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  1. Kainama (dubbed Hera for sake of not giving away her real name) smiled as Stella spoke. Well the girls were taking this better than the guys, she mused, some of her age old sexism rising to the surface about girls always being more competent than men, but of course she knew that wasn't true, just a personal bias of hers that she had learned to ignore after so many years of life. "Yes, a game." She nodded, "This," she drew a circle in the sandy and rocky ground, "is where we are," she continued and then drew several dots far out from the circle, "Kaname Sempai will be in one of these locations and switching between them." She stood up, never one that was very good at drawing anyways, "The game is called Counter-Point, and this is how it goes." "Each of you will use spells to counter the spells, traps, or monsters that Kaname sends our way." She opened the cardboard box that Jin had taken with them that had appeared on the podium behind him back in the classroom. "The rules are simple," she continued, sorting through the spell cards in the box until she drew out four of them. She held the cards face down so that none of the others could tell which spell they were, "you will each take one of these spell cards that I have chosen. For the remainder of the time we are here, your familiar and your spell card you choose from me will be the only elements you are allowed to use." "Each spell card can be used as many times as needed, but each of you will only get one and they will all be different. Therefore you will need to work together if you want to win the game, and as payback..." she added, "I might even help you put our beloved teacher on the defensive." she smiled. Jin wouldn't be happy with that... but then again, it served him right, however, it all depended on how well these four could learn to work with one another. "Chansi, to you I give Book of the Moon, with it you can force an enemy monster into face-down defense position." "Stella, I give you Nobleman of Crossout, allowing you to eliminate any face down defense position monster." "Mana, to you I give Misfortune you must be careful with this card, it will allow you to inflict direct life point damage to Kaname based on the attack points of the enemy monster you use it on, however, during the turn that you use it none of the familiars will be able to attack." "Finally Ryza, to you I give Mystical Space Typhoon it will allow you to destroy spells and traps." "You should all understand that there is no order of play, you can each play your card or order your familiar to attack at any time, likewise Kaname may attack you at any time in a number of ways, the only way to win the game is to use your cards at the right time. There will be breaks in between every wave that Kaname sends, and just to reassure you, my ability allows me to counter any spell or trap that I wish, and I am the strongest card in Kaname's deck, so, if things get out of hand I will step in and end the game, but, that will mean you lose." She finished, hoping that they would be able to work together. This was a game that Kaname usually played with his higher level students and allowed them to use their entire decks, but he would be much more brutal to them than she was sure he would be here. Besides, the point was to teach them about spells and how they worked together and with their familiars, it was as good a plan as any... if slightly... well... too much like his usual childish personality. But Kainama wasn't worried, while he may seem childish at times, she knew him well, his mind never left a detail unnoticed or unconsidered, he was deadly serious when it was important, she just hoped that he understood when it WAS important.
  2. Kainama was standing on the other side as she waited for the rest of the children and familiars to come through. She felt strangely calm in D.D. probably because it had been her home now for many years, only able to venture out when Jin summoned her back with D.D.R. "Yes it was... rather reckless," Kainama admitted, her wise old voice sounded slightly strained, "however we will only be here for a short time." she nodded at their surroundings, "This is the wasteland, most people think that all of D.D. is like this, but some areas are actually rather nice. D.D. headquarters is north of us by several miles, they shouldn't bother us." She nodded sympathetically at Lomore, "If it's your first time here then let me reassure you, Professor Kaname knows what he's doing, we won't be sticking around long enough to feel the effects on personality, especially if it's your first time." She grimaced slightly, remembering her first time being sent here, she could understand how Lomore must have felt, "I agree that it was... too early in the year to bring you all here like this. I may not agree with him all the time, but you can trust Kaname, no human has likely spent as much time here as he has, I myself have been here for the last twelve years, apart from the times I've been summoned after becoming his familiar." She sighed, "he... tends to go overboard when trying to make a point, once you're all adjusted let me know and I'll explain the rules of the game."
