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  1. Kai headed out, followed by Noe, the twins, and Yuaki, Loren had already gone ahead slightly, though his objective was different than Kai's. He would disable weapons and distract the shadow elementarians, Kai had soldiers to deal with. "Yuaki, go with the Twins and take the right side, wait for Loren to make his move before you begin, remember, we're here to stall them and we're severely outnumbered, don't do anything foolish... Noe, you're with me..." Kai turned his horse to the left, they were still out of visual range, which was good, the forest would continue to hide them for some time. Kai scanned the ridge line as they went, looking for signs of Eirikr. The Earth Elemntarian would be a lot of help if he could bring some of those stones down on enemy lines... In a few moments they came to the near edge of the forest and Kai brought his horse to a halt and leapt to the ground. Even from this distance he could feel the feet of the soldiers pounding the earth as they marched. He motioned for Noe to do the same and join him on the ground. "Noe, I want you to stay here and concentrate on as big a thunderstorm as you can dream up. I'm going to go on ahead and begin the assault through the power of your storm." He hugged her quickly, "Don't worry, I'll be careful, but I do want you to stay hidden here with the horses, is that alright?"
  2. Johan saw him, finally, watching Johan from under a similar mask, a familiar one, new, but yet the same, Silver Harbinger. Well the man could watch, Johan was not going to... Then he heard an explosion in his ears... though not from the earpieces that directed outside noise, no, it came from Marcy's ring, but... it had been muffled, she wasn't in any immediate danger. Johan's default action was t lock-down the house, which he did, his second was to draw his blade and this time, for the first time in a very very long time, he activated the blade and in a few seconds it was glowing white like the very tip of a welder's torch, drawing a huge amount of attention to himself, and causing his visor to dim slightly. But he didn't care about attention at this point. He quickly placed a text to Marcy using his helmet's cell system and his tongue to type, annoying at time,s but hands-free was worth a little at least. Lock yourself in panic room, text Car and Dean, Silver Hand moving on campus. Back Soon Johan turned back to face the car and the man at the wheel in the suit, Silver Harbinger. Johan took a deep breath, planted his left foot firmly, and pushed off as hard as he could, creating two small craters where his feet had been. Human reaction time is approximately .3 seconds for our mind to process any information sent to us from the nerves in our spine (those that control reflexes) and between .75 and 1 second for us to react to anything sudden via our higher functioning brains. Fortunately no advance in technology could shorten this time, humans were simply stuck in that state. Which means... in theory, that if an object were to collide with you and smash you into the side of a semi-truck in less than .3 seconds, you wouldn't jerk in reflex until it was already over, and you wouldn't realize it had even happened for nearly another half second, after that it was based on how fast you could think to figure out what had happened to you and how you had gotten from point A (in the car) to point B (halfway smashed through the side of a semi-truck with a glowing white blade beginning to melt your chest-plate as it pins you down.) Unfortunately for Agent Harbinger, none of this was theoretical any longer. And while Johan was aware that he'd just totaled a car, and caused quite a scene in a public place where people were no doubt taking photographs and calling the police... he frankly didn't give a pile of Cow feces, about any of it, he was ticked off to say the least. "Listen up Creature!" Johan snarled into the man's face, knowing full well that if it wanted the creature could observe everything its agents were seeing and hearing. "If you get anywhere near Marcy or my home, I'll kill you, and your organization. Don't underestimate me, I just rewrote every rule you thought you knew about the maximum potential of a vampire, and I'm only--getting--started!" Johan deactivated the sword blade, allowing it to cool and quit harming Harbinger's armor. He new the agent wouldn't interrupt him when he was talking to the Creature, and he wouldn't attack without orders. And the creature wouldn't give them. no, the old thing was probably as much amused by this turn of events as Johan was. "You should consider putting your plans on hold until we've spoken, or risk losing the opportunity to rid all of your domain of every immortal that exists, oh..." Johan hopped backwards, propelling himself back to the agent's car, now with a hole through the passenger and drivers section and missing both doors. "No more cars!" He called out, lifting the car over his head and balancing it. "Send me a location," he continued to speak at the agent firmly wedged in the side of the truck (the driver had leapt out and run off by now(the truck had been parked, running, in the parking lot)). "I'll walk!" With that... Johan let loose and threw the car into the side of the semi. The point wasn't to harm the agent, he would possibly be able to free himself and move, and even if he didn't, it probably wouldn't kill him, if the armor had the ability to lock up at least, maybe break a few ribs, but vamp blood would fix that. No... the point was to prove that he wasn't joking, and that he could indeed do things that no other vampire the silver-hand had ever encountered could do. I'm sorry Marcy... he thought idly as the car burst into flames, and then the truck as well, but if I'm forced to become a monster to save your life, you, Kanthaya, Eve, all my adopted family... then I will, even if it means I can't be saved. Four hundred years ago, Johan remembered the last time he'd used his body like this, unlocking a new level of raw potential. It had almost killed him, but only because he chose to revert to what he had been before... He didn't want to imagine what he would have become if he had remained that way... There had been permanent effects too... He could no longer resist his urge to feed, there was no way for him to attempt to become a vampyre anymore. And as he used this ability again, he felt the beast inside him grow stronger still. That is why you are really her protector Kanthaya... To protect her... from me.. Johan had only known one other blood-scent that had drawn him like Marcy's, and that was Eve's blood. If he couldn't control himself after this... enough to resist feeding on Marcy... then hopefully he could control himself at least enough to allow Kanthaya to kill him, and finally end the nightmare he lived inside.. day in and day out... the ceaseless battle he'd started with the beast inside him that he had created that first time when he was only two centuries old. There are no vampires... no vampyres... simple men and women with a vampire living inside them, longing for blood, and needing to be released. Perhaps I will become the first true vampire... no bloodsucker, no leach, no condition of the body. But a true beast... a real monster... But... If I can tame that beast... Then what will I become?
