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  1. yay wonderful post!!! Now I need to post as Johan.... as soon as Darky posts... because he wants to come home!
  2. Darky come up with a new plot idea yet? Johan wanna go back to playing games and stalking people! oh... and talking to Steel.
  3. yay, finally got a reply in! LN says to apologize for her not being back on yet, we're on spring break and kinda busy (and I have no computer with me, this is hers, so that's why I'm not on all the time).. Will be back in a few days, I'll bug her to get a post in edgeways.
  4. Kai glanced between Noe and Aketsu, what she said made sense... then again, if it was discovered that she was with the light alliance, she'd be in grave danger, not something he was willing to risk. On the other hand if she could indeed use her new-found form to get them into the city, that would save him the trouble of having to come up with a story, and if she could carry Loren out, that would save him a lot of time and trouble. On the other hand, what if they were discovered, even her father hadn't been able to out-fly the shadow creatures. Then again... they could use Kai's original plan to sneak Loren out of the city, and then use Noe's plan to get him to safety quickly. That may eliminate both problems... He frowned, his arm... that no longer existed, was in pain, phantom pain, and it bothered him incessantly. He tried to ignore it. There wasn't enough time! Not enough time to think everything through, the situation demanded immediate action, and Kai didn't have the luxury of a well thought out plan. He sighed... at least it wasn't likely any of them would recognize Noe, not in her current form. And he could change his appearance at will, even replace his arm, which he planned on doing as soon as he had the strength to maintain it. "Alright, I will take Noe and bring Loren back, but let's leave the raft here, tie it down, its best if it goes undiscovered, and we know where the city is, finding Loren won't be hard, there are only so many places wounded POWs are taken." Kai nodded to Noe, "Eat, you'll need your strength to fly us there, I'll explain the rest of the plan on the way." He turned back to Aketsu, "Get everyone else patched up and ready to go by the end of tomorrow, we'll meet you one day's journey ahead of here on the path we had already planned on taking. Look for us, on the evening of the second day, Noe will arrive first and I'll be shortly behind her. Try not to engage the enemy until we return." Kai waited for a reply from the both of them. He would need to eat, then, if Noe could carry him, they'd be off, if not, he'd use the earth to help him run as she flew, hopefully he could keep up. That also left the other question. Should he go as an Earth Elementarian, a neutral party, or as a lightning elementarian? He'd ask Noe on the way, he could cover his mark and either of his eyes with sand, making it look like an eye-patch, perhaps it would be safer to arrive as a lightning elementrian, and then no one would suspect his plan of escape through the ground....
  5. Well gl with that then, I'm going to be recovering for a while so I might not be online, probably just for a day.
  6. lol I'm not patient, just busy, too busy to be putting up a post every day, so therefore I give you grace to take your time lol. Johan wants to talk to the creature! I bet they could be good friends if they were willing to work together.
  7. Kai took hold of Aketsu with his good arm and stopped the man from pursuing the raft and reporting it to the rest of the camp. "Wait!" He hissed, "We're in no condition to go chasing after Loren, we're in no condition to travel anywhere, or rescue anyone. Listen Aketsu," Kai had already thought up a plan for going after Loren, but now was too early... but maybe it would have to be now. "There's no way we can all go, all of you are obviously from Sola and her allies, you couldn't sneak into anywhere, especially not in our current condition. I already decided how to go after Loren, that was part of what we needed to discuss. You must take the rest of the group, tend to them, carry out burials tomorrow, and prepare for our next encounter with the shadow alliance. I will go with Yuaki and we will bring back Loren. I can pass freely because my kind is neutral, and Yuaki doesn't act like a light born noble like the rest of you. She's also in the best health of anyone right now and I can manage." Kai let Aketsu go, too tired to fight him if he chose another path. "We can be ready to leave in one hour, we'll take the two freshest horses, and go after Loren, will that satisfy you?"
  8. Kai earns the achievement: Honorable and Sweet Effect: Whenever someone says you are honorable and sweet, lose an arm...
  9. Kai gave Noe a weak smile and nodded to her, then left to sit next to Aketsu, which he did gingerly, using his remaining arm to lower himself down slowly. "Your first battle," He commented, not a question but a statement. "I had hoped I wouldn't be the only one who's been in real combat before, then again I'd never wish it on anyone." Kai continued in his normal voice, though he did seem exhausted. "We did well today, everyone, I know they won't see it that way, but it's true. There are no happy endings to a battle, and we walked away better than I had expected against so many." Kai turned to look at Aketsu then, worry on his face, a rare expression for him to use. "How are you doing? How is everyone else? If you need to yell, hit me, scream at me, or cry, you really should get it over with, you'll explode on someone eventually if you try and act normal, I'd rather it be me, I can take it."