  3. Jin turned around and noticed the box on the podium. don't blow up the class room... he slapped himself in the forehead. "Ahha!" he exclaimed, "I nearly forgot!" he smiled to himself, "I had planned a field trip for today and it looks like we have just enough time!" In truth, class was supposed to be over in ten minutes, not enough time for a duel... and certainly not for a field-trip. Kainama eyed Jin nervously He's not seriously going to... no... on the first day? Jin smiled hugely, "Grab your familiars everyone and hold on to your decks!" Jin pulled a card out of his deck and spun it around in his hand, the lights in the room flickered slightly and the walls started to glow a dull shade of dark purple. The card in Jin's hand suddenly stopped spinning and landed face down on the dueling field. Different Dimension Gate was the card's name and immediately a huge portal appeared in the middle of the dueling arena. "And as a target for this card, I choose the entire class, myself included and all the familiars." Jin smiled deviously as everyone began being pulled towards the portal, he was first of course but right before he went through he left a flip timer underneath a single card on the podium... In another moment he and Kainama were standing in what appeared to be a Wasteland that seemed to go on in all directions with distant mountains in the background and a sun that never set or rose for that matter... it sort of just hung there constantly. This was a familiar place to Jin as he had spent a lot of time trapped here, and also visited Kainama here from time to time. Kainama immediately grabbed Jin and lifted him up to her eye level, frowning deeply, "Do you really think this is necessary for the first day!?" She asked him. She wasn't worried about the others arriving because time in D.D. moved more slowly than in the human dimension. The few seconds it would take the rest of the class to be pulled through and their familiars would give her at least a minute or two. "Most of the kids are new," Kainama continued rebuking Jin, "probably none of them have ever been here, it's not exactly a nice place for a first field trip and certainly not necessary for the first day of class!" "But!" "I'm not done!" Kainama continued, "did you ever think about what effect this will have on their familiars?!" She stormed, "you humans may take this dimensional shifting just fine but D.D. is as frighting the first time as being sent to the grave yard... or worse!" "I placed a Mystical Space Typhoon before we left, it will destroy the portal and pull us out, no matter what. Perfectly safe!" Jin complained. Kainama sighed, the others would be coming through any second, she put Jin down, "I know you did, and I know you're capable of keeping everyone safe on this side of the dimensional line, but please, be more careful. Or do I need to remind you of what happened last time you crossed into D.D. or messed with the D.D. organization for that matter." Jin sighed, "no I remember, and I'll be very careful." His sad mood was suddenly gone after he finished saying that though, "now! Let's get ready to meet the students! Bye Bye!" With that said, Jin placed another spell and vanished, he was close by... somewhere, but Kainama couldn't see him, he was hiding. She nodded approvingly, this would be a good game to play with this class.... hopefully they would learn a lot about spells but also learn about each other and become closer as a class, maybe even friends.
  4. Jin surveyed Mana's appearance, something about the boy raised his defenses just a little. He smiled, wiping the grimmer expression off his face, it's was probably because Mana is starting to remind me of myself he imagined. "No," Jin answered simply, "in the usual rules of play you cannot activate a quick-play spell from your hand on your opponent's turn. Which brings up a good point." Jin added, addressing everyone, "One might think that if he has the power and control to activate a spell or trap card that he may do so whenever he wants to in order to defeat his opponent, this is considered cheating, though it is of course completely possible and if the opponent is too weak to counter or recover through cheating of their own, then you can almost always get away with it." Jin was nodding occasionally now, thinking back to some of the days he spent in D.D he had run into some duelists there who were not above that sort of thing and he himself had been forced to do the same at one point but I was younger then and didn't understand the consequences he reminded himself. "In other dimensions professional duels are regulated by judges that supervise a duel and observe to make sure the rules are carried out. In our dimension we use a dueling system where the computer acts as a judge. However, illegal dueling is not hard to come by in some of the other dimensions so, if you ever find yourself trapped there for any reason," Jin's face became a semi-evil smile, "don't go around showing off your skills, it's safest to pretend you don't know how to duel or how you got there in the first place." His expression relaxed and he turned back to face Mana, "I wasn't planning on a duel today, but all this talk has peeked my interested, besides I have a deck that focuses on quick-play spell cards, it should be a good object lesson for the class. Though, for teaching purposes, both of our hands will be displayed for everyone to see, including each-other. You may think this takes the whole point out of the duel, but I'm teaching a class and you Mana are also included in that class, so!" Jin suddenly had five cards in one hand and a coin in the other, "Would you like our familiars to participate as starting monsters on the field, and of course... heads or tails." ((Not sure if any of you are aware of the YVD program (Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop) that you can use to build a virtual deck of any card in existence and duel with others online. (Google it if interested), because we can either do duels using that system (IE: let it generate the hands we draw for us and be honest about it) or we can just choose cards for the sake of plot (which means anyone conducting duels will have to PM their opponent and decide who wins and how the battle will go before hand in order to avoid... cheating by drawing whatever you want lol )))
  5. Jin smiled around the room at the students, so many willing volunteers. But Mana had been first and on top of that he was overly enthusiastic and had no idea what he was about to volunteer for. So he became the obvious victim... I mean choice. "Mana," Jin pointed as he called on the boy, "come up here please with your deck and your familiar can join you, just stand across from me on the opposing podium." Jin then turned back to the rest of the class, "for today's lesson in spell casting we're going to learn the importance of quick-play spells." He turned to Chansi, "Chansi since you're not new this year, could you please tell us what makes a quick-play type spell different from a regular spell such as Swords of Revealing Light?"