  3. Oh they're very crucial! Some of our main characters are humans! (and some of them were humans... until... well... cough cough Kanthaya... cough cough... got transformed into a vampire, and so did Dana. But YES THEY ARE IMPORTANT!) EDIT: @ Darky: Sorry I had to do that to Harbinger, If you think it was G-modding let me know and I can change it, he just didn't interact with Johan so I wasn't sure if you wanted me to play him as an NPC or not. Either way... I feel bad for Johan, I've already decided that he's going to end up paying a very high price for what he's doing and what he will do. I'm TOTALLY looking forward to his conversation with the creature. And to see how the creature reacts to Johan's newly displayed power. Sadly if he knew what was going to happen to him, as I do, I know he would have chose differently. But that's the thing about power... it always has serious consequences... so being powerful... or becoming powerful... is a very very dangerous game indeed. EDIT #2: @ ALL: I'm going to write out the whole story of Eve and Johan and everything in a book that will include a modified version of everything that's happened here in the RP if I can have permission from the other players to incorporate their characters (and ask them for their opinions on parts that those characters will be in so that they are portrayed accurately.) Because I already know how I will want it to end, and I really do like the plot and characters. I'll give you guys updates on that as I finish chapters.
  4. yay!!!!!! Darky has returned! (waits impatiently for post lol)
  5. I will post soon, sorry, drill weekend, I'm much to tired to do anything.
  6. right, just cave the walls in on them I have a better idea for Eirikr though! He goes under and digs a really really deep pit that spans one side of the valley to the other.... meanwhile Kai holds up the topsoil to make it look like nothing is out of place.... then when teh army is right on top of it... we cave it in and the entire valley gets a little deeper! Trees... rocks... soldiers... everything goes down about 40 feet to death! muhahahahahaa.... We could even make spikes! fun.
  7. Kai nodded to Aketsu but instead of rushing back into camp to grab the others, he rushed towards Eirikr, giving him a huge smile he slid to a stop in front of him. "Well my mining friend, how would you like to put some of that mining knowledge to work? I'm going to go stall an army of around three thousand troops using a earthen barriers, mazes, and traps. I could really use your help. I already know you're more skilled than I with the ground and your past jobs makes you the foremost expert. If you're interested, Aketsu can point you in the right direction, I've got to fetch the rest of my team." And with that, Kai took off again, back through camp, using the earth to push off his feet to move him faster. He quickly slid to a stop by the two water users that he'd come to both love, and hate... considering that he hated being wet, so sparring with them had been a lesson in humility to say the least. "Listen up you two, drop everything you're doing and grab your gear. We're going to go stall the army while Aketsu and the others deal with the shadow users, I'm going to get Noe, meet us at the front of the camp in 3 minutes." And he took off again, this time to find Noe, and it didn't take long, she was packing the horses with Isa. "Noe," Kai slid up to them, "grab whichever five horses are most prepared, you and I and Neiro and Leith, and hopefully Eirikr are doing to hit the front of the main army right now, and stall them, so Aketsu and the others can deal with the shadow users, we've got to hurry." He urged, feeling bad about rushing her at a time like this, but there would be time to mourn their friend, and her father, later. He finished tacking one of the horses and swung into the saddle, grabbing the reigns of another horse as he did, knowing Noe would take the other two necessary, and he rode back in Eirikr's directoin.
  8. Kai stood up as he felt Ayame land, and not as the bird should have, it was a staggered landing, he was hurt... or drunk, and the latter didn't seem too likely. He followed after Noe, but remained outside the tent, listening to all that was said, but more importantly... he was listening to Ayame's heartbeat, and he knew immediately... that the old bird-man, Noe's guardian, was beyond his help... and likely that of the others as well. Old Man, what happened to you? He thought, but soon got his answer. The shadow alliance was close, and they were well armed, along with that they had shadow elementarians with them. That was bad news. Elemntarians they could deal with, foot-soldiers and mounted soldiers they could slaughter, but both at once was a different issue entirely. It took two different strategies to fight elementarians and foot soldiers, and both couldn't be used at once. So the new plan was simple, they would have to engage the forces separately, and as much as Kai wanted to pit himself against the elemntarians, he knew he was a poor match-up against shadow. But that was his mind thinking, his heart was still listening to what was being said inside the tent, and even once it was revealed that Ayame was Noe's father... he still did not enter the tent, he would rather she spent the moment with her father, as it was his last. Kai watched the clouds form and the storm roll in, he felt the charge in the air, running against his skin, and realized, that he felt Noe's sorrow. He had never known what happened to his parents after he left, but he had lost them both in a sense, and now Noe had lost her father suddenly, to a battle that hadn't even begun. Aketsu said something to him, and he acknowledged it without hearing. As Noe exited the tent he had moved away from the rest, and as her footsteps brought her across camp he had moved ahead of her and stood in her way suddenly, intercepting her and hugging her frame to his chest tightly. "Shhhh." He whispered, "I'm so sorry Noe, there was nothing we could do, he died a hero." Kai was silent for a moment, and shed a few tears for the memory of someone who had treated Noe with such kindness and love. And though he felt woefully inadequate in comparison, he vowed to do the same for her, from now on. "But Don't hate... them, or yourself, it's not what he would have wanted. He has given us our opportunity, let's make his death count, just as he made his life count for you for all those years, and for all of us just now." He leaned down and kissed the top of her head, "I need to talk with Aketsu now, come find me when you're ready." He let her go then, and hid his face, wiping it against his arm, he found Aketsu further into the camp and approached him. He found him readying his armor, having already tasked the others, good, Kai needed him for that part. "Aketsu." Kai called to him as he approached. "We can't use our original battle plans, we can't fight an army and shadow elementarians at the same time, they compliment one another in numbers and skill. We can only fight one of those advantages at once, numbers, or skills. We have to split the group, my plan is to take Yuaki, Noe, and Loren and bring battle to the enemy army, you take Isa, Z'fan, Battlemate, and the rest and deal with the shadow elementarians, lure them away from the army, and kill them, then come join us." Kai nodded his head and continued, "Yuaki and Loren would be in danger if they went with you because of their abilities or lack there of, but Yuaki is a weaponsmaster she can deal with soldiers and Loren can watch her back with his wind. I can stall the army by manipulating the ground and use Noe's weather to inflict damage to large areas from distance. We are no match for the whole army, but I know that even by myself I could stall them for several hours if I had to. That should give you and the others time enough to finish off the elementarians and come back to support us. What do you say?"