  10. Johan, does not really care, about said creature's back story, it's not old enough to spark his curiosity. Besides, as far as he's concerned, there won't be any vampires or werewolves running around in 20 years, therefore there'll be no need for the ShS, which will make it obvious what they really have become, simply an organization controlled by a single individual with no purpose other than to serve that individual, no code anymore, and only a threat to society, then society at large will cast them out, and Johan will be left alone, as the last immortal on earth, one of the last ones at least, it will take a few hundred years to get all of them, one way or another. Maybe once all that happens, Johan and the creature can buy a mansion somewhere and vacation together, and tell each-other all of their back-stories while reminiscing about the good old days, and occasionally going on vampire hunts together for the few that are left.
  11. Johan nodded in apology to Jonathan, and followed him inside. He didn't react to the guards as each readied their weapons, they were trained, there was no point in complaining about their behavior. Soon they had arrived, and a bit to Johan's distaste, he found he wasn't going to be meeting the creature... face to face, as it were, but rather through a communications channel. He had expected this of course, but there had been that small home that he'd be able to see what the old one smelled like. Johan shut the door as the creature appeared on the screen and pushed the table and chairs to the side of the room, moving one back so that he could sit in it. Only after he was done and the creature had spoke, did he remove his mask and sit in the chair. His hair fell down his back all the way to his waist and his eyes were still faintly glowing red, though his skin had thankfully returned to its normal color. "A bit ticked off actually." Johan replied casually, leaning back in the chair and folding his hands in his lap. "The school is my territory, I've been setting things up there for two years now, and if your little incursion against the werewolves didn't happen to coincidentally contribute to my goals there... If I wasn't quite so curious as to speak with you even... we wouldn't be having this conversation and your men wouldn't be making it back alive." Johan steeped his fingers and continued. "Hungry though, if you want to know how I feel, it's a state of being, ever since I hit fifteen hundred three hundred years ago. But as I'm sure you know" He grinned, bearing his fangs, "some infirmities we must simply learn to live with am I right?" Johan didn't wait for a reply. "As for what I'm doing, that's my business, but for old time's sake, I'll share some of it with you." Johan continued. "In less than a decade I'll have a cure for humans afflicted by vampirism. Since our last meeting, my family has grown and rivals your organization in size, Marcy is simply my newest child, and I have chosen her to be the harbinger of a new era in human society." "This leaves us at a crossroads old friend, we can either oppose one another and fight a bloody war with death for much of both our families, and while you may not value your thralls as I do my children, you do value your life and that I would take in the end. Or we can continue as we have been, ignoring one another in our own ways. And, twenty years from now, there won't be any vampires or werewolves, the ShS will be obsolete, and you and I will find that life has moved beyond us relics of an older era. And then what will you do? You're an intelligent man, not a megalomaniac, simply calculative and paranoid, old and broken, though if you end up fixing yourself then congratulations, send me a card when that happens so we can meet face to face without worry of you dying of heart failure." Johan winked, "so, how would you like to spend the next two decades of what you seem to consider living? I want you to remove your men from the campus and release anyone you've attempted to take. You're embarrassing yourself and wasting manpower. It's my territory, tell me what the real mission is, send me instead of your lap dogs, just like old times. Then find yourself a new playground, this one is mine, and I won't tolerate a second intrusion."