  6. Jin nodded to himself filing the information away in his mind as he listened to each student and analyzed their favorite spells. He waved at Meera but didn't say anything until everyone was done speaking. "Welcome Meera," he nodded at her before returning his attention to the rest of the class. "Very good, we have a very diverse class this year," He nodded approvingly, "Our first lesson begins based around the spells you all mentioned, and more specifically what those spells mean to you and to your opponent. For example," Jin faced Mana first. "Mana, you mentioned several spells that are fairly easy to cast in both dimensions, they can cause quick damage or surprise and are instant, which says a lot about your strategy in general." He turned to Stella next, "Swords of Revealing Light is a normal spell that can be cast on an opponent disabling them for three turns, it has no offensive value on its own but rather gives the user time to plan and set up the battlefield while their opponent is crippled. Your choice suggest a defensive strategy, perhaps based on the need for time or the simple desire not to be attacked." Next he addressed Chansi with a smile, "Ah yes, those two are both fun to pop out of your hat. Suggesting a manipulative strategy that reacts to an opponent to shift the balance subtly instead of an overly offensive approach." Finally he turned to Ryza, "Excellent choice, I see you've already decided on a strategy for your deck over all, both of those spells are very specific, useless in the wrong deck and the first mentioned that are of that type." Jin paused for a moment, taking his deck out of the silk pouch in his right sleeve. He placed it on the podium, which promptly sucked it up, shuffled it, and spit it back out, saving which cards he had in the deck to the holographic projector, allowing him to call them up for review at any time. "My favorite spell card, outside of dueling, is D.D.R, un-abreviated as Different Dimension Reincarnation. I don't believe I've told any of you how I came by this rare card, and it's a long story, suffice to say," he said, activating the card, "it has something to do with my familiar..." As he spoke a brilliant purple smoke exploded from the card. It cleared almost instantly though, and in its place stood a black and white armored Gladiator Beast Heraklinos. Kainama glanced around the room at the students and familiars, her eyes stopped on Lomore and Ryza for a moment but not for long. "Good evening class, you may call me Hera," she spoke in a surprisingly calm and even motherly voice for such an imposing and powerful figure. Kainama nodded once to no one in particular, "and good evening to all of you, familiars of these humans, it is always nice to see new faces, the D.D dimension is so quiet this time of year." Jin smiled at the expressions on the students' faces (whatever they happened to be, he wasn't paying a huge amount of attention). "right then, now class can really begin, first!" he called out, raising his right hand in the air, "I need a volunteer." he smiled.
  7. "Stella, Riza, Mana, Chansi..." Jinjekkai spoke from the middle of the duel field on a podium that appeared to rise out of the ground, "Let me officially welcome you to our school and more importantly my class. My name is Jinjekkai Kaname your instructor for this spell-casting course..." For the first time since the students had seen him, and perhaps all day, Jin seemed completely serious and eloquent... well until his personality broke through at lest... "... You may call me Kaname Sempai, or Jin-Jin!" He exclaimed, holding one hand up in the air in triumph, "actually," he paused, bringing his hand down and scratching his chin, "Jin-Jin is a name my little sister made up for me, you may not call me Jin-Jin, but Professor, Kaname, or Master are all fine." "Now," he said before anyone could respond, "let us begin! First, who has had some experiences with spells? I know you're not all knew here and even if you are, prior experience is not unheard of or uncommon. So, we'll go around the room, what is your favorite spell that you can cast, and why?"
