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  1. EEEEEE I am super excited for the pygmies, they look so hugable! The gusties are looking wonderful so far, too - always happy to see more blue rolling into the cave, and such a pretty shade! Hope they keep it when they grow up~
  2. Had two from each biome, all hatched green. I am disappointed :< Was hoping for a pair in each color from release day. Ah well.
  3. Mixing already?! Holy cow, glad I rolled in early - that's quick!
  4. I usually lock myself in case they're hard to find later; if I have a few spares now, I don't have to worry about not finding any a month from now if they're leaning on the uncommon to rare side.
  5. Had two eggs I absolutely couldn't part with, so I've locked myself with 3 and 3 of the new babies. Glad it was a small release or I'd have had a dilemma These both look promising so far- I love the color on the glassy eggs, especially. Hope it keeps a bunch of that lovely Caribbean blue / turquoise it has going on.
  6. Second batch as painless as the first- such a wonderful release, in terms of both content and stress management xD Can’t wait to see the adults-though, honestly, when first I saw the eggs, I was thinking "...Until the Fire Nation attacked."
  7. Glad I got here early this time, after having so much trouble last release Super excited for a new drake and pygmy, can´t wait to see the hatchies!
  8. Down to needing just 3 golds; getting purples was such a nightmare, I'm not looking forward to another 2.5+hours waiting for a lucky catch with drops that are gone before I can even refresh the page D:
  9. Sending some more out~ For anyone still sending, I'd appreciate any blue/turquoise flowers!
  10. Sending some more out~ For anyone still sending, I'd love to get more of any flower with blue/turquoise anywhere on them, anything with 'bell' in the name, or bleeding hearts.
  11. Will send to above, but please forgive the delay as I am using a playstation browser and it moves pretty slowly. I am still in need of the following flowers: None! Thanks to everyone who helped me catch up! For anyone still sending, I'd love to get more of the 'not flower' items- like the scales, tree, snek, pinwheel, etc-- or any flower with the color blue/turquoise anywhere on them, anything with 'bell' in the name, or bleeding hearts.
  12. Oh my, thank you! Bring on the cheese! Flowering the person above~
  13. Starting late this year, oh dear @ n@ Will send to above, but please forgive the delay as I am using a playstation browser and it moves pretty slowly. I am still in need of the following flowers: Kitty Tongue, Feather Aechema, Rose, Cactus, Fishglobe Succulent, Curlybloom, Azurebloom, Karigolde, Tremordew, Holly, Watercup Bloom, Crystal (Blue and Green), Silver Conifer Bloom, Glowbells, Lotus, Grassflower, Milkweed Thistle, Heliotrope, Chrysanthemum, Anemone, Coastal Daisy, Gale Blossom, Abyssal Starlight, Enamel Orchid, Dragon Arum, Blue Lotus, Shimmering Iris, Seaweed, Coral, Water Lily, Freshwater Pearl, Pumpkin Flower, Tiger Lily, Mystic Orchid, Flowering Echeveria, Daphne Lucae, Jade Peony, Animimic, Redbud, Aurora Snowflake, Regal Moonberry, Stinkwort, Lantana, Sunflower, Dahlia, Lantern Bulb, Cashmere Flower, Talon Vine, Poppi, Dragoneyes, Ridgebloom, Silent Princess, Snegbell, Lumina Scale, Kaluchka, Snapdragon, Stinging Nettle, Love-lies-bleeding, Lesser Celandine, Snowfall Lily, Kokio Kea, Snow Flower, Snek, Moonflower, Blue Creeper, Pinwheel, Tacky Flower, Parasitic Bloom, Soulglow Bells, Daffeyedil, Ribbon Bloom, Firebloom, Kagaya Kanina, Death Stalk, Strange Seedpods, Forget-me-not, Balloonflower, Paper Flower, Zhet, Hybi, Wind Crucifer, Fever Flower, Queen of the Night Lily, Corpse Lily, Gloriosa, Almond Bloom, Gumnut Bloom, Plumeria
  14. Oooooh, loving the pattern on the egg- and this event looks adorable!
  15. I do wish we could get buffed drop numbers in the holiday biome - I know it won't make much of a difference in a few days when things slow down, but it would certainly help those of us struggling to catch anything get caught up without sinking hours into button mashing during the five minute and hourly drops if said drops lasted more than 2 seconds. As for the Sweetlings; I personally would have preferred if they would all breed true to their variant so that everyone would have a chance at both sprites (which would also still leave CB alts for those hit by the glitch that year) but I'm not really that concerned one way or the other about them being retired. I do feel for all the people that had been working on lineages who had no notice that they were being discontinued, though.