  12. Kai waited for the others to arrive at the new campsite that the horses had brought them to. He dismounted as quickly and fluidly as he could with only one arm, and stood in the midst of the camp, waiting to speak until most of the others had arrived. "Alright, everyone, I'm glad to see all of you back, mostly in one piece." He nodded, his voice and stance firm, "I know that you've all suffered a great loss today, each of you, and myself, though mine is not as great in comparison. We will grieve, we will bury our dead, but first each of you is required to take care of your own wounds and the needs of your bodies, and that includes a meal, and sleep. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow." Kai motioned back towards the direction of the battlefield, "we will clean this place up. Each of our friends, and each of our enemies, will all be buried. Eirikr and I will handle the enemy burials and anyone else that wants to help, tomorrow morning. Each grave must be six arm lengths deep, and two across, and each body must be searched for identification so that a name can be left for each man who died today." "We do this because we are not murderers, we are soldiers, and we respect our enemies because they, like us, are fighting for what they believe in, for their loved ones, the difference is that we won, and they are dead. We honor their sacrifice as we do those of our own, our friends, and family, who have died this day." Kai looked from face to face at each of them in turn. "It will be time consuming, it will be hard work, but it is that which separates us from barbarians and savages. If any of you don't feel it within yourself to help with this, then tomorrow morning I want you to pack your things and leave, bring news to our homes, and save your souls." There was another reason for burying enemy dead in such a noble fashion. It was healing, psychologically and emotionally healing. It could be the ting that kept you sane, that allowed you to deal with the emotions inside you. Everyone had to participate in some way, they had to do it together, or they would never be able to face another battle with any unity. Kai hadn't been taught this, he'd experienced it. Once before he had killed in battle, a few times to protect the monastery from raiders. They were all given proper funerals, and he dug the tombs of those who killed his fellow monks and friends. He didn't understand why, he hated the very idea, he's rather burn their bodies and be done with it. But life was sacred, all life, and no one who had fought against them, had done anything to merit such disdain as a mass grave, or a mass burning. Their families would want to honor them, and so they would mark the graves, one by one, the valley would become a valley of tombs. "Tomorrow, after we have our own funerals, each of you with the exception of Eirikr will search bodies and write their names next to them if they can be found, Eirikr and I will follow behind you and dig the graves and cover them over, then create stones with their names on them. That way their families can come and remember them, when the war is over, to do anything less would be less than human." Kai closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and, for the first time since he began, he allowed himself to look as exhausted as he felt. "Isa, we need a fire for the cooking, Eirikr, we need some earth tents, our others are soaked through from the rain. Luna, Noe, you two start on cooking, anything will do, Z'fan, Nerio, start tend to yourselves and then begin tending to the wounded as best you can while we work. Yuaki, gather our gear and take inventory of what we've lost from the horses to our supplies. Everyone else, help where help is needed, Aketsu, I need to speak with you in private. Are there any questions?"
  13. Kai let go of Noe's neck, seeing that it was uncomfortable for her, and lay gently back down on the ground, assessing his body while she cried, while it rained, and as the blood of hundreds soaked slowly into the ground around them. He knew his arm was gone, he'd realized that before hitting the ground and being knocked out, he'd realized he was going to lose it back on the pillar, when he'd lost all feeling to it, right before he turned the pillar into a superconductor. The open wound was the only place his sand hadn't been, and so that part of his body was charred, cauterized by the electricity, good, he wasn't bleeding then, he would be fine... in his definition of the term, being alive and able to continue the mission. He had a sharp pain in his right elbow, unfortunately he knew the arm that the pain meant to be in... was gone, which made it slightly comical but mostly uncomfortable and a little disturbing. His body felt relatively better than he had expected, all things considered, he felt well enough to stand, though he remained laying under Noe's sheltering wings. He found her even more beautiful in this form, and was happy that he hadn't lost his ability to appreciate beauty, even after everything he'd just done, and seen. He had been prepared for this, mentally, physically, the death, the lost loved ones, he had expected it, and was surprised that they'd lost as few as they had. But he felt guilty about being at peace, while everyone else was heartbroken. True, he felt the loss deeply, of each one of them, especially of Loren, though he was technically MIA. But what could have been done about it? He had told the others that most of them would probably die in the end, but he knew it hadn't sunk in, they were young, all of them, even him, and perhaps none of them had witnessed death like this before, though he had, twice. He closed his eyes for a moment, pulling himself back to reality. There was work to do, and two arms or not, he had a job, and this was the most important time to be doing it. He sat up again, pulling his legs underneath him so he could reach up with one hand and place it gently on Noe's cheek, the bird equivalent at least. "I was dead, I think, for a moment. I was at a feast... I don't know where, but you were there, but older, and your father, and Master Wu, and... my parents... But you said I couldn't stay... and threw me out, telling me to stop breaking your heart and wake-up... Then I found myself back here." Kai leaned forward and wrapped his arm around Noe's shoulder, pulling himself shakily to his feet before he found his balance again. He found his balance and widened his legs, allowing himself to brace Noe a little, he could tell she was tired. "Come on, others need help, we need to take care of our wounded, bury the dead, and rescue the missing." Kai kissed Noe's feathery cheek, "I will have the luxury to cry later my love, right now I'm needed, go back to camp and find yourself another set of clothes, then, if you feel up to it, you can help most by calming this storm, it will brighten everyone's spirits... and if not... it will make our job easier." Kai spoke softly and gently but his words seemed a bit cold, he couldn't allow himself to feel the pain of what had happened, not yet, not until he was alone, and the others were taken care of. That was the duty of a leader, that... and taking responsibility for the deaths of those he lead and giving them a proper burial. He took his arm back to his side, and waited for Noe to respond. He wouldn't leave her until he knew she was alright and ready to act again. The last thing they could let happen is allow this to cripple them. Sorrow was one thing, and love was another, but right now both could be used for the better or the worse by the ones feeling them the most...