  9. Kai listened to the first few words of what Loren said, then turned back to his own thoughts, he could guess at the rest of what the young man would say, it was fairly obvious. Kai did feel conflicted over convincing Loren to follow them, it had never been about guilt, the idea of a guilt trip, was not something he even understood, though... in part he supposed he could guess what it meant. To him it had simply been conveying a truth that no one seemed to be taking into consideration at the time. If Loren felt guilty about ignoring that truth... then that was his business. Aketsu then came over to him and Kai nodded in greeting. "You're right, after today everyone will come together, or they will leave, either way it will be horrible." Kai didn't say it as if it was a horrible thing, simply as though it were true. "I asked Noe to marry me last night, that was what some of the thunder was about, and yes, she is gaining more control," he continued, as if the need to stop and talk about the fact that he was possibly now engaged hadn't crossed his mind. "Even with her lack of control I've found a way to use the lightning she creates in the storm, the pure lightning that moves faster than the eye can follow, a true weapon, and now I can tell it where to strike. And even I... am not wise enough to hold that kind of power, yet I have little choice in the matter." A small patch of ground raised showing an open field with hundreds of soldiers lined up in columns, marching to battle. Then a small figure out in front of them, raised on a stone pillar, threw several small spears into the columns, causing explosions to devastate the ranks. Then it faded. "It's not going to be decent, it's not going to be fair, and we may suffer injuries and maybe even a casualty, but... they will be slaughtered, and who's to say that they are all evil men whose hearts are corrupted by darkness?" Kai still didn't display much emotion at all, it was simply the facts, what was going to happen, and nothing would change it. "Some will be good, some evil, but all of them will die, and we will continue. It will make us a group, united by our common goal, and perhaps by our hatred for ourselves and for our true enemies. Or... we will become a family, and our desire to protect one another and those we love, will be what holds us together... love... or hate... either way we are no different than those we meet in battle, we simply march under a different color. We kill each-other over differences of belief, and prejudices of men long dead." Kai paused, "and the sins of the fathers will be brought upon their children, even to the fourth generation." He smiled at Aketsu. "Noe said yes." He replied, seeming to have stopped thinking to himself and returned to speaking with Aketsu. Kai didn't differentiate his philosophical self from the person he had to be, the thing he became to fulfill this mission. He would not allow himself to become hard to the truth of life of what he did, of the questions that their actions would create. To do so would be to become what they were fighting, and to have lost the battle already. Even so... he could put it asside for a time, for the battle, yes... Today I become a killer of men, of fathers, of sons, of brothers, of families, in order to protect other fathers, sons, families, brothers, sisters... who I have chosen to ally with. I cannot save both, there is no middle ground. "Aketsu," he said finally, "If a butterfly flies into the web of a spider, do you save the butterfly out of the web, or allow it to be eaten by the spider?" He paused, "if you save the butterfly, the spider starves to death, if you leave it, the butterfly dies to feed the spider. Both are merely existing as they were created to. But you cannot save both, you must choose, which lives, and which dies. Do you understand?"
  10. Kai had chosen the last watch of the night to be his and had been awake to watch the sunrise. There was still little chance of them actually being attacked at this point, but it never hurt to be prepared. Kai enjoyed watching the sun peek over the trees and feel the first rays on his skin, that meant his watch was over, it was time for everyone to be awake... they had a lot to discuss. He walked to the center of the camp and piled a bit of wood on the fire so that breakfast could be cooked if they chose to do so, and he ignited it with a spark from his hand. He felt much better having slept for eight hours straight before going on guard duty, he even felt more at peace with the whole situation after having confronted Noe and working out a few things for himself while he stayed up thinking. He moved a little ways away from the fire and placed his hand on the ground, pushing against it slightly to send a small ripple of earth through the whole camp, it was a simple and harmless way to wake everyone up, most people would wake up instantly when they felt the ground under them rise and fall like a tiny wave, he didn't think anyone would mind. Today, or tonight, they would meet the enemy, the first enemy, the army. Later they would meet the force sent specifically to oppose them, but until then they would prove themselves to be soldiers, to be killers, to be comrades, to be worthy of the task. "This morning we decide our fate, this afternoon, we prove our destiny." Kai said softly to himself. After this morning, there was no going back, there was only moving forward.
