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  1. It was all Caligenes for me- caught 4 of them, and I'm not a fan +a grave (also not a fan) and a shadow lurker. Managed to catch one pumpkin and trade for another, so I have my CB pair for those- hoping to also get a few more marrows as that was my first event and I only managed to get one pair.
  2. Pretty much my strategy as well, haha Ended up with a bunch of things I didn't want, so hopefully I can trade them off for things I DO want.
  3. I'm not a fan of the actual Graves, but good heavens that hatchling was adorable! Still, I went with the Marrow- they're my favorite Halloween breed.
  4. HAVE: 3x CB Caligene, 1x CB Shadow Walker, 1x CB Grave, 1x CB Cavern Lurker WANT: 1:1 trades for CB Black Marrows ---------------------------------------- Caligene 1 Caligene 2 Caligene 3 Grave Dragon Cavern Lurker Shadow Walker
  5. The lag is real during the hourly drop. The event looks fun so far- picked the Marrow hatchie \o/ Can't wait to see what new costumes there'll be.
  6. I didn't care for either at first glance, but they've both already grown on me quite a lot. Not sure what it is, but the Khusa dragons in particular look prettier and prettier every time I see them.
  7. Oh wow, I'm really late to the party this month. Didn't have trouble catching anything, thankfully. The hatchies look awesome so far- can't wait to see the adults :0
  8. This is definitely going to take some getting used to. I do like the overall look of things, though.
  9. I'm actually pretty glad that these are breed only releases; I've had a really crummy day and I wasn't really feeling up to the clickfest of a cave release. Bred a pair of each + an extra pair of the pygmies, all influenced and precog'd and ready to go! Sunsongs are one of my favorite breeds, so I can't wait to see what these will look like.
  10. I summoned a male. Was hoping for a female Ah well~ Attempted to breed it to my one female GoN, they weren't interested. Divas. No refusal, though- so at least there's that.
  11. I love that we have a wyvern, an Eastern, and amphiptere, a lindwyrm, a traditional drake, and a Western. Wonder if they'll have a BSA unlock by having one of each on your scroll, like the trio's Summon action?
  12. Super relieved to see that my hatchies aren't sick anymore; I was worried I'd pushed the poor things too hard trying to hatch them while warded that they'd not be able to recover. Glad to see I was wrong - think I'll leave them fogged a bit longer though, just in case ^^; At least I won't have to stress as much about my second set.
  13. Doesn't happen with many of them, but CAN happen - especially if they take a lot of views/UVs/clicks to hatch. I think that's what we're seeing with these- they're taking upwards of 7k views and 600 UVs to hatch, but mine started getting sick around 5k views because they're just piling up too fast for the eggs to handle it. They need the views, sure- but less immediate would be ideal for healthy eggs.
  14. Eggs gain views very quickly when in ER sites, so even though they CAN hatch, stubborn eggs will still tend to get sick because they're gaining all their views too quickly before they are reaching their hatching point. I had the same problems with all of my GoN eggs and still have the same problem with some others. They should be OK if warded or fogged for a while. Edit to clarify.
  15. I did not- caught them myself. I did notice, however, that these were all eggs that I'd used Precog on- so I threw a bug report over in help, as that was the only consistent difference between the ones that I could ward vs the ones I couldn't. Not sure why they'd be conflicting, but I can't see anything else that could be causing it.
  16. Question about Ward; as all of my eggs are in multiple ERs, I went to slap Ward on them to keep them safe. 4/8 say 'Already Protected.' I have never used the Ward BSA, nothing in my action log, etc- so what's going on with these four? Anyone know?
  17. Omg All this QoL I might cry Thank you TJ Omg
  18. Oh thank goodness O nO After last release, I was worried I wouldn't be able to catch any of these new babies - but I had no trouble at all. Glad my being late didn't stop me from getting release-day babs. Both looks adorable so far, but I favored the coast eggs with my extra egg slot. They look parroty and colorful.
  19. SKREEEEE---- Ahem. I made off with a few of them. Thank you <3!
  20. Adrak, can I steal that BLM crystal for my signature? I need it for..... reasons.
  21. Words can't express how much I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug. I have always lived with multiple pets and it is always agonizing to lose one - even if you know it's coming sooner than later. I actually shed a few tears after reading this, since I've been there many times before and expect to be there a few times in the next few years. The memorial egg is absolutely beautiful- more so knowing the story and more about the cat it was made for.
  22. Time to see what references I get, now that the credits are all up :0 aangs-sister has a Digi-Egg of Courage and Cthulu Adraks are FFXIV job crystals! I spy a NIN, DRG, and PLD. Birdz has a choco chick, so cute ; w; Corteo's look like maybe the tops of churches in Russia? Fiona's first egg is possibly April the Giraffe? Or just a giraffe Fire-Ice looks like a cactus and a Dr Strange Infinis has an adorable little squiddie irrelevantindigo's is maybe.... that blue pattern that you see on all the paper cups and plates? Odeen's look like Slytherin, Hitchhikers Guide, and not sure what that middle one is but holy cow it's beautiful. PieMaster's second one looks like Nightmare on Elm Street? - not sure about the first Process has Carmen Sandiego and Waldo! Not sure about the last one. Shokomon has the various crests from the Digimon series xDragonia has a cockatoo and maybe a turret from Portal? Lots of beautiful eggs this year ; w; EDIT: Having read some of the official descriptions now, I was way off on some of my guesses
  23. There may or may not be a chicken dinner happening slightly out of frame.
  24. I currently have 5 dogs and 7 cats, so as much as I would love to throw pictures of all of them around, I'll refrain and just post some of my favorite pictures. ^This is Riley. She is a Border Collie mix. ^This is Koby. He is an Aussie/Collie mix. Both he and Riley are retired Rally dogs. ^This is Sammy (and a bonus Koby in the back). She really likes ball. ^This is Kasey. He is sassy. ^This was a cold day. ^And this is a cat mafia.
  25. I would set myself up somewhere chilly (but not freezing) and hoard blankets and pillows. All the blankets, all the pillows. Comforters, throws, quilts. Polyfill, cotton, goose down, micro bead, memory foam. I would be the warmest and most comfortable dragon in the realm.