  14. "What's this? Everyone, look who's decided to show up!" Master Wu opened the door to find Kai standing, looking slightly dazed, in the doorway. "Well come on in boy, better late than never I guess." Wu yanked him inside and shut the door behind him. Kai blinked several times, still trying to see where he was and what was going on. Alll he could see were people, everywhere, above him, around him, beneath him, but all seated at a large banquet table that was everywhere... and nowhere, at once. And everything was so bright, he tried to shield his eyes. "Kaimaru!" a voice that he knew was his sister's... but... he couldn't remember having a sister, caught his attention. Then he saw her, and his mother, and father. They were closest to him, with Master Wu standing behind him and there were others, other monks, other people, and he recognized them all, but didn't know how, or from where, but there they were and he suddenly felt them embrace him, even Master Wu, which was odd for the old man, he was usually so stoic. "Where... am I?" He managed, and suddenly two birdlike creatures swooped out of the sky and landed beside him. One he recognized as Ayame, and the other, slowly changed back to her human form, and it was Noe! But she was older, now fully mature, and... "Noe... what..." But he didn't manage to finish the sentence, because Noe took her landing and turned it into a flying tackle, wrestling him to the ground she kissed his face several times and smiled down on him. "Nice of you to finally arrive Kiki," she winked at him, standing and pulling him to his feet with an effortless jerk. Kiki... his mother had called him that, when he was very young, but how did Noe know all this? What was all this? It seemed finally that the others realized he was still confused, and it was Master Wu who finally spoke as he more or less stared at them all, still trying to put it together in his head. "I see, sorry everyone, we'll have to wait a bit longer, he's not fully here yet, he's just visiting." Surprisingly everyone seemed happy about that, and they smiled at him and all at once said goodbye. "Come on, back to the feast! I'll show him out the door." Only Noe walked with the two of them... though... it seemed more like they were flying, until Kai saw the door he had walked into on his way here, then Master Wu opened it and faded away, only Noe was left. "Noe... am I? Are we?" "Dead?" Noe finished his question and shook her head, "no love, death, is just the beginning, now get back where you belong, you're breaking my heart you big lug! Wake up!" And with that... she shoved him out the door and into... nothing... Kai felt himself falling, and then there was the world, a huge round, green and blue jewel perched in its place in the sky, then he was in the atmosphere, then he could see the battlefield, rushing up to meet him, and his body... and... Noe! "Noooooooooeeeee!!!!" He called out to her... and then he hit his body, hard, and it hurt! As Noe whispered into his ear he suddenly sat straight up with a huge gasp, like someone who hadn't been breathing for a while, and he started to cough, drawing in quick gasps of air. The memory of what had just happened came flying back to him, the battlefield, the war, Noe... "Noe!" Kai suddenly reached up with his arms... arm... noting that his right was now missing, small price to pay he figured, and grasped Noe around the neck, hugging himself to her. "Don't worry," He said, leaning into her body as she cried, or perhaps it was just all the rain water, "I'm not going anywhere, not yet, I promise. I love you!"
  15. Actually if you're flying you really have a very very very very small chance of being struck by lightning, even smaller than something on the ground, because lightning is seeking a way to discharge and it can't discharge into thin air, it has to have a grounding rod, something connected to the ground or close enough that it can hit that thing and use it as a bridge to get to the ground. This is why Kai's spears are only struck by lightning AFTER or AS they are hitting the ground. But of course... freak accidents happen, so go ahead.