  8. Jin smiled hugely, "I was wondering when you were going to introduce me to him!" Jin glanced around the room, "hmm..." he glanced around the room, "I guess I should have asked for a larger room, let's see..." Jin glanced around the room (this is oddly repetitive), it was odd to be placed in such a small space, especially for spell-casting class. Even if he was going to use the holo-projector, there was barely room for that... it didn't make any sense! then he noticed it, the back wall, it was one of those flannel sheet walls that could fold back up or extend out to divide a room in half. "ah ha!" he proclaimed, hopping off of his desk and rushing to the back of the room. He quickly unfastened the clamps on the wall and opened it like the curtains being pulled back from a window. "that's more like it!" Jin's voice echoed in the much larger space that had been opened, behind the wall was another room, much larger than the class room, it was built like a small hokey rink, with desks around the outside in a bleacher formation and the middle comprised of a duel platform. "Well class, since I hate using the chalk board anyways!!!! Let's all gather around the duel arena!" Next to each desk (12 in all) was a larger block for familiars to stand or sit on beside their respective human counterparts. Jin was instantly at the controls of the duel arena computer "I just love new technology!"
  9. "Good!" Jin exclaimed, his "evil" smile returning back to a happy carefree one as he had worn earlier. "You're smart, I like that, smart students that is I think you'll fit in quite well!" Jin turned to the door as it opened and saw Chansi leading in several others students that he did not yet recognize. "Good evening Chansi!" he called back to her, "I never forget a face... well sometimes I forget a face, but not a pretty one, which is not to say that I forget about ugly people, only that I remember cute attentive students, which isn't to say I have something against inattentive students..." he paused, scratching his chin, "actually... I do, I don't like inattentive students at all." He suddenly smiled again in a sort of embarassed fashion, and grabbed his roster again, "Sorry new people, I teach philosophy and sometimes my mind travels in octagons... you'll get used to it... where was we?!" He spun around and faced the two newcomers that Chansi was holding the door for, "Ah that's right! New students! aaaaaaaand... welcome Ryza.... and... Stella! Please be seated, and don't worry about being a tad late, the first day... erm... night, always gets off to a slow start."
  10. "A carefree teacher with a wonderful sense of hearing dear boy!" Jin said, smiling from behind his computer which was now booted up and at the log-in screen. "But enough about me, I like to get to know my students!" Jin logged in and stood up. He went over and sat on his desk, kicking his feet in the air, "and since everyone else seems to be having trouble finding the room," he coughed into his sleeve, "we'll start with you Mana, so, what's your familiar? social security number? Your age? Your familiar's secret name? Your favorite Spell-Card? and how long have you been enrolled here?" Jin paused and gave Mana what he imagined was an evil smile, "and which two of those six questions won't you answer me and why?"
  11. (there's not a teacher listed for "spell-casting" class, so one of two things, either you guys can skip any RPing done in that class, make it up, or Jin (who is more than willing) will teach it!). All years have to repeat that class anyways because it's so basic so we could all be present if desired) for now I'll assume he's teaching it and can edit if need be) Jinjekkai listened to the speech and then stood up to leave, rushing out of the room with class schedule in hand and Kainama in tow. "Oh that's new..." he said to himself as he started towards the elevator. "What?" Kainama asked. "Well my schedule says I'm teaching spell-casting this year." "...and?" "Well I guess I just didn't realize it was my turn." Jin exclaimed, not looking at the full elevator as he walked towards it, but rather down at his schedule. "No one sent you an e-mail or something like that?" Kainama asked. "uhhh..." Jin smiled up at her scratching his head, "I've kind of spent the summer on vacation with you and then I might have gotten involved in something in the shadow realm the week before today so that possibly means I haven't checked my e-mail since last semester ended?" Kainama just sighed "when is...." "Oh it'll be fine!" Jin interupted, "I can improvise the first day and then come up with a lesson plan over the weekend." He decided snapping his fingers. "When..." "After all, it's not like spellcasting is a hard class, everyone has to take it. Hey! that means I'll have new kids too!!!" "Jin!" Kainama grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, something that required very little effort on the part of the huge Gladiator, "when is your class?" Jin glanced down at the sheet and then at his watch... "Ahhh!!! In five minutes!" he cried, "quick! we mustn't be later!" Kainama rolled her eyes at his use of the term "we" and suddenly vanished in a dark purple spark as Jin replaced his D.D.R card back in it's hidden location in his sleeve. Jin pressed the elevator button but the door had closed and was on it's way down to the lower floor which means it might be carrying students of mine! he thought frantically, taking off at a run for the stairs, dodging around other students and faculty alike while mumbling apologies. He sped down the stairs and across the