when they breed- so, those getting black Lumina eggs currently are just having their Luminas breed true. No hybrid going on. Hybrids combine the attributes of both parents as opposed to just matching the breed of one.
  14. Just realized that one of my time eggs has the code "Live6" Been a while since I've gotten an actual word code! Really looking forward to the pygmies most of all, I think- they're such a lovely shade of blue. If the adults are half as pretty as the egg and S1, I could definitely see myself hoarding some of these. Also really looking forward to the green babies- they look like Easterns, and we always need more of those! And it's such a pretty jewel green * w*
  15. I believe so- thank you!
  16. Anyone know the description/location of that orange egg? It's the only one I'm missing but I don't recall seeing anything other than what I have, and the wiki isn't updated just yet.
  17. Tried five zombies, all of them dusted :< Maybe I'll wait until Halloween to try again- I don't want to keep losing dragons while the odds of success still seem so very low.
  18. :0 Inspired by a certain Boss mayhap?
  19. Oh my giddy aunt, these are stunning O_O
  20. The hybrid looks a bit like a Gryphon- hopefully some of that will stick on the adult I love Coastals and Electrics, so I'm excited to see what sort of adorable baby they'd make. My excitement for the new cave egg is ramping up dramatically- that S2 is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the adults.
  21. HNNNNNNG I love the Morphos! Definitely my favorites from the new release.
  22. PENKS! AND FRILLS! So this update is..... pink and frilly? -Squee- I'd more or less resigned myself to the fact that I'd never be able to collect one of each breed. I don't have to worry about that now ; w; The new sprites are beautiful! Can't wait for the zombies! -Wonder if "Soon" in this case means Halloween. The new breeds look like they're going to be stunning, as well! Most excited for the all blue drake.
  23. I stocked up on them just in case. May be another thing like chickens or dinos- unbreedable. They can be influenced and incubated, so I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll get to keep them.
  24. Oh wow, I didn't imagine that anything from FFXIV would make it in here I so rarely find other people who play. Ravana and Sephirot eggs would have been amazing (I can imagine all the arms) but of the 3, personally glad that you went with Bis because he has such an amazing design ; w;
  25. Y'know, I know this is probably wrong, but THIS egg: ...Reminds me a lot of Bismarck from FFXIV. -Linked for Size- Even if that's completely not the right reference, it's what I'm always going to see when I look at it. It's forever going to be the Bismarck Egg. ETA: Also loving the Basara eggs!