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  1. I'm neutral; on one hand, I think the event was fun and enjoyed participating. On the other, some people got unique bonus items (even if they're common) that not everyone had a chance at. I really feel for all the people who got eaten; that seriously sucks. I got an upside down mint, which I'm thrilled about- but, after seeing what people wanted for even the regular ones in the trade threads, I pretty quickly abandoned all hope of trading for a mate for it. I'm a casual player; I usually only have commons on hand and I don't have anything SUPER SPECIAL to breed for trade, and I've never managed to make a Neglected, and I'm not quick enough to grab those babies out of the AP. So, kinda bummed about that- but, still glad I got SOMETHING. So, just kinda sitting here in the middle. Happy for me, but sad for a lot of others.
  2. I think it would look OK somewhere up at the top, maybe right under the badges or under the scroll link- maybe in a color that pops off the scroll and is easy to see? Otherwise, I don't think anyone would pay attention to it regardless of where it is- gotta up that visibility, which I think may be part of the issue with it currently. It's so tiny and unobtrusively invisible on the individual dragon pages. I'm neutral but leaning towards support on this idea- I take care to FOG ALL THE THINGS so it's rare that I have a problem with viewbombing or accidentally unhelpful assistance, but, I know not everyone throws fog around and I can definitely see where something like this may help in at least some of the cases. Someone did recently try to viewbomb my inverted mint, but at the rate it gained views, I don't think it was in a hatchery- it had to have been posted somewhere else with high traffic and was most certainly malicious in intent, so not much enhanced security on the click sites could do to prevent it (as much as I think a login would be helpful). The other time previous that I'm sure I was viewbombed was definitely malicious, as well. I don't know that I've ever been 'helped' by a well meaning person, honestly- but I know it happens and an extra message for these sorts of people certainly couldn't hurt anything. It won't take anything away from the cave experience, so if it can potentially save an egg, why not add it?
  3. I can honestly say I am surprised that they stayed upside-down I was honestly expecting them to flip back when they grew :0
  4. Even if the adults aren't upside down, they'll always be from the Cave- so we'll have that to hold onto, if nothing else C: Waiting eagerly to see what happens with the first few that grow in the next 15 minutes or so.
  5. How was the name Inverted Mint not taken already? Guess I have a fitting name for mine, if nothing else~
  6. Ugh, think I might have to give up on getting a regular Cave Mint. Been hunting the AP, and my connection is just too sluggish to have any hope of getting one there- and I have nothing of value to offer in a trade other than MAYBE a 3rd gen Thuwed or SA offspring. No way I can compete with 2nd gen prizes and CB rares x.X Guess I'll just be happy with my upside-down baby and call it quits.
  7. Word of warning to everyone with inverted mints: The salt is apparently strong, someone just tried to viewbomb mine hard. Talking over 1000 views in about 5 minutes immediately after I added it to my normal hatcheries. Please be sure to keep them fogged whenever you are not actively watching them. Luckily mine is an ER already, so didn't even make it to the sickness phase- but I've fogged it anyway to give those views time to settle before I try hatching it again.
  8. Daypaw

    Final Fantasy

    -Rolls in- I think my favorite is probably IX; don't know why, I just really liked that one. Loved VII, X, and XII as well. I'd really love to replay VIII (last time I played it was when I was a teenager many many years ago). Haven't gotten ahold of XV yet- maybe in the future. I've heard very mixed reviews from friends who played it, so I'd like to at least try it for myself. Currently eagerly awaiting XIV: Stormblood. The hype is real.
  9. Love the buttons, Shokomon! Thanks! Decided I'm going to try trading for a right-side-up egg to go with my upside-down one; I'll influence them against each other and make them a mated pair. Only to have them probably refuse one another, but hey. At least I'll have tried.
  10. I agree that it's unfair that some people are getting to try multiple times while the rest of us are only getting to try once; if I could work towards locking myself with upside down mints, I absolutely would - but the page won't pop for me anymore no matter how long I try. Ended up just grabbing other things to lock my scroll- maybe I'll pitch some later if someone figures out a trick to making the page reappear.
