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  1. Updated up to here! Sorry all for such a delay. Congrats to all who got their eggies!!!
  2. All who ask may join; this is open to all. UPDATED UP TO HERE
  3. UPDATED UP TO HERE @nic001122: Sorry, please count your common number, or at least list the dragons you're using.
  4. UPDATED UP TO HERE Added Golden Wyvern for 6 commons Updated commons list
  5. Updated up to here Hope now everything is allright now.
  6. Morning all Wishing everyone the best for 2012, although slightly belated! There seems to be the possibility of a problem with Infinis at the moment, PM box is full - personal, here, as well as on other thread/s. Hopefully it is just the Holiday Season and all will return to normal soon! I have spoken to Wookieinmashoo, have logged in to clear the "so you want a silver" mailbox slightly - May I ask: * Please hold off on PM's for a little bit until Infinis is back - cooperation will be much appreciated. * Please be patient, Real Life takes precedence Thank you,
  7. Updated to here! @Orbrunner Could you give links to your counting dragons? Or at least the codes? I can't add you until your dragons grow up - or until you freeze the hatchlings. @Kecemis Please specify what tinsel you want. You have enough dragons for every single one, so we don't know which of them you want. I can't put you on the list. Greetings, Anarie
  8. Updated til here @HyrulianBlackcat: Your geode does not count, since it has offspring on another scroll, but you still hab enough for a random stripe. The dragons you rescue do not need to be Caveborn they can come from the AP.
  9. Updated to here! @Xeyla: We are sorry, but after your scroll was checked again, we saw that there were three dragons with common offspring, so you do not have enough points for a silver.
  10. Updated! As you can see: We are working on the remake of the Donators list! The done gifts and the requests are now in two different posts to make it clearer! Once again: We thank everyone who submitted the Donator Form and thus showed his willingness to donate. Given time we will make a new list were the names of the people who did donate eggs will be shown! cabri was added to the silver list!
  11. Updated to here! @Strifes Lady: 2) http://dragcave.net/lineage/v4nn - Lord Shiba is listed as a mint, but the link takes me to a sunsong, but with the name I was able to verify him as an mint. Thank you for providing both! You will be added to the green stripe, red stripe and gold Tinsel list. please note that you can only say if you prefer non inbred, or if inbreeding is okay, we do not provide certain lineages. @kaiachan: Everything is alright, you will be added to the tan list. @cabri: the greens: KAqB Xian Lyu Ta DNDE Di Qiu Shou Hou e44N Lyu Tu s6LD Di Dong S
  12. Updated to here! UPDATES: 1.) We had a Thread wipe! Many thank to rubyshoes! 2.) The Common List was updated: Spitfires have been added and nocturnes and Waterwalkers removed. Out of goodwill we will still accept requests with the old List until the 25th of September. 3.) The Rare list was updated: We have added Tinsels to the List. Bronze Tinsel: 40, Silver Tinsel: 45, Gold Tinsel: 50 ir their ratio 4.) The Donator list will be updated soon: We thank everyone who has entered a Donator form, but we will mothball it. We have an extremely long list of Donators but still only a few p
  13. Updated! fierce_west_wind has been added to the Gold and Silver list! ladyevelyn1 has been added to the Gold list! Updates are on their way! Check here for News. The Common list will change. There will be a "last call" for requests with the old list, then the new will be in effect, meaning a date will be announced, after that date, no matter when you started collecting, the "old" commons no longer count.
  14. Updated to here! gab33 has been added to the Magma list! tucuxia has been added to the Gold list!
  15. Veetles has been added to the vampire request list! Pineforest has been added to the gold request list! Jadeunicorn has been added to the gold request list! mou325 has been added to the stripe request list! petita has been added to the stripe request list! SapphireRose has been added to the vampire request list! IZDib has been added to the vampire request list! Susurrant has been added to the silver request list! jinglepupskye you have two self-bred eggs and are therefore not eligible for a gold. Haiiro_no_Kansha has been added to the silver reques
  16. Staff This is a list of all the staff (the people who run the account/thread mods). If you need one of them or have a question or problem, it would likely be answered faster if you PM'd a mod rather than the account. Infinis PM GForce PM Wookieinmashoo PM - RETIRED soullesshuman PM Anarie PM urusta PM Upcoming Updates And possibly other stuff too. [Also the list of scroll checkers below the updates.] This is just a list of upcoming updates we're going to do so everything will be up to date. -- Overhaul of the Donator "List" Old updates