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  1. All I can hear is that dinosaur - YEE
  2. My last tower was somewhere in the low hundreds when the event ended, but my best was 729 - I'm pretty happy with that. I'm stoked to see what the new dragons will become - I, too, am a sucker for antlers. Based on the description + the antlers, I'm guessing that it's going to be a Wendigo themed derg.
  3. Certainly! https://dragcave.net/lineage/C0OoT https://dragcave.net/lineage/JEBNU
  4. I feel this. I just lost my first Magma, which in turn caused me to lose a White and has some other dragons exposed. I feel the end is near, but I got much further than I ever expected - so I'm happy! Sitting on round 717 right now, hoping to make it to 750 before my base is overrun.
  5. I had 15 hatchies and 10 adult attempts. 12 hatchies failed (WHYYYY) 2 zombified, both of which were new sprites for me. 1 revive. In the first batch of 5 adults, had only 1 success. It was a wyrm, though, which is one of my favorite zombie sprites! Glad to finally have one. In the second batch of 5 adults, had a whopping 3 successes. 2 of them were from my Two-Headed Eastern fodder, and one from my Two-Headed Lindwyrm fodder - both new sprites for me! Interestingly, I had a handful of interesting codes in the mix that I was sad to have killed - and those were all among the successes (though one was the revived hatchling).
  6. Oof - not much luck on zombies this year. Tried reviving right after midnight; had 15 hatchlings + 5 adults ready to go. Of those, one hatchling successfully resurrected, 2 became zombies, and 1 adult made it to zombiehood. 3/20 😧 Should have kill slots opening up here in the next hour or two, so I'll make another go at the adults - hopefully the conversion rate will be better on the last set. The new eggs are looking super interesting, I can't wait to see the hatchlings. I'm also getting full moon / werewolfie vibes off of them.
  7. Can't stop, won't stop.
  8. aaaaAAAAAAAAA there's a Fat Cat treat!
  9. Haha, finally lost at turn 159! I was hoping to make it to at least 150, glad my dragons held out for as long as they did. Still had 4 dragons standing at the end, but alas, one whole side got wiped out.
  10. Up to round 118 on my current go xD Checked in expecting things to have ended while I was out running errands and eating dinner, but alas. Looks like I've only lost one dragon in that timeframe, but I seem to be getting new zombies 4 at a time now - so hopefully soon I'll be able to reset and try out new dragons. At some point, the flavor text at the top of the page changed to "You have perservered through countless waves of risen undead, yet they keep coming. This is truly a war of attrition that is not in your favor." Nice touch xD
  11. There aren't enough 'bonus egg slots' in the world to make losing 3.5k dragons instantly worth it, even if you don't factor in pretty lineages and rares.
  12. Hnnnng the Aeria Gloris is my absolute favorite from this release - they're so beautiful ; A; I love all of them, though - thanks to all the spriters! ETA: Got 4 of everything in various stages of growth hanging out on my scroll, feel like I did pretty OK this release - everything has been fairly easy to grab outside of the initial flood.
  13. Managed to trade for everything I didn't have time to catch this morning \o/ Got one of everything now, +2 duplicates of the eggs I liked best. Went for a double on the blue and the yellow - which worked out great, because I'm loving the Leviathan look and the other has turned into a Two-Headed. Can't wait to see the adults - loving the orange baby, too!
  14. Got frustrated trying to catch each type of egg- grabbed some spare purples during the hourly drop and I'll try my hand at trading for the ones I still need here in a few hours I guess 🙃 Here's hoping everything will be easy to trade for. Still need to get ahold of the pygmy, the Jungle egg, and one of those lovely blue eggs. But, for now, it's sleep time! Happy birthday, DC!
  15. Locked with 4 and 4 - can't wait to see what they grow into! Loving the colors on the bigger ones so far, and I'm excited to see a new pygmy~
  16. Just when I thought there would be no FF related eggs this time, I stumbled over the BLU job stone xD
  17. Are the coast eggs partially translucent? I use the St Patty's skin and they look darker if they appear over the clover in the middle - or is that just me?
  18. Same problem here - was at the end of day 5 I think 😧
  19. OH MY GOODNESS, I love the adults! I think they're right up there with Marrows in terms of my favorite Halloween dragons * 3* I can't wait to make some silly lineages with these next year.
  20. The bunny from Adrak may also be a Rabbit Medium from FFXIV. It's a sort of visual queue to let your party know that you've done goof'd when you're playing Ninja 🙃Probably my favorite thing about the class though, haha- I'm a terrible ninja, so he appears on my head rather frequently xD
  21. !! There's a little tonberry to keep the rabbit medium company!
  22. One of the spriters has been playing NIN, just found a Rabbit Medium xD
  23. Same for me as well - couldn't get the jar, so I can't catch the fireflies, and now there's nothing at the cabin 😧
  24. AAAAAAH I love them both! I remember seeing Pipios in Dragon Requests now that the adult is out - they're beautiful, easily my favorite pygmy. And good heavens the Aethers are lovely!