hallway from the elevator (that was just starting to open) Suddenly another student darted out of the corner of his eye and raced for the very same room he was heading for. Before he could reach it the other student had opened the door and walked in. Jin leapt for the door as it was closing behind the student and caught the handle right before it closed. He stood straight up and opened the door as if he had been just about to enter. Even though he was a little late, it appeared that this student was the first to arrive, still... what a bad first impression. "Welcome to spell-casting Mr...." Jin glanced down at his sheet and flipped through the pictures and names until he matched the boy's face, "Welcome to class Mana, everyone else should be arriving momentarily!" With a twirl, a toss of his bags, and a leap, Jin was behind his desk and quickly began booting up the computer and the HPS (Holographic-Projection-System) that each room was equipped with as his bag landed with a thump on the desk next to him. Between boot sequences he quickly scribbled on the chalk board, "NEW STUDENTS SIT IN FRONT TWO ROWS"
  12. "Thank you," Kainama nodded at Ray, "it was a pleasant break." she responded to Diabolos. With that she walked over to the wall behind where the faculty were sitting, and stood silently, waiting for the proceedings to begin. Jin gave Ms. Fong a thumbs up from where he was sitting. He wasn't sure why she worried so much, probably because she seemed to be a perfectionist. She was an excellent speaker though, so, at least in Jin's mind, she had nothing to worry about. Jin's mind drifted off to where he would be in a few hours, teaching class again for the next crop of students. Some would be the same as last year, others would be new, but he doubted any would be from the freshmen group, it was very rare that someone new was placed in his class, mainly because he taught upper level students. He worked best with people who understood all the basics and thought they knew what they were doing. Those were the ones he could break down and recreate as better more experienced duelists. After all... Duel Monsters is just like Chess, except each player has their own unique pieces. Still every piece is bound by its capabilities and therefore even with different pieces most any game can be completely balanced with a good deck and side-deck. Still... there are hard counters too, some decks are just plain useless against certain deck types. he very much looked forward to seeing all the new faces in class later that evening. The only thing he wasn't looking forwards to in the new school year would be the sleeping pattern... teaching class from 8am-4pm, eat, sleep 5-7pm, teach class 7pm- 12am, eat, sleep 1am-7am, eat, repeat. It was weird, but he enjoyed teaching both day and night students equally, though Dueling was slightly more fun than chess and certainly more entertaining.
  13. Jin sat down quickly and tried to act like nothing weird had just happened, he could still blend in! the mission would proceed! Kainama knelt down to be closer to Diablo and Ray. "Jinjekkai here" she began, speaking loud enough that he could hear her, along with most of the other first year students, "was pretending to be a student so he could secretly observe the goings on this evening..." "Kai..." Jin started, standing up to protest the utter destruction of everything he had been planning. Kainama's eyes burned with white fire, "Go sit with the faculty right now!" she commanded him. Jin quickly ducked under her arm with a very pouty look on his face and scampered off to sit with the faculty like he was supposed to be doing. Kainama tossed his bag after him which knocked him down in the middle of the aisle. "wha..." "Go..." Kainama interrupted. And so he went, back to the bathroom to change into his robes and then to take his seat with the rest of the teachers. Kainama sighed, turning back to Diablo and Ray, "He's such a little kid sometimes... I fell like his mother more often than his Gladiator." The statement probably sounded funny coming from a giant hulking Gladiator Beast that didn't appear to have any motherly characteristics at all... at least not just form looking at her. "Sorry for the interruption Vice Principal," she bowed respectfully, "it won't happen again." She then turned to smile at Diablo, "It's been nice, over the summer Jin let me stay with him at his families lake cabin, it's pretty secluded so he didn't think anyone would bother or notice me. I know that normally that sort of thing is frowned upon, but it sure beats spending all my time back with the DD organization and their dimension." She continued after a momentary pause, "I have to keep an eye on Jin though, he wants to solve my problem by finding a spell to send me back to my own dimension permanently, instead of just when he casts DDR, well... that or cast DDR on himself and go duel the DD organization to "force" them to let me go." She sighed, "but I'm sure he won't let it threaten the academy, either day or night, or get in the way of his work with his students." Or I'll beat him within an inch of his life.... she didn't add but rather thought. In truth Kainama was a gentle soul, enormous and enormously powerful but also very old. She had seen a lot of life and a lot of death, been to the grave yard a few times, been stuck in the DD realm for longer than she cared to remember. Not much fazed the wizened warrior. Because of this she also thought of Jin more as a child than her duel master and had no qualms with disobeying some of his... more interesting orders.