  11. Kai nodded, listening to Ayame's wisdom. The older creature was right, they had only known one another for a short time... but still, Kai felt like he could have known Noe his whole life, she was like him in so many ways, and in so many ways they were also opposites, in this... he believed that she could indeed be his balance, and he hers, forever. He was prepared to accept Ayame's negative reply, and to come up with a plan to turn him to their agreement, over time, to prove that he could be perfect for Noe, but the bird-man answered yes. And Kai smiled in response, nodding at the bird-man as he took flight. He turned back to Noe and planted a quick kiss on her forehead, "well, your guardian has great wisdom, and he's right, we have only known one another for s short time, but I don't intend on looking anywhere else." He smiled, running one of his large hands over the back of hers. "After all of this is over, I promise, we'll be married when we return." He grinned again, "assuming the world doesn't end and we all die of course." He was joking... mostly, there was of course the chance that they would both be killed, or one of them, and it was a reality that the whole group now faced. "You have to promise me one thing though Noe," He said, his face returning to its more serious self. "You have to place this mission first, ahead of everything else, even ahead of protecting me, or keeping me alive, do you understand?" Even though he said it, he wasn't sure how he would respond to the same being said to him about her. He would gladly give his life to save her... but the mission was more important than either of them. If they failed, many more would lose their lives and their loved ones. But they would succeed, because they had love on their side, and it was the motivation of fighting for those you love, that kept the body going even when it should be dead, and that allowed you to survive the unsurvivable by sheer willpower alone, because you had something to protect, it was a philosophy Kai held to.
  12. Kai could have sworn that those moments between asking Noe and her answer were the longest of his life. He honestly wasn't sure if she'd say yes, though it made sense, it did seem fast, but he didn't know what else to do. What was the point of just knowing that you loved someone and they loved you back, in a way neither of you had ever experienced... and not decide to make it a commitment. Kai of course didn't realize the benefits of a long relationship, getting to know someone, he simply figured that that was part of the deal, getting to know someone better, and that it would go smoothly, a dangerous assumption to make, but to him, not. Then she nodded, and finally spoke the word... yes... yes she would marry him, she agreed. And then Ayame spoke up, honestly Johan hadn't even noticed the creature man, he had been so absorbed in Noe that he'd really not noticed much of anything the last few minutes. He quickly thought over what he knew, trying to figure out what Ayame wanted... and then he remembered what Aketsu had done with the king. "Ayame, I would like to ask for your... for Noe's hand in marriage, if you would see fit that our union would be one of love and care in harmony till death do us part, then I ask that you grant this request." He said, elegantly in the voice Aketsu had used earlier. But his mind was also on other things, he couldn't help it, thinking about everything... it just happened. It would be dangerous now that he cared about Noe so openly, for him and Aketsu and Isa and Noe... the dynamics of the group would change. But it would also bring them a harmony, he knew that himself and Noe would now work together in ways they never could have before, and that would give them an advantage considering how well their elements matched. Still... he needed to call a meeting to discuss this first hing in the morning, before they headed out, it was important enough to delay for.
  13. Yep, lol I did. And it's partially because it's Kai. He's gotten this far and all he has to go off of are a few romance fictions he's read and the example in real life, Aketsu and Isa, who he only saw together for a while, then he saw them kiss, then the next day they were getting married... so to him.. it's not strange. Besides.. considering who it is we're talking about, Kai and Noe... I'm pretty sure they're the only ones in the world for eachother... (IE: that they wouldn't have a chance anywhere else...) (no offense Kai or Noe lol)
  14. Kai had kept his eyes closed, having withdrawn his energy back into himself. He was left with a bit of sweat on his brow from the concentration it had taken to maintain without hurting himself... or her. But before it broke he could feel her emotions, like a storm, hitting him and at first it was painful, too much for his mind to process... apparently that's just how girls are though and his brain wasn't used to it. Kai opened his eyes as he felt something warm and soft press against his lips, only to find Noe's eyes only centimeters away from his own, and she was... kissing him... and... he didn't find it repulsive like he thought he would have. It took him a half second but he kissed her back, holding it for a moment as he embraced her small and still cold frame with his warm, larger body. The effect was almost the same as before, he could almost feel her emotions through the kiss... not in the electrical way, but in some way that he didn't understand. I love you she had said it, and now he understood it, what it meant to her, the word that stood for a feeling that couldn't be described or defined... and was simply reduced to a word, love. He only let her go once he felt her body warming up with his heat. She was still cold and he felt bad knowing that in part it had been his fault. but finally it did end and he gently pulled away, moving his arms back to his sides and placing his hands over hers again. "I... love you too." Even in the moment though Kai wasn't hugely different than he had been before, his mind was still firing out plans and steps, though he was admittedly a lot happier than he could ever remember being. "I think, after all this time, I finally understand Master Wu's last statement to me as I left. He said Kai, you remember what I told you about females, you be careful around them! They bring chaos if you let them distract you, remember your manners, and know this. You will never find your balance until you get to know female and through her chaos you will find peace." Kai smiled happily and ran a rough finger across Noe's left cheek. "Noe?" He asked, taking her hands again, "would you be my balance? Would you agree to spend the rest of your life with me, as a part of me? Would you let me be your balance too? Noe... Would you marry me?" Kai quickly added in haste an other set of words before she could answer. "Not right now I mean... there's no one here to... well maybe Ayame... but we'd need to ask the king... and I mean maybe I'm not supposed to... and it's really bad timing considering that we catch up to enemy lines tomorrow.... and... and... and you know... I really don't care, I love you."