  16. Kai smiled back at Noe, "I'll be careful." And with that he closed his eeys and was pulled underground, going down, down ,down until he was beneath the longest roots, and then forwards, towards the battle. In only a minute he was close enough to enemy lines to feel their feet through the earth, And he rose from the ground, suddenly, and with great speed, shooting upwards on thick pillar of stone, only fifty yards from the nearest soldiers. The army was splitting up, several had turned to the left and the right to attack Eirikr and to try and respond to Loren's sudden attack from the sky, the main body, pressed in the middle with no way to help one side or the other, had halted and it seemed that those in charge were devising a plan of action, well they were about to lose their extra time.... Kai stood atop the pillar, a cone with a diameter of approximately ten feet, he had made a large one, spending a good deal of energy, but he didn't want someone cutting it out from underneath him. He was high enough to feel the current of the lightning as it leapt between clouds, even though he was only about fifty feet off the ground, the roar of the thunder suddenly sounded like a welcome friend, the bark of a familiar dog. It was time to go to work. He reached down and picked up a stone spear from the pillar, charging it with positive energy by stealing the electrons off the surface, he threw it into the nearest rank of troops. SWISHhhhhh BOOOOOM! It impacted and hit the ground at the same moment that lightning, seeing an easy way to get to the ground on such a charged pole... struck it hard! Good, the plan was working, so long as Noe stayed out of sight and kept up the storm, he would have near limitless ammunition... which meant they would be coming for him soon, so he vowed to get off as many spears as he could before they realized the danger and reacted to him. Even so, he hadn't gotten off even three more bolts, when the first arrows whizzed over his head as the archers attempted to hit him from afar. Even so, he created a small barrier in front of himself and continued to lob spears, not able quite to see them hit the ground, but hearing the explosions he saw the army begin to scatter, breaking ranks and forming a much more spread out battle lines in order to provide less of a bunched target for him to hit. Even so... there were a lot of them, and it took them a while to do that, costing them hundreds of casualties further. Suddenly Kai felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder, something had hit him, from behind, through his sand armor as if it were butter, and cut deep into his arm. Kai spun around and was hit again, in the same location, but his attacker, a shadow elementarian who had just crawled out of Kai's shadow, had been aiming for his heart, and his quick turn had caused him to miss, striking the same shoulder again. He saw the man this time, their eyes met and both reacted. Unfortunately the man was older, and very seasoned. Probably one of the generals in charge of the troops, or at least a master elemntarian. Kai immediately found himself unable to breathe, and it felt like he was being crushed from all sides as the man grinned at him, holding out a dark hand towards him as the darkness crushed down against Kai and his sand armor. Kai couldn't' breathe, couldn't cry for help, couldn't reach through the man's oppressive grip to move the stone anymore than he could get air into his lungs. That left only one other option... besides blacking out and dying of course... And as the eyes of many soldiers and other members of the group noticed... Dozens of lightning bolts all seemed to converge on the top of the pillar at once and strike it repeatedly, almost like a continuous current, and then it was over, though a large amount of smoke rose from the top of the pillar that had been reduced to half its height, leaving rubble lying all about the base. A long figure plummeted towards the ground below and struck it with the sound of shattering glass, and that's what it was too. The lightning had heated the outside of Kai's sand to the point that it was glassed, and it shattered on impact, no doubt saving him from breaking every bone in his body. Unfortunately he was unconscious even before he hit the ground. His body lay amongst the rubble, not noticeably damaged, though a bit charred, but if one looked closely... one would realize... he was missing his right arm, and in its place was a cauterized stump at his shoulder. The shadow elementarian... was blown off of the tower by the wind... having been reduced to a pile of ashes...
  17. Johan is playing games... but this time he's a little more serious than when he plays games with children on the college campus. hehe. He's looking forward to meeting the creature again, there's a lot he wants to talk about, and lot he wants to know. He doesn't actually view the ShS as a threat, in his mind, their existence is necessary, their work, though often with wrongful intent, does actually keep balance in the world at large. But he knows the creature has plans for the world, and for himself, and Johan needs to find out what those are, if only so that he can keep his family safe, he probably has no interest in stopping them. How will Jonathan act? If he salivated at the thought of blood before... lol Johan just did the equivalent of handing a drug addict the highest quality drug around, will he be able to resist the urge to have some? The creature might even give him permission, Jonathan isn't under any obvious psychotropic drugs, it wouldn't be bad necessarily for the creature to go ahead and let him have some. Either way Johan is happy, the ShS already has his blood on file, there's no point in hiding that from them. He's also interested in seeing how the creature is doing after Johan caused a general embarrassment of most of the ShS senior members when they found out he was a vampire. Johan still didn't know if the creature had known, the creature had obviously done will in rising to power, perhaps he used Johan's defection to grab power for himself from the other heads, or perhaps he hadn't know about it at all.... ehhehehehe, so much plot... so little time!