  14. "Ahhh!" Jin nearly jumped out of his seat, pretending to be nervouse had actually made him nervouse. He turned to see a devilish familiar... which could only mean the other man frowning at him right this second was.... "Uncle! you came to see me!" Jin rushed forwards and hugged the Vice Principle, quickly whispering in his ear as he hugged the man, "Kainama and I are on a top secret mission! You're blowing my cover!" "by the way, the Vice Principle is coming your way," Kainama's voice sounded in his ear, he swore he could detect a trace of laughter. He stopped hugging the Vice Principle, put on his best smile, and backed slowly away until he was out of arm's reach. Oh I hope Ms. Fong didn't hear us! Oh... actually I really Hope Ray has a sense of humor... or is in a good mood... or believes my story... or hmmm... vanishes from sight would be nice too... Kainama chuckled to herself as she watched the ordeal. The boy hadn't changed much over the last eight years... he was still childish, foolish, rash, brash, brazen, and loved to take risks... She sighed to herself, and began walking down the aisle towards Ray and his familiar to see what would happen. Jin.... What would you do without me? she thought absently, and it was true, she did worry about him. Most of the time he was rational and had a lot of common sense, brilliant even... but now and then he got these ideas or plans of his and just carried them out, hardly ever listening to reason. This was constantly a source of trouble for the both of them. Then again... it was his rash actions that lead to her leaving the dark dimension through a duel he won. Still... she sighed again, edging up to Ray's familiar, he had a lot to learn.
  15. ((Long first post, sorry, wanted to introduce the character and catch his personality. Feel free to interact with him if you are a first year student (as he is pretending to be). If you have had him for class before (higher level students) or know him (Ms. Fong / other teachers,) you might recognize him, but probably not without Kainama around.)) "... and now that you all understand the importance of chess, high art, the renaissance, and chewing gum..." Jinjekkai Kaname blew a quick bubble with his gum, "you are dismissed," he took an elegant bow, slipped on the gum wrapper he had just dropped on the ground, toppled over his desk, caught himself on one hand and flipped back to his feet. The newly formed Chess club stared in awe, Kaname smiled as if he had planned the whole thing... which he had... yep he had planned it out completely... as soon as he started falling... everything after that was pure luck and a lot of help from his Yoga sessions. "Class dismissed!" he remembered to say, thanking his good fortune for not looking like an idiot on the first day of school. "Good night Kaname Sempai!" the class shouted in unison as they snatched up their boards, pieces, books, and bags as they ran out the door. Jinjekkai Kaname breathed a huge sigh of relief and lay backwards onto his desk, now behind him after his "fall." The first day was always the hardest, all about making good impressions. He grinned suddenly... "Speaking of good impressions!" he smirked, leaving the room in a hurry and locking the door, "I have yet to meet the new principal for the night" *cough* "oops" he almost let his tongue slip, not that there was anyone nearby, but still, it was a bad idea to tempt fate more than twice a day. He turned right and raced towards the auditorium building at top speed, he dodged lithely around the few students that he did pass, not slowing down at all. The students he passed not to mention the janitors, gave him weird looks, no running in the halls was... well... common sense? an unspoken rule? courteous? oh, and did I mention... Exhilarating! Out the door, three blocks, in the door! He had reached the auditorium and rushed in through the doors across the atrium and peeked his head into the auditorium. Many of the students were already arriving, others already seated, no doubt some took day classes as well and had been here for some time. Ms. Fong was already standing at the podium. With a smile on his face he popped quickly into the single-unit bathroom and locked the door. He dropped his bag on the ground, tossed his robes into it and quickly switched into ablue student unirofm, the kind worn by the new kids who would be here for the first time. He also undid his braid and ruffled his hair up good. He took a scanner out of his pocket and attached it to the side of his head, placing the ear-bud in his ear and checkin the mic. now for the final touch! He flicked his wrist and a small rectangular object fell out of his sleeve "Time for some DDR, and just to clarify it has nothing to do with dancing!" he said, throwing the card into his bag. There was a dark flash of purple light that shown out into the hallway outside the bathroom but only for a moment as the spell card activated. In a moment the small bathroom was filled with the