  16. Good heavens- the wall is gone, why is the salt still flowing? It started after I logged out for the day yesterday and was gone long before I logged back in today- the game didn't come to a grinding halt. All the eggs were picked up- obviously there were enough people who wanted them and could take them to deal with it. Otherwise, they'd have sat there until they died. I'm sure the people who picked them up appreciated the people who took the time to throw some to the AP, regardless of what their circumstances were or why they didn't check in during the drop- that really isn't any of our business and it doesn't do any good to speculate about it. I really doubt that the percentage of people who care that the AP was blocked for a few hours is higher than the percentage of people who are happy to see someone not have to wait a year to get something they missed or start on their lineage projects with these. Things happen- it's not our place to scrutinize someone for being late to the party just because we were on time. Yes, the wall was built on purpose- and it served that purpose, because now it's gone. I can't fathom getting angry enough about one person helping another that I'd be raging about it well after the fact because GOOD HEAVENS there are pixels blocked behind the other pixels. The wall was built to help people who couldn't or didn't grab any during the release. It did exactly that. It's gone. If TJ decides that something needs to change, it'll change. Insulting the people grabbing the eggs or the people who kicked eggs for them to grab accomplishes exactly nothing aside from making people look petty and petulant over the fact that the game isn't designed to cater to them 100% of the time. People who kicked the eggs probably feel good that they kicked the eggs and helped someone. People who picked the eggs up probably feel good that someone cared enough to put an egg out there that they wanted. Just let other people be happy.
  17. Oh my goodness; looking at the hatchling and the spriter credits, I am excite. That egg is gorgeous and looks like either a wyrm or amphiptere; I know we just got wyrms for Halloween, but I'm excited to see some more diversity overall and some different body shapes. Can't wait until they gender so we can see if wings appear ; w;
  18. The limit of 2 only applies to CBs; you can have as many bred dragons as you like.
  19. I'm not a fan of the whole likes/reacts thing in general; people tend to focus on the number of reacts they get entirely too much. As an aside, if this does get implemented, PLEASE tell me we wouldn't get bombarded with notifications every time someone slapped a react on something we said. I'm fine being notified of a quote/ping or a reply or something practical, but I don't need to know every time someone pushes a button.
  20. I've got two CB hollies on my scroll, and oh boy, hatching them was absurdly nerve wracking. They're safely hatched now and back in their protective fog blankets, along with everything else. The good news is that, using my normal hatcheries minus EATW, they didn't seem to get any more traffic than normal- still though, definitely worth keeping an eye on them when they're not fogged. Hopefully everyone elses experiences will be as smooth going forward now that news about the viewbombing problems is getting circulated.
  21. They will no longer gain views or clicks, but sometimes, fogging them just isn't enough- they'll still die from their sickness if they were too far gone. There isn't really a 'they'll die now' point where it happens immediately; sometimes it takes a little while for them to actually die, and nothing we can do will save them :< I noticed my eggs all spike in views very quickly a few days ago, and some of my hatchlings shot up to 10k views before I fogged everything; thankfully I didn't lose anything, but as holiday eggs are happening now, very sad to think about everyone who hasn't been so lucky losing something they've been waiting for since last breeding season.
  22. BIRDZ AND PROCESS BIRDZ AND PROCESS BIRDZ AND PROCESS Oh my goodness, I am SO excite. I love the little ghost-fire hatchies so far, I can't wait to see what they mature into.
  23. Had 21 hatchlings; 3 revived, 2 zombified, rest dusted. Better success ratio on adults- got 2/5, and both of varieties that I didn't have already from previous years.
  24. A lot of the items on my dragon have changed appearance, and many are not showing (or are showing incorrectly) in the dress-up screen. Some of the items mine are wearing look like they're from the Green Wizard set which I've not yet bought. Screenshots are big, so I've stuck them in a spoiler. ETA: Just saw the hard refresh solution, seems to have worked for me.