  18. Dana watched expectantly as the man took off his helmet, and the first thing she noticed was not the fact that he also was a vampire, but instead she noticed the veins that stood out on his neck, dark green against his pale skin, and it made her even more hungry. She didn't stare at him though, not awkwardly, she surveyed his face, sizing him up like she would any male, judging him. He was a vampire, that was exciting, and to think she had been about to feed on him, was that even possible? Why not... blood is blood right? He was kind of cute, in a rough and cold way, but... she decided he wasn't her type, besides, she still hadn't met her savior yet, the vampire that had turned her, she would wait on pursuing anyone else until she'd met him, well lit could be a her, but she hoped for a him, that would be more romantic. At first she was irritated as he spoke, why were all these new creatures she was encountering rude and abrupt? But then his tone changed and she nodded to acknowledge that she had forgiven his offense. She smiled, genuinely happy that he had picked out the fact that she was not one of those other freaks associated with Carmandy, but actually a true... vampire, blood sucking monster, heck yes! Her grin showed her pleasure and her fangs, as she mentally noted his, they were longer, and looked sharper, probably just a guy thing, or maybe he was hungry too. Dana smiled coyly at him and turned slightly sideways, looking past him and to his right as she leaned against the tree. "So that's what those men in strange suits were, oh well, their loss," she commented as if it didn't bother her at all, after all, what could mere humans do to harm her? Well... apart from shooting, stabbing her through the heart, beheading... ok so maybe she should have been concerned, but this man obviously wasn't running and hiding, so why should she? Dana shrugged, "I can't be expected to sit inside all day, I'm hungry. And I don't know where he is," now assuming for the sake of her fantasy that it was indeed a he, "well I do know where he is in a sense, he's out fighting with another vampire over me, body and soul, where specifically is a mystery though, pity, I'd love to watch, but he's been gone a few hours now, and a girl can only be expected to wait so long, if he wants me, he'll have to come find me." Dana stepped off, away from the tree, and walked casually towards Steel, running her eyes over him at a closer distance. His suit was cool, that's for sure, light weight, looked like very flexible material, probably protective in some way too, a suit like that, one that wouldn't hinder her movement, now that would be nice... "I'm Dana, the baby vampire, as you put it." She stopped two feet away from him and put her left hand against her left hip, leaning on it slightly. "And who might you be, besides a big bad scary older vampire? mm?" She winked at him, "Besides, if you're as big a bad scary vampire as you look, you should be able to protect me from a few human hunters, I'm sure my new master would be most appreciative. Maybe even help me find some... one... to eat?" She gave him her best mischievous smile and batted her eyes at him, who cares if her savior, whoever turned her, wouldn't approve of her flirting, for all she was concerned he deserved it for making her wait so long and leaving her in the room he put her in with such terrible company like Carmandy. Her grin widened a little, at least she didn't have to worry about competition. JOHAN Johan listened to what the creature had to say, of course the old shriveled thing had done something to keep himself alive, maybe overdosing on vampire blood, maybe he sold his soul, who knew, Johan simply didn't like the fact that he was at a slight disadvantage information wise. If this were England... the tables would be turned. The Silver Hand hadn't been allowed to openly operate in England for the last four hundred years... something to do with the crown suddenly realizing that they were more like a demonic cult than a holy knighthood... Of course that didn't mean that they didn't operate there... it simply meant that Johan would have preferred diplomatic immunity to their threats to him or his property, and family. That and he could make threats that were more substantial than death threats that were probably nothing more than fantasies... though Johan would have liked to see how far he could take that particular fantasy if the creature did break its word. Then came the explosion from the suit, which wouldn't have been all that bad... if the body hadn't fallen from the truck after the car exploded and landed underneath, near the gas tank. The truck went up with a massive boom, and Johan felt himself picked into the air like a leaf, and tossed across the parking-lot, where he landed haphazardly in the bed of a parked pickup truck. Fortunately it wasn't any worse than if he'd tried to jump his highest and not landed correctly, nothing was broken or bruised as far as he could tell, but it did cause the crowd to panic even more than they had been when he picked up the car earlier... Johan sighed, lying in the truck until his cell phone received the coordinates from the creature and transferred them to his suit, which converted them into a GPS set of directions... a special GPS... one that realized that the person using it had no intention