bulky form of Kainama (Gladiator Beast Heraklinos his familiar). She looked at him disapprovingly, "you know you don't have to yell and make drastic arm waving motions or call out the card's name to activate it..." Jin's brilliant smile suddenly turned into a depressed frown, but it was soon reversed once more. "We are on security tonight! Our job is to make sure that Ms. Fong's speech goes off without a hitch!" he said enthusiastically, handing her a head-set just like his. She bent down and picked up the headset with one large finger, "it's tiny." she remarked without any enthusiasm. "well maybe if you..." "Who assigned you to security?" she interrupted him. "Well..." he looked up at her huge face as she hunched against the ceiling and the wall, "no one! That's why I'm wearing this disguise! We will protect from the shadows and provide instant counters to any and all practical jokes or funny-business that may have been planned by the enemy!" Kainama stared at him, and began to hand back the head-set. "No no no! you need that so we can talk to one another in secret! the new kids will be able to see you, it'd be obvious I'm not with them if you sit with me! Your job will be to sneak around and spot suspicious activity." Kainama almost smiled at the thought of her hulking frame doing anything that resembled "sneaking." She began reaching for the bag and the DDR card. "Wait!" Jin begged, grabbing her huge hand and getting down on his knees, "it's the first day ok, you have to cut me some slack today! I need to make a good impression in front of the students.... I mean... how can I get them to respect me if even my familiar abandons me on the eve of battle." Kainama frowned at him and was silent for a long moment, "if you do anything to mess up the ceremony on the first day I won't..." "Excellent!" Jin exclaimed, "now, I'm going to sneak out and take a seat in the section corded off for the new students, remember to keep in touch with the mic, and act casual!" Kainama watched as Jin opened the door and "snuck" out in a way she was sure he imagined to be very stealthy, but, as a man walking out of a bathroom, it only looked awkward, that and his fly was half-way down, but she decided not to mention it. "Mic check" *static* "I have infiltrated the auditorium and am about to sit in the section marked for first year students, I will then fiddle with my hands in order to appear nervous! Come out in five minutes!" Kainama rolled her eyes and picked up Jin's bag which he had forgot, along with the DDR card and his chess set. She strapped it behind her enormous shield and opened the bathroom door, barely managing to crawl out without causing damage to the small doorway, fortunately the auditorium doors were quite massive for just this reason and she made her way in and promptly sat in the back, waving once at Ms. Fong to be polite.
  16. "Familiar" in the sentence "In Night Class, Starter means you have no Familiar, Levels 1-12 are accessible once you have a Familiar." should have a ";" after it not a comma. "spellbook" in the last sentence should be "spell book" "until they are either special summoned, removed from play, or the battle ends," you need a word after "or" and before "the battle" such as "until, once, until after, once the battle has ended." Actually to avoid that problem and repetition the sentence would better be written like this: "There is a hidden Graveyard here where monsters "destroyed" in a Battle wait until the battle is over, they are special summoned, or removed from play, after which they go either back to the Overworld or head over to Monsters' World." Also, unless "Overworld," is a proper noun (IE the actual name of the place) it shouldn't be capitalized and should also look like "over-world." "homeground" if it's a term you made up for the sake of the game then it's fine but "Home" should be in caps. If it's not an actual term you want used, then it needs to look like this: "home ground, or home-ground." It's not a big deal and I think you can have it either way, but, technically, "pranking" isn't a word. It's not a verb at least. So you could replace it with "prank" and the same message would get across but it's not a bid deal. subject verb agreement, "their" should be "When a Familiar loses all of its HP, they will be sent to the Void Graveyard." or you could keep "their" and phrase it like this: "When a Familiar loses their entire HP, they will be sent to the Void Graveyard." "of of" word repeated. "Counsellors" is spelled with one L "Counselors" Otherwise the first post I already sent you an edit like this for and you used it I believe. So, good work! PS: this is nearly perfect from an English standpoint, hint hint Approvers! :-)
  17. Wait... just read through... You're Canadian? Oh.... then I'm not sure which rules apply because of the French Language influence up there. The subject verb thing should still be in effect regardless though so do pay attention to that. moving to second post now...