  11. The only time I was seriously viewbombed (as in, almost lost something) was when I had my first GoN and mentioned getting it in the congrats thread because I was excited. Left my PC for a few hours and came back to a nearly dead egg- thankfully managed to save it. A new release sickness guard wouldn't have helped any, but I've been pretty diligent about fogging my eggs ever since - I just ER them when they hit low time and then sometimes fog my hatchlings, too, just to be safe- and ER them again when they can grow. That said; viewbombing has been rampant as of late, and while I don't think disabling sickness for any length of time would particularly help the problem, it would be nice to have a safeguard of some sort during times when viewbombing is higher than normal- following new releases, holiday releases, or for eggs particularly prone to bullying like rares and GoNs. I'd honestly prefer a generally higher threshhold for x(number of views) to cause sickness and y(number of views) to result in death, which would give everyone a bit more leeway- or, alternatively, a timeframe between when the egg becomes sick and when the egg could die. If you're guaranteed, say, a few hours between when sickness strikes and the egg has enough views to die, that'd give people who were sleeping, or at work, or at school etc more time to catch it and react as opposed to the badly bombed eggs that are killed quickly.
  12. I'm so glad I stocked up on Tetras after my first round of eggs hatched; I'd have been heartbroken with only one of those beauties! Definitely my favorites from this release. That blue and that orange are beautiful together, and that pose is so cute! I don't DISlike the Fire Gems, but the shading feels a bit harsh to me- makes the details a bit hard for me to distinguish from one another. I do love their gem tone colors, especially the green and blue - we don't really have many other dragons with those shades, so these'll be lovely additions to lineages.
  13. Managed to catch a CB gold tonight, but can't catch any more crystals Ah well, c'est la vie. I've finally picked up some of the Faint Marking eggs that I was lacking on release day, and I've got a breeding pair for each color of crystals- think I'll just lock myself with older eggs once the few ERs I have finish hatching.
  14. O ^O The crystal ones have unique sprites from one another?! I was expecting them just to be recolors of the same sprite. My hype levels have just gone through the roof. The ones from the blue eggs is looking super cute, too - hope I can grab some more of those once my first batch hatches.
  15. Managed to trade off the extra blues I grabbed this morning for reds and greens; now have a pair of all 3 + one lonely blue egg, wish I could grab a mate for it :< Can't wait to see the hatchies~
  16. Guess I'll be doing some trading for other colors of these crystal dragons once we figure out where the different colors come from- all blue :< Was hoping it was random- guess not. Hope the other two aren't breed only.
  17. A lot of my concerns regarding the sprite swap have been alleviated by posts following the original one made by TJ. Now that I have seen the original sprite, I'm no longer bothered by 'what might have been' since, well, we know. I still prefer the original hatchlings and the original color scheme, but I do prefer the new adults overall. TJ has said that the new artist explicitly requested to remain anonymous and that they were in fact a rush job; therefore, I'm no longer concerned by the lack of credit on the art page. Thank you to the new spriter- it could not have been easy to make new sprites on such short notice. Whether we get tweaks or not, that adult is stunning - more so considering that they were made in two days. I mean, holy cow. TJ has also said that he was vague out of concern for those involved and that the spriters were indeed aware, at least to some extent, of what was going on. One of the spriters has posted a conflicting account and the other has said nothing at all; I think I'm inclined to trust TJ here, barring any other information coming out. The only thing I'm really still concerned about is the fact that the same concept was tackled by a new artist- though, as TJ has said that he was in touch with EEF and Tazzay and, as we will probably never know what was discussed or to what extent, we can't really know what all went down in that regard before the new sprites were made. As much as I'd love to know what happened that prompted all of this, I'm satisfied with knowing why everything was kept vague and what the original sprite looked like. If nothing else, at least this year will be a memorable one. Edit for spell fails.
  18. I don't like or dislike the adults. They just feel..... very generic. I think one of the things I was most looking forward to with the old ones was how soft they felt- the lighter, more pastel palate. It was almost a lavender and a softer gold. These colors just feel really harsh and far more saturated. The fluffy tail also looks really out of place on an otherwise fluffless dragon. That said, they're certainly not my least favorite sprites by any stretch, and I'll definitely make some pretty babbins next year. I think I'm just feeling down because the original hatchling sprites were so perfect, and now we'll never know what the end result would have been.
  19. Both of them have posted in the thread at least once being excited that their work was in-cave though, so I don't think that could be the case. I really hope that they didn't have to lose their alts and having their dragons in-cave because of some other error :/ That would be really crappy.
  20. I, too, preferred the older ones- they were just so cute and full of life. I don't like the new S1 at all and the S2 is just kinda..... meh. I was so hyped for the original dragon and it looks like a totally different concept with a similar color scheme now. So far, I'm not a fan of the new ones at all- but I guess I'll hold off judgement until the adults are revealed :< I was super looking forward to a cute deer-dragon with those big antlers.