of following roads... Johan leapt to his feet in time to see several police card, a bomb-squad, and three firetrucks whiz past, not stopping to bother with the fire in the parking lot, but continuing on towards the school grounds, much to the astonishment and disbelief of all the concerned citizens who didn't know a bomb had gone off at the school... and were trying to figure out how the firetrucks could have missed the huge fire they'd just driven by. Johan checked his memory of the Silverhand Society, he couldn't remember anyone with the name of Jonathan Harker, or anyone with the last name of Harker. That wasn't terribly surprising considering that he hadn't been with ShS for a little over a century... but he did so nonetheless. Brushing himself off, he turned in the direction he was supposed to be going, and took off at a dead run. He'd never tested the suit at such a high speed before, the friction from his legs was actually beginning to heat the outside of it, but not enough to be worried about, he'd just have to come up with something new for next time... Maybe the creature would donate him a suit, for old time's sake, one that he could send off to one of his family members to be reverse engineered. In a few minutes, he'd traveled the necessary distance to reach his destination. He slowed down to a walk as he approached, switching his eye pieces between visual, infra red, and his favorite, ultra violet spectrum. Apparently they could trick visual, and good heat sync could fool infra red, but ultraviolet saw everything... well... in an insanely bright shade of pink that would cause a normal person to go blind after an hour or so of exposure... but it was useful for short time spans, if not painful. Johan approached and noticed the boy first, then the car, how dull, and then the entrance itself, well hidden... but a car didn't appear from nowhere and not leave tracks. So they were to be driven inside? Johan decided he'd rather walk... but perhaps it would be more polite to drive... He'd see what the boy had to say. "Hello Mr. Harker," Johan said, addressing the boy as if he were a full grown man. And Johan would continue to think of him that way, he had to, if he thought of him as a boy, he'd feel pity for him, for the things that had been done to him, and want to rescue him. But... as life might have it, he might end up killing Jonathan instead, and so he would treat him as a fully responsible adult, the boy would obviously have no qualms with killing Johan, why give him any other courtesy? Johan bowed once in respect, "As I'm sure you've been told, I'm Johan, but if you've been well instructed in the history of your organization, my code name, Silver Bane, may be more familiar to you and you may address me as such, if you wish." Johan sniffed the air, picking up on the human and vampire blood still effecting the boy's breath, recently eaten, that explained the glowing eyes. So the boy wasn't a vampire, not completely at least, though he probably was some sort of experimental hybrid between vampire and human, ShS had a reputation for that sort of experimentation even four hundred years ago before the creature was around. "Did you enjoy your blood?" He asked, "would you like some of mine?" Johan took off his helmet, having said this, and let his long white hair drop behind him. He took a finger and a blade slid out, and he cut himself across the throat, a flesh wound that sealed behind the cut almost as fast as it had been made, leaving not a mess, but simply a bloody blade. Johan twisted the blade and it came free of the gauntlet, which closed a tiny slot as it left. He held the blade out to the boy. "I'll guaranty you've never had blood this old, a few drops even is a rare treat, try some." Johan flicked his wrist and the blade lobbed into the air, taking a gradual arc as it slowly fell towards the boy's chest. It was completely nonthreatening, even a complete armature could have dodged it, that wasn't the point. Johan wanted to see how the boy would react to the scent of such ancient blood, to see if his mouth watered, to see if he was conflicted over eating any, to see how it would affect him. Johan had another reason, in his time he had known that sometimes agents were kept in line by getting them addicted to vampire blood, and keeping it from them unless they behaved, only giving it out when they needed it for missions. The problem was that the blood negated a lot of the psychotropic drugs that were also used to keep them under control. Therefore the vampire-blood they were given was treated to neutralize it's more potent healing properties. However, Johan's blood was not treated, and it was incredibly potent, so in truth Johan wasn't even talking to the boy at all, he wasn't even acknowledging his existence. No... this was a game, a game of chess played with his old boss, the creature, and this was the first move, as subtle as the wind but as cutting as the blade he'd tossed to the boy. He didn't expect it to work, but he did expect the creature would be amused, and get the message, I'm playing... are you going to play back? He certainly hoped the creature would play with him, for old time's sake. A game of verbal chess, with no board, no pieces, but deadly consequences. With that thought out of his mind... Johan bundled up his hair, and replaced his helmet on his face.