  15. Kai nodded slowly, ok, so now he was getting it. It was like Isa and Aketsu, they were getting married, Aketsu had asked, the king had said yes. So, what Noe was talking about was the same as that, the same thing that he actually knew something about. It was what ended up being the emotion behind two people getting married, which meant that her response in noting that Aketsu and Isa were royalty where as she was a servant and he was 'important' was meant to draw a comparison between the two, one obviously upheld as ok and correct and the other, as something she was... ashamed of? He now understood why she couldn't explain it, she was having the same trouble he was, perhaps that's how it was supposed to be, but that meant that she'd never had this problem before, so she'd never been in love, so they both knew nothing about what they were doing... well that made him feel better... and worse... at the same time. He had read written accounts of love stories, they had been part of his training, but master Wu had said they were completely fake and that nothing like that happened in real life. Of course... Kai now knew that was wrong, which meant Wu had lied... which he did on purpose from time to time, either to keep Kai safe from something he should avoid, or when he was forcing Kai to discover something on his own, something that even Master Wu could not teach. "I see, so that's what the old man was up to, he decided he couldn't teach me this, so he left me to discover it on my own, and let it happen if it did, which means it's not a bad thing, it's a good thing." Kai paused, right, so this was his task now, he was supposed to lead here too, he was supposed to come up with an answer, with an action. "I'm sorry for dumping that on you, that's not your concern, it's mine, that was incorrect of me." Kai's chair suddenly changed and rose from the ground, becoming the equivalent of the chair he sat on when teaching, showing that he'd reversed the positions so that Noe could be more comfortable, at leas that was his intention. "Alright, then," he said, his voice no longer unsure and his face held a smile, "this is what we're going to do. Our problems are both because we don't understand how we feel, and how eachother feels. Noe... I need you to trust me." He took her hands in his, "close your eyes... and try to relax. I want to share something with you..." Kai took her hands and placed his palms against hers and his fingertips over hers, though his were quite a bit larger. He could feel the electricity given off by her nerves, her muscles, her heartbeat, everything. "Close your eyes, and concentrate on my hands, feel the electricity in my body, my heartbeat, my breath, my voice. You are safe, you are at peace, you are calm, the storm isn't gone, it still rages inside you." Kai's voice was soft but still it's sing-song self, low, and peaceful, a loud and clear whisper. "The storm passes into me, and I calm it and send it back to you..." He allowed a small electric charge to cross between himself and Noe, remaining in place, and allowing him to influence the electrical charges in her body, to connect with that which allowed her to use lightning, and for her nerves to communicate with one another. The thing that told her heart to beat so fast, to breath so quickly, he was connected to all of it. Kai took a deep breath and Noe suddenly felt herself do so also at the same moment, and her heart slowed down until it matched his. Kai took measured, slow breaths, making sure not to inhale too much and to release slowly, so as not to alarm Noe as her body attempted and then matched his. "Feel my heartbeat, feel it match yours, feel my breathing, feel it fill both our lungs." Kai kept this up for a full minute before moving on. "To share the electricity in my body with you, is very hard, but electricity does more than just cause muscles to contract, it is also a language, the language of emotion, it stores everything we think and do and only our minds can read it and understand it." He paused for a moment again... "breathe as I breathe, feel your heart beat as mine does, and feel... what I feel..." Kai finally dared to touch the electricity in her mind with his. He'd only done this once before, with his mother, on the day he had to leave she'd done it, and he remembered even to this day how she felt about him, how mush she loved him. Master Wu had been able to help him learn to do it, through very very precise control, but it was still very dangerous. At this stage, if he made a mistake, he could shock both of them right at their nervous centers in their minds, possibly being fatal to him, but he had to show her how he felt, so that she could understand it, so that he could understand how she felt, so that they could say what could not be expressed in words... Then he felt the bridge form and his emotions rushed into her mind, and his into hers, but slowly, not violently, like looking at the reflection of someone else in a pond. Only the surface was expressed, only what they were thinking about at the moment, and it wasn't intelligible, it was simply a feeling, not actual words or images, just feelings. "Now... think of me, and let me think of you, and feel... how I feel, about you..." He continued to breathe steadily and focused on Noe, her laugh, her smile, her storms, the lightning, the exhilaration he'd felt, the joy he felt at being around her, all the things he couldn't explain or fully understand, he let them all pass from him to her. He tried not to rush... but he knew he could only maintain this level of control for a few minutes at best, though it helped that he was very drained and tired so there wasn't as much energy to control. Then the time was over, and he had to break the connection, slowly, first blocking himself out of her mind, then he let go of her lungs, then her heart, and eventually he was able to let go completely, and open his eyes, slowly removing his hands with a small jolt of static electricity...
