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My scroll. Clicks and views are loved!!!http://dragcave.net/user/Night-wolfieNote: Those who consistently do not respond to PM's will not be traded with in the future. I respond to PM's, please return the courtesy.

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    *******IOU's owed to me*********

    cfmtfm- 3rd gen Bronze and Gold Shimmer-Scale
    myokomiyizaki- 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer-Scale
    egould44- 5th gen Silver Shimmer-Scale
    Hei- Gold Shimmer from Electrics

    *************IOU's I owe**************

    myokomiyizaki- Christmas dragons

    *************My IOU Policy**************
    I will continue trying for the egg I owe to someone else, no matter how long it may take or how many failed breeding attempts. I expect the same courtesy in return. Those who fail to fulfill their IOU, claiming that they have tried [x] number of times and will not try any more, will be reported. If I cannot breed the desired egg within a week I will send updates every time I try the breeding again to keep the person that I owe an IOU to informed. I do not expect this from others, although it is nice when it happens. The exception to this rule is for Holiday dragons; I doubt anyone wants weekly updates on dragons that cannot even be bred for several months.