  19. These are just basic Earth elemtarian ability classes. Kai has achieved Stone Sense IV and Movement of earth V when dealing with sand, only IV when dealing with stone or earth, and II with wet dirt/sand/mud. Basic Movement of Earth I: this includes the ability to move small patches of earth or sand from one location to the next so long as they remain in contact with the ground. This includes the ability to soften or harden preexisting earth. Stone Sense I: Earth Elementarians can feel vibration in hard stone surfaces and be able to detect the approach of even an invisible enemy who is touching the ground. Secondary Movement of Earth II: This includes the ability to move large amounts of earth from one place to the next and to form it into shapes, harden those shapes, and even the ability to create tunnels, displace large amounts of dirt, and throw dirt or stone objects and move dirt around without it needing to be in contact with the ground. Stone Sense II: Same as I but works now on dirt and sand. Tertiary Movement of Earth III: Adds the ability for the user to walk through earthen objects, morphing the stone or dirt around their body and increasing or decreasing its density in such a way that it doesn't actually cause the object to change form, they simply appear to step through it like ghosts. While doing so they must continue to breathe but gain oxygen from the air trapped in the dirt or stone that is released as room for their body is made. This is extremely strenuous and hard to maintain, but useful for short distances. Stone Sense III: Can now detect a heartbeat and begin to learn to detect lying. Journeyman Movement of Earth IV: Ghosting (moving through stone or dirt/sand becomes a simple task. Earth Elementarians also gain the ability to cover themselves in stone, able to manipulate it on a macro or micro level in order to craft perfect replicas of anything they see. Because of this earth elementarian warriors are highly feared, as they can continue to fight even after sustaining debilitating injuries by forming stone around their disabled limbs and joints and continuing to fight by manipulating that stone, in order to stop them completely their bodies must be virtually disintegrated or their vital organs shut down completely. They can move and form earth on a very large scale. The larger and more detailed the movement the harder, the smaller and more general the easier. Stone Sense IV: Can duplicate bone structure of individual, useful for detecting breaks in bones, or someone in disguise. Can feel the locations of many enemies at once even while fighting and not standing perfectly still. Master Movement of Earth V: The earth becomes an extension of your body and your will, forming and moving at the bidding of your thoughts, still draining just as much energy, but little other effort is needed to control your abilities at this stage. Entire buildings can be constructed in seconds, and intricately detailed objects can be created in short order. Sand and dirt can be distinguished by the color of the different grains and pieces giving the ability to cover one's self in a disguise to match another object in color and appearance. When traveling through the earth, the user can move at a hugely increased speed of up to thirty miles per hour as the earth propels them through it to their destination. Stone Sense V: Everything from I - IV, but now to include the ability to feel the vibration of people's voices through the walls and floors of the stone buildings they are in (only works indoors where there is a chance for echo), allowing the user to eavesdrop on them from a good distance away and from behind closed doors.
  20. Dana did not appreciate being threatened and was about to make a very cutting comment about the character of someone who dates a drunk man with anger issues, werewolf or no, when there was an explosion clearly in the direction of campus... well... that and it was mostly obvious with the rising smoke and all. Dana opened the window to peer out at the chaos that immediately began to ensue as others reacted to the explosion. "Well looks like you've got a problem on your hands, better go tell your freaks to stop picking flees off one another and find out why the school grounds are exploding... I'll just show myself out, I'm hungry." And with that... Dana hopped out of the window, falling like a professional diver and hitting the ground shoulders first and rolling. Two stories, that should have broken bones... but she felt great, better than great. Look out world, one bad vampire coming through, and I'm hungry... She grinned, taking off at a run as she got used to how fast she could travel. I wonder what Johan is doing right now? I'd love to put that prideful sod back in his place, draining him of some blood should do the trick. I wonder if I can hypnotize humans into doing what I want... that would be fun... I'll have to give it a try. She was running at top speed when she came upon the group that was in the midst of attacking Arata, however, she was not sued to her speed so she barely had time to leap into the air to keep from running into them. She turned the leap into a triple somersault that ended with a double pirouette in mid air. "Watch where you're standing!" She shouted back at them, flipping them off as she continued forwards, towards the campus, and Johan's residence. The sounds of the forest, the new scents, the amazing clarity of her vision...ooooh... and the SPEED! She loved it, and it fueled her hunger even more. Eating someone's blood, she could do that, she was a vampire now, she had no qualms with the idea. In a moment she came upon the scent of another individual, and then the site, a man, but wearing a black suit and mask, a badguy then? Yes, of course, probably someone who set the explosion up, sure, maybe she could eat him, do the world a favor too... but of course, there was no point if it wasn't fun. She stopped behind a tree and peaked her head out, smiling at him, then slowly stepped around the tree and leaned back against it, beckoning him to come over to her. "Hello there," She smiled, fangs glinting in the light, "I don't suppose you could spare a few pints of blood?" She winked mischievously, almost hoping he would run. She obviously had no idea she'd just approached a five-hundred year old vampire, who just happened to be an Angry Russian and an assassin.
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