  16. Kai took Loren's note with a strange glance, he didn't have any paper to drop in the first place, and he was about to reply that it couldn't be his... when he saw that it was a note to himself, and he nodded taking it and glancing at it before setting it on one of the rocks with a shrug and watching it incinerate. He turned back to Noe as she spoke and took on a new stance that no one here had ever seen him take. He crossed his legs underneath himself and sat up straight, raising a small support for both his arms so he was almost sitting in a constructed chair. Then around him formed the symbol of light and the symbol of darkness except the two were intertwined. He then smiled, "Alright, I'm ready to learn, don't worry, I'll be able to understand it, I have learned many many things, and I'm sure you can explain it just fine. I have done so much teaching since I was here, I'm happy to be a student again." He took the word Loren had used, falling in love, love, that word, he understood the concept, but not how it applied to his current situation, so of course that must be what Noe was going to try and explain to him. "First though, you don't have to start at the beginning, I already know what love is," he said in reference to the note, "but according to Loren I've 'fallen in love' which is the part I don't understand, since love is an emotion, it's not something you can 'fall' into, which means it's a metaphor... for..." Kai paused to think for a moment, eager to show that he could understand this if he really tried to, and he really wanted to. "For exactly what I said, I can't get rid of it, and it's constantly distracting me, so it's more apt to say that love fell onto me, not me into it." Then, with a smile another thought occurred to him, "Is it like Aketsu and Isa? I know he mentioned once that he was 'in love' with her, which could mean that he fell in love, for her, or with her, however that works, and since I have noticed that he also behaves strangely when she is around, our conditions must be similar right?" Kai was proud of his deduction, he was happy to give Noe such a large amount of things he already knew to help her explain it to him, and there was that feeling again, that she was teaching him something and he liked it, hopefully now... she'd tell him what to do with it. "So, assuming this isn't a bad thing then, which it musn't be, though the effects are at least... strange, what do I do about it, or we I guess, since it seems to always involve two people, specifically a guy and a girl." He nodded, waiting for her answer.
  17. Kai just sat there for a moment, eating, and thinking, watching Noe pull things out of her hair, until he realized how stupid he was being for not realizing he could help. "Here, let me..." He said, closing his eyes and extending a hand in Noe's direction. Forcing the now drying dirt out of her hair would have been easy, pulling it out without pulling her hair, was significantly harder, but he did so successfully, even if it took a moment... and it gave him another moment to think. He decided just to ask, she surely knew the answer to his problem, and to him... it was nothing to really be embarrassed about. "Noe," he said, opening his eyes, "I know a lot about you, I know where you struggle and what things you're good at, and you know what things I'm good at, but... I don't tend to let people know where I struggle." He began, "it's not good for a leader to show weakness, not publicly to the whole group, but it's also not good to let that weakness go on being hidden and not deal with it, so let me tell you." "You know I don't understand how to... interact socially, with so many people like this. But right now, it's more than that." He paused, trying to come up with a good way to explain it to her, after all, she was the thing he was having problems with. "When ever I'm around you, or even sometimes when I'm not. I feel... weird. Odd, unbalanced, and I find myself thinking about you, and wondering things, like, what you would like to do, what you've told me about your past, an so on, and this happens even when I'm training and trying to concentrate... and it throws me off balance because I don't know why." He sighed, setting his empty soup bowl down. "I mean.. it feels... good, but I... can't make it go away, and I can always make feelings go away if I have to, that was part of my training. But, when I see you smile, I smile, and... I find myself doing stupid things... like the lightning, as if I'm showing off for you... and I have good reasons for it, logical reasons... but... I can't simply explain it like that..." He sighed again, obviously confused and a bit frustrated with himself. Not being able to control something about himself was NOT something Kai was used to, he was always in control, and it meant a lot to him to be that way at all times.Being emotional was also not something Kai was used to, of course he knew what they were, and he knew he had them, but... he could usually ignore them... not like this... "My only conclusion is that it's because you're a girl, and 'girls do weird things to you, you should be cautions around them' master Wu said, so I'm assuming it's something like that. And so I'd really appreciate it if you could explain it to me, he did say I should find a girl and ask her if I had questions, and he also said something about how I should ask but I don't remember all of it. So, can you give me the answer so I can figure out what to do with this weird feeling that keeps bothering me all the time... I'm not sick or something am I? Or going mad? I think he did say something about girls and madness but I actually didn't find the topic very interesting so I wasn't paying perfect attention..." Kai admitted, eager to discover what it was that was wrong with him so he could fix it and stop being bothered by it.
  18. Kai smiled at Noe as she suggested that he take care of himself. He knew what his limits were, he would do so when it was necessary. It wasn't like he neglected himself, not much at least, though he admitted to doing it at least some. "I'm a leader Noe," he replied with a soft smile as he sat down on the other side of the hot rocks and stared at her kindly, "I take care of everyone else first, I eat last, sleep last, wake first, work hardest. But as in all things, there is a balance, I don't ignore my own needs in a way that would make it a detriment to those I lead or to myself so that my leadership is affected." At least... that was Kai's ideal of leadership. It was virtually quoted out of a philosophy book he'd read, and it seemed right to him, he was happy to do so... He took a few bites of soup, it was delicious, and he was starving. "I know my limits," he was quiet for a moment, "when I need to give myself a break I will. I spent most of my life living in the desert, heat, pain, thirst, hunger, and strict mental discipline, those were a part of my life every day. I can ignore pain to the extent that it would allow me to walk over a fiery bed of coals, or through a field of razor bushes that my master would construct. He loved me, in his own way, and so he put me through more than the others, so I would be prepared to come here... to fulfill this mission." Kai gave Noe a sad smile, "and he did prepare me, for battle, for torture, anything... but not friendship, I never made friends, I was always set apart, on my own, secluded..." Kai stared off into the distance for a while, into the past, his past, and his time in the monastery, and all the things he was now realizing he'd never had because of it, things he didn't even know he had missed out on. Then suddenly he turned back to Noe with a question in his eyes. "Are we... friends?" He asked, and for once he looked uncertain, for once he looked desperate to hold onto something that he could not define or completely understand, a feeling, an emotion, something he'd learned to ignore and shove aside for the good of getting his work done, in order to survive. But now he was as starving for that feeling as his belly was for the food he was eating, and he felt it around Noe, more than the others, and he liked it, whatever it was called. He so desperately hoped she felt the same, then... maybe they were friends, and he could feel balanced again... as it was... he felt off balance whenever he was around her because the feeling plagued him, and urged him to respond to do something... but it was like being shouted at in another language... he didn't know how to do what the voice said, or even what it was saying... he only knew how it felt, good, peaceful, balanced, and chaotic... all at the same time.
