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  1. Yay! We love Angry mobs... I know! Let's make Cloud deal with it! Therefore anything that happens is his fault! Jk Jk Sempai, I seriously did think you might have something to help us in this situation... but we'll see! Otherwise Jin and Lucifer are going to get another workout... again... and be disliked by the town that much more...
  2. Jin smiled up at Cloud then, "I know, and I'm sorry sempai, that's another thing that builds up over time when you're not around people, not just the desire to talk, but to vent as well I suppose." Jin suddenly paused, noting the obstruction to their path, he skipped quickly ahead and ended up next to Lucifer, staff in hand now, but only as a walking implement at the moment. "Take it easy Lu," he chided Lucifer, "think about the situation. If these fine people don't want us in town and they're determined to keep us out by means of violence we will have two options, either not go into town, or beat them up and then go into town, in which case the rest of the town will be against us for what we did and we'll be forced to leave anyways. Therefore the only course of action that will get us into town will be diplomacy." Jin spoke loud enough for everyone to hear him, though he directed his comments mostly at Lucifer and her big cat. "Now," he addressed the people, "before we start killing one another, why don't you all have a nice chat with Cloud Sempai," Jin pointed back at Cloud, "he should have paperwork or orders or something that will get us into your town like it or not, so long as we all behave. Right Sempai?"
  3. Jin gave cloud a deathly look, something he didn't do often, and perhaps Cloud hadn't realized the nerve he'd struck, on the other hand, perhaps he had, and had dome so to shut him up. "That's not funny," he said quietly, though Lucifer could still hear him, "You know why I can't involve someone that closely until I become a knight. And if you're too dense to put it together let me jog your memory." Jin absently scratched at his eye patch, the thing itched horribly whenever he got angry, it was like an allergic reaction, and an annoying one. "I can't involve someone for the same reason I was sent to train in solitude two years ago, the same reason I was given the choice between death and solitary confinement in a monastery with a bunch of bald monks, a decision you knew all about sempai." Jin spat out the word like a curse, pointing an accusing finger at Cloud, "You can but don't, I can't risk it, I'm forbidden. Don't think you can understand how I feel just because you know what happened five years ago. I spent three years in that monastery, learning how to survive alone, without friends, or family, or loved ones, I learned personal balance, not because I wanted to, not like the other monks who chose to leave friends and love on the wayside for the sake of meditation and learning! I did it just to survive long enough to become a knight, after the final test, I won't have this burden anymore." Jin continued walking but his shoulders and arms were tense, his teeth gritted together. After a moment though he relaxed, "forget about it, it's an old wound, I'll talk with you later, alone." Jin sighed and forced a smile, returning to Lucifer's comment, "Sounds like you've got my problem, sort of at least," he smiled over at her, "I can't tell you why, at least not unless I have permission, but I can say that I too would need to find someone strong enough and willing to take a little risk if I were to court them as you put it." He grinned, "Think of me as raw magic energy, if you're careful and controlling you can focus a me into a powerful destructive force, but if you lose control I will consume you instead." Jin scratched his head, "sorry I guess that's a bad analogy, suffice to say I won't be sharing a room with anyone, well maybe Cloud here, if he wants to risk it." Jin shot Cloud a deadly glare again, but this time it was more challenging and friendly than like deadly poison, "you could gain a whole new appreciation for my situation sempai, maybe you'd have an easier time dealing with me afterwards."