  18. The Night Class are mysterious, and the subject of many campus rumours, for nobody knows what secrets they hide. Subject verb agreement, "the night class are" either change it to "classes" or "is". Also "rumours" is actually spelled "rumors" They all have a secret, a shared secret, but the Day Class do not, and cannot, know about it. Same thing, subject verb agreement, it can't be "the day class do not" it has to be "classes do" or "class does". Some of the Day Class have speculated that Night Class are for cram classes, some speculate that Night Class are the geniuses of the school. And same problem here, subject verb agreement, "Some of the day class have" must either be "classes have," "class has" or "some in the day class have". powers, and this knowledge, makes them freaks in the eyes of the general public. and... need I repeat myself "powers makes" is incorrect, but "knowledge makes" is correct, so either change "powers" to "power" (best option) or change "makes" to "make" and the commas to hyphens. "Their existence in the physical plane is made possibly by the magical energy of their summoner, and the special magic environment of TIGS. " "Their existence is made possibly" is wrong, change "possibly" to "possible". The other name is something akin to a nickname, a Unique Name that distinguishes that Familiar as your own, for example, John calls his Celtic Guardian "Garreth". The comma after "nickname" should be a semi-colon. The contract won't disappear if they send the Familiar back to the Monster's World for a while, but there are people who can Steal a Familiar "Steal" should not be capitalized. There are, of course, always a few that Steal out of sadistic pleasure, to show they have power over another student. "that" should be "who" and "Steal" again should not be capitalized. Day Class do not know about this...but that never stopped anyone from trying to find out. Subject verb agreement, "do" needs to be "does." Also, in this sentence and SEVERAL other areas you say "Day Class" or "Night Class" you need to add "The" before both of those or not capitalize them because they The Day Class, not just any day class. 1. No powerplaying or godmodding. Ask permission before you kill/take control of someone else's character. should be "power-playing or God-modding" 1. Night Class: Stealing other people's Familiars is not allowed. Doing so will earn you suspension the first time and (in universe) expulsion from Night Class for repeat offenses. Faculty who engage in this behaviour will be fired immediately. "behaviour" is spelled "behavior" (no "u") That's it for the first post, moving to the second!
  19. Wait I'm confused by that sentence... did you or did you not answer the questions (yes i said they were examples, but if I were to join I'd be asking you).
  20. Wow, just finished reading the rules for creating one of these and I'm guessing there's at least one mod that is either an English teacher or a home-schooler (nothing against them I am one) Anyways, no harm in being too specific. If you wanted a critique, I've written a couple of books and started several RPs for other people on other sites (I usually don't have time to actually play it them), I'll give you one. First off, I think you did a nice job with the background information that you gave out. While information was a little sketchy in the areas of specific kingdoms such information won't really be necessary or privy to all people until such points in the role play as make sense in the story. Good call in the addition of pictures, a picture says a thousand words as they say. (From the pictures I'm assuming a pre-Victorian era environment with medieval weaponry) (correct me if that's not right). In response to the character creation sheet, I think biography or "background information" should be a separate category from "personality" -- they're obviously closely tied but I would still separate the two-- in my opinion. Also, I'm considering joining and if I did I'd have several other questions for you that I don't think you clearly addressed (though perhaps implied the answer elsewhere). Example Questions: Can I have a pet? Can that pet be a beast? Can I be a nomad or ranger (someone that is like a knight but has no specific affiliation with any of the given kingdoms). Can I be a vampire? Among the "beasts" and "monsters" are dragons included? (those just popped into my mind while reading so I thought I'd share them with you) Also (personal question because I love white hair), why no white hair? Anyways, I applaud you for adding a Q and A section, that helped me out because I was about to ask some of those questions (good forethought). I'm assuming that you are going to let us pick our hair and eye color and then let us know what that hair and eye color translates to magic wise correct? Or are you going to give a list of what entails what? All in all well done, I may join you. I'll also send you a PM later with a character profile that I would write to see how you like it (yes I know I'd have to re-submit it after this becomes approved). Nice work