  19. Nominate Loren "Most Introspection" or I guess you could say "Most Meta-cognition"
  20. Kai looked at Noe with genuine concern, she was shivering a lot. And while he was cold, he wasn't freezing. He may only have his monk robe-pants on, but underneath the sand was still intact as the robe was water resistant, a coincidence that being sand resistant to keep the sand out in sandstorms also made it waterproof. That and his body was still energized from the lightning blast, something that often turned into heat inside himself. He could control his energy, to keep it from coming outside his body as electricity he constantly burned it up inside himself, literally, to keep himself warm now that he was out of the nice warm desert, otherwise... he mused... he would think everywhere was cold... in comparison. But Noe couldn't do that and she looked extremely cold, perhaps even dangerously so... Kai decided that enough was enough, it was obvious she was a little out of it, and was generally freezing herself, considering that it was the storm that had cooled her so, she needed to be by the fire, and she needed to dry off. In one smooth motion, Kai reached under her and scooped her up in his arms and started jogging back to camp, holding her to his chest so that he could share some of his warmth until he got to the fire. Maybe she wasn't in control as much as he had assumed, unless she'd done this on purpose... but why would she do that? To get him cold? no... Whatever the reason, it didn't make sense that she would have done it on purpose. "Don't worry, almost there," he reassured her, the concern showing in his voice. In another moment he'd reached the campfire and laid her down gently on a patch of earth he'd softened by separating the molecules with tiny air pockets, and he raised a portion for her head. "Here, this should help you warm up..." He moved his hand over the fire and out came three large and red-hot stones, which he placed on the opposite side of her as the fire, allowing the heat to hit her from both sides so she could dry out. Meanwhile his stomach grumbled loudly and he scratched his head in embarassment... "I may have forgotten to eat today..." he admitted, and took the simmering soup off of the fire, spooning it into a bowl he quickly formed out of the rocks and a spoon as well. The others weren't around it seemed, they must be off training, or talking to the new guy, nothing to worry about. "Are you going to be alright? I could get you a blanket or new clothes, you should change out of the wet ones, you'd warm up faster." He said, matter-o-factly, not having drawn any social implications whatsoever.
  21. Kai smiled back, releasing Noe's hand as the rain picked up, she apparently wasn't comfortable with it, and he wasn't sure why he'd taken it in the first place... he'd just been excited in the moment of things, and wanted to assure her that his burn wasn't as bad as it had been that first time. "Well..." He grinned, rain soaking his skin and quickly washing away the sand to reveal his scarred body, which... for some reason he wasn't afraid of letting her see up close. "I suppose as long as I get Isa to insult you a few times before each battle... to get you angry... we'll do just fine yeah?" He laughed quietly. It was true she lacked control, the weather literally reacted to her emotions... and as Kai was VERY quickly learning... girls were emotional hurricanes... in Noe's case... literally. "I think... that you do have some control over it though, and that you also single me out to get me back for pushing you in training yes?" He smiled, showing that he was not mad about it, just curious, "you do tend to rain on me a lot... and I don't think it's because I make you depressed." Kai had no idea, however, that it was a completely different emotion Noe had for him that kept getting him wet. He yawned suddenly, running his hands over his chest and face, wiping off the remaining sand. "You'll get it don't worry, I'll spend as much time training you one on one as I can, your abilities will be invaluable in battle, and you'll be much happier when you have control. Believe me... I used to shock people all the time by accident at the monastery, made it hard to make friends, that's for sure..." Kais facial expression suddenly changed and a look of... regret? Sadness" passed across it and disappeared before it returned to it's usual half-smiling look. "I'm tired, and soaked, let's go dry off around the fire, I could use some food, and then get some sleep, long day tomorrow." Kai suggested, offering Noe his good hand, simply because he figured she would be tired after creating such a storm, he still couldn't comprehend that it really didn't take much effort at all on her part, and assumed she was as tired as he.
  22. How can I not have covered it? Radiation is just impractical, water, earth, fire, air, covered... bullets, explosives, sonic devices, gas, covered. Chemical weapons (not covered) but a sealed suit for protection is protection enough, besides, they would effect steel as well) covered hostages, magical powers... not covered... but seriously? I've covered NBC (nuclear, chemical, biological) I haven't covered some sort of live virus, still, a sealed suit should do good enough. I have not accounted for him bringing some sort of animal with him, or a certain type of call thing to make a huge animal thing come attack Johan, but still... that's not a huge threat. Let's see.... I have not covered... aliens,,,, or divine intervention.... I haven't covered Steel attempting to threaten to be a suicide bomber.... Seriously... what could I NOT have covered?
  23. Actually, his gearing up was mostly for meeting with the silverhands... he doesn't want to be caught in their base unprepared. But yes, he does intend to wear this when meeting Steel as well. And what on earth could steel have? EMP would only be annoying, Electricity wouldn't work on the armor (for the same reason that infrared vision wouldn't detect it, insulation) Gas... no Bullets... well yes, but Steel would rather die than be so melodramatic. explosives, yeah problem... but... for him too. Holding Marcy hostage by having planted explosives around the house... problem maybe, but not if Johan could tell them to get in the safe downstairs.... bringing an entire pack of young vampires... ok that would at least be interesting, but probably not a huge problem, and Steel... that's not his style. Threatening Johan's family back home... no that wouldn't work nvm ummm needles... no bringing a hostage, well nice try but Johan isn't THAT kindhearted.... sonics... no geez... what on earth does Steel have?