  21. 10k views and after noon and those darn eggs are only just starting to crack? Goodness I don't think I've ever seen TJs eggs hatching this slowly I can't wait to see them, the color scheme on the eggs is beautiful ; w; C'mon eggs- don't make us get the thwacking sticks.
  22. Has anyone figured out if there is anything to do at the cliff, or is it just a reference to the game Cliff Horse?
  23. CB prize and Holly owners aren't the ones that decided that their CBs were going to be rare; that was something promised by the nature of their release. When holiday dragons drop, they are accompanied by a notice that they'll not be available in-cave again. When the prizes were handed out, it was with a notice that they'd not be obtainable via normal means. It's a perk for those who participated in those events- those coming in years after can still get lineages that they like. The 'messy inbred' option isn't the only one; you can just as easily pick up a lovely stairstep, or checker, or second gen, etc. You can get pretty much anything you want if you arrange a trade rather than rely on the AP. I wasn't here for the first few holidays; I have bred dragons for those years. I don't value them any less than their CB counterparts from subsequent events- I don't expect to be handed a CB for an event that I didn't participate in. Speaking from personal experience with another website, when a game re-releases things that were supposed to be 'rare' or 'exclusive' limited time items, people get angry about it- because then what's the incentive to get it when it's new? It's also a bit of a slap in the face to those who were there and put forth the effort to get it- it's not their fault, nor is it TJs or the spriters, that someone feels the need to roll in years after the fact and whine for a special re-release because they don't feel like their 2nd gen Holly/Gold is good enough. That isn't how limited-time or special releases work.
  24. DC is not a pet site, it has never been a pet site. It is a collectible site- there is no point in having a ton of extra features when the objective of the game is just to collect things. I love DC because it is low maintenance. I don't have to try and sit here for an hour + every day to meet all of my goals. There are a lot of games I have left just because they ate up too much time. With DC, I can log in, make sure I'm not getting viewbombed, incubate/hatch/catch as necessary, and then not have to worry about it again for a while. I love it because it's quick but you still get the 'reward' of a new dragon on your scroll. That said: Eggs can not die / User Activated Rollover I don't want to have to log in every day just to get my eggs to the point where they're hatchable or could be safely hatched without getting sick. The countdown is a core mechanic of the game- it ties into keeping people from stripping the cave bare by grabbing and hatching, into making neglected dragons, and into scroll management during limited releases. Assuming egg sickness was done away with entirely along with the countdown that starts when you pick the egg up, and you could hatch eggs as soon as you had enough views- there'd never be anything left in the cave. There'd never be any downtime for the quick-clickers. Which means, you'd be competing for every rare or uncommon with the entirety of the site- not just those who aren't egglocked. Having the lock and countdown that we currently have makes it easier for those of us with slower connections or slower reflexes to at least have a CHANCE of getting a CB gold or silver. Prize Shop CBs of event eggs are for those who participated in the event. There are no event eggs that can not be obtained via breeding the subsequent year. It is not necessary to make these eggs buyable- I would imagine that those with CB Holly dragons would probably be miffed if their rare dragons were suddenly dime a dozen. If you want an event dragon, you can catch or trade for a nice lineaged one. It's the same sprite. Being able to buy them freely would also result in all of those auto-abandoned eggs sitting there dying because nobody will want to or be able to pick them up. Any sort of prize shop should be for a prize-shop exclusive dragon, or things currently catchable in-cave. Trading Being able to trade adults defeats the purpose of collecting dragons and makes trading extremely unfair for those who can't catch rares out of the cave. A newbie with a CB dino will never be able to compete with an older use who has an army of CB golds and silvers at their disposal. DC lacking Again, this is why me and many others enjoy it. It's low maintenance and doesn't require a huge time commitment from those of us who have lives that make keeping up with other pet sites difficult. Cave Blockers Someone will always pick the dragons up out of the AP. I've never seen one die of old age, unless maybe one was caught behind the holiday breeding wall. SOMEONE will pick those up. Just because a lot of people throw something back doesn't mean someone else wouldn't love to have it. There is no need to delete an egg just because you don't fancy it. That would probably be hurtful to the breeder, and again, someone will take it eventually- even if it's just to freeze. The limits exist for a reason, and having the AP clogged does absolutely no harm to anyone. I love DC the way it is. It is great because it is simple. It has kept my attention for years because it is simple and easy to play. It would lose all of it's charm and appeal if it ended up like every other petsite out there.
  25. Think I'm finally satisfied with mine. Not very coordinated or anything, but, it has cats- and that's the important part.