  24. Johan nodded. They knew enough, they would be alright, the chances of them being attacked were slim at worst, but he wanted them to be prepared regardless. Now it seemed they were, though they would still have questions, it was no longer that time. "Good, then I'll leave you two now, and return tonight. I'm sure you both... have a lot to talk about." He turned and went back inside, making his way back to the vault from which he had first obtained his pistol. From it he withdrew his silverhand armor that he himself had created, with the help of some of his extended family members who were experts in such areas. It wasn't what the Silverhand was currently using since it was his own design, but it was based on all the things he had learned from them. Since vampires hunted by smell, hearing, and sight, being proficient in each, the armor was designed to be silent with seamless joints and shock-absorbent gloves and boots. It also masked the heat signature of the wearer, but did nothing to hide them from sight. The idea was to allow the vampire to rely on a single sense, and then use that against them. Johan had taken the liberty of crafting the metal plating himself. He was by no means an expert, but as far as he knew, he was the only living being who knew how to increase the density of steel, and this he learned from the elderly Chinese man who had made him his sword over a thousand years ago. The armor weighed in total 800lbs, something that would hamper even Johan's strength. Fortunately in his current state, eight hundred pounds was a trivial amount. Unfortunately his body was not made of steel, and though he now possessed extreme strength even for a vampire, he knew that his body itself would shatter if he attempted to hit something with all his might, that was simply a law of physics he hadn't managed to break yet. The armor came in here too, providing a skin-tight fit that would keep his body from falling apart due to the stress he could inflict on it because of his sheer strength... that was the thought at least. Johan undressed and dawned the armor. He may look odd to other people, being out and about in this getup, but less odd than a man with glowing red skin and yellow eyes. Johan then donned the final piece, the helmet. Arguably it was the most important piece, considering that without it the armor wouldn't function. The helmet attached to the armor, forming around his head and completing an air-tight seal. The air he did breath was filtered. The eye lenses would not hamper his vision, considering he did not require night vision, he instead had equipped them with a photon-kill-switch. In simplest terms, the lenses adjusted to light almost instantly, keeping everything Johan saw to about the same light level, preventing him from being blinded by a flash grenade for example. That was the typical strategy after all, force the vampire to rely on his sight and then blind him so he could be finished off, and it worked well too... Johan opened his mouth and accepted the mouthpiece from the helmet, it would help him keep from shattering his teeth if he bit down too hard with his new strength, or took a strong enough blow to the jaw. The final aspect of the helmet was that it was also sound proof, and the only sound provided to Johan's ears came from sensitive speakers and microphones on the outside of the helmet, they also had a kill-switch and would deactivate in the event of a hypersonic device such as the one he used in the ball room. Even so, the sound proofing was not perfect, but it was better than nothing. Johan retrieved and attached his sword to his side, it was the only weapon he ever used. The pistol was too fragile, in this state he would probably break it by accident while pulling the trigger. The only weapon the suit provided him with was in the gauntlets. Each could open on command, splitting apart where the metal plates met the nano-weave metal fabric, effectively turning his hand into a spiky spear, but more importantly opening his skin to contact with his victim should he impale someone on his hand... allowing him to drain their blood in the same way he had done with the pails. Of course... this was a bad idea in general because it would make the recovery on his body that much harder and take his survival probability down a little... but it was available if needed. He in fact planned on using it to rob Steel of enough of his blood to make him weak enough to be held and interrogated by the werewolves, but first... it was off to the restaurant. Before going though... Johan clacked his teeth together twice, changing the channel on his helmet's listening device to the frequency of the transceiver he had given to Marcy. "Alright, I'm suited up, I won't be able to hear anything you say, but you'll hear everything I say and everything I hear. Unless I enter into a jamming field, so don't be alarmed if I cut out, this also won't work if I go too far under ground. But hopefully it will give you some measure of assurance that I'm still alive." Johan chuckled, going back to the silverhand society... wearing their emblem again... seeing the creature... it brought back a lot of memories, and he still got chuckles from what had happened at the party where he'd revealed that he was a vampire. He exited the house and climbed into one of his favorite cars and hit the ignition. He carefully pressed down with his foot, and turned the wheel, worried that he would break the well made automobile accidentally because he wasn't used to his own strength. Fortunately he managed to get to the place in one piece, and he parked at the far end of the lot and climbed out. More than a few heads turned as he walked from the parking lot to the waiting area, this restaurant always had a waiting list. It was delicious food... or so Eve had told him, but far too "rich" for her to stomach, she'd eaten a lot and gotten terribly ill, though she never said she regretted it. Johan surveyed the people and began looking for the person who was to meet him. With any luck they would simply find him, he was the one making himself stand out after all. Deciding now was a good time to reply to the next text message, Johan took out his phone and did so. Marcy is none of your concern, and if she ever becomes your concern I'll let you know. She's not a vampire or vampyre, she's human, I'll leave it at that. As for the assassin, I'm hoping to turn him over to a clan of werewolves, alive for interrogation. I know you love it when we evil immortals right amongst one another so it should please you to know that this is the first step into having one powerful vampire house get it's wings clipped. I'm at the restaurant, I should be with you shortly... -SB