  4. Jin harrumphed in protest at Cloud's comment, "Well when you've had no one but the occasional tree to talk to for the most part of two years you store up a lot of vocal energy." Jin shrugged, locking his hands behind his shoulders again, "Yeah, I'm sure the place has gotten pretty dull without me." He focused his attention back to Lucifer, "Well most of it is a secret, especially since Cloud Sempai is here," he added, "but pretty much I've been training myself for survival and carrying out any type of mission I may be sent on. In Azure we only train for a certain amount of time before we have to go out on our own, gain knowledge and skill, and come back to take the final test, that's where I'm headed now." He thought back to what he had done over the past two years, "So let's see, more specifically I've spent most of my time travelling. If I come to a large town I ask about odd and dangerous work to be done and that helps, or I follow people around, or stalk them by night, then leave before anyone has much time to get to know my face. I've dabbled in espionage, spying, street fighting, even had a run in with a nasty old wizard type, nearly vaporized me with a lightning storm, apparently I was eating out of his vegetable garden, that's what he claims, but you see, the garden had no fence and was the size of a small forest so I really had no idea it belonged to anyone." Jin continued recalling the less secretive events he had undertaken recently, "recently I've been fighting animals, or sneaking up on them. I fought mountain lions to test reflexes, bears I chose for strength, and wolves for cunning, ah yes and I've been trying to sneak up on birds but no luck, they're just too paranoid." Jin smiled, glad someone might be interested in his story, and glad that Cloud had to listen to it whether he liked to or not, he would have to explain things to him sometime or other anyways. "The lions were fast, I decided I hate cats," he glanced at Lucifer's panther, "present company aside that is. The bears were strong, but slow, the wolves... they were trouble, always kept surrounding me it was very nerve wracking, and just because I don't have any scars to show for it doesn't mean it's not true," he added, "Some people think of their scars as war badges or some such, Cloud maybe could explain that I haven't the foggiest idea as to why, to me they're just proof that you were too slow, or untrained, or just in over your head, I'd rather not fit into any of those categories... though I have been in over my head a few times, that was fun."
  5. Lol! Well Jin and Lucifer have some things in common lol, for example a lack of... uh.... social graces, for different reasons. But Jin can't really like anyone else except maybe Alazne because everyone else he doesn't know enough except Maro and... Natasha is my little (not so little but younger lol) sister so romancing her character would be awkward... Yay for one way arrow invisible love triangle! (this should be fun!)
  6. Jin smiled and tossed words over his shoulder at Maro, "looks like your wolf made a friend," before he continued up the line that was forming as the group moved out and came to Cloud's left side, opposite that of the whip lady. "Hep!" He flipped onto his hands and began walking on them, giving his tired feet a rest from the morning's chase. Fortunately the wolves seemed to have gone back to their pup and forgotten all about the people, maybe the spices had something to do with it, maybe not. "Oooh, we get to go to town, that should be fun, I bet you haven't been to this town before sempai," Jin began speaking, "it's fun! They have a bar and a stable and a rundown inn that is nice enough. But most fun is the night life! There are always people out at night doing strange things, I used to practice shadowing and information gathering there for a month or so. But then I got bored, no one interesting ever came through, and the local soldiers have no sense of humor." Jin smiled at Lucifer as he noticed her language, "You must not have been in town when I was, I think I would have remembered a lady with a panther and a living whip. You don't sound too thrilled, did you meet the guard captain, Mister Rowen? or Sir Rowen as he likes it, big guy, bigger ego, thinks his town is a little kingdom?" Jin suddenly flipped back to his feet and put a fist over his chest, his voice became grim and tough, "Now see here! We don't want none of your kind in our town. I don't ever want to see your face again. foreigners!" Jin frowned and his face took on a forlorn look, "even after I explained that I was training he didn't seem to believe me, his men are annoyingly observant, and overly cautious, no fun at all." Jin smiled, "So I did as he asked, for the last two weeks I trained there I wore a mask over my face and we never did meet again." Jin shrugged more seriously, "but that was six months ago, I don't know what's been going on since then, maybe he turned into a nice guy and grew a sense of humor."
  7. "Well my Viziel knight lady friend," Jin replied to Alazne, "I am going back to Azure to take some final tests and become a full fledged knight, then I'm sure Cloud and I," Jin grinned, "because he loves being stuck with me and we'll likely be the only ones there at the time," he pointed to his forehead, "are going to be told a lot of mythical nonsense about ancient people with glowing foreheads and be sent out to right all the wrongs in the world." He stretched as he walked, lacing his fingers behind his head, "and since everyone else here has experienced the glowing forehead syndrome that's been going around, I guess we'll have to take you with us and force you to listen to all the mythical mumbo jumbo as well." Jin perked up a little and began counting off their next courses of action on his fingers, "but it's not so bad, the village is a nice place, I'm sure you'll come to like it after we get done knocking you out, tying you up, blindfolding you, gagging you, and then dragging you all one at a time over some of the roughest terrain imaginable only to finally dump you off in front of a group of old senile masters who will decide on the spot if we should kill you or talk about mumbo jumbo together, and all so that you never ever figure out how it is you got there and therefore couldn't trace your way back to save your life." Jin spoke as if he'd done just that before and in like manner also as if it was a common occurrence. "Right Cloud Sempai? We get to bring them home with us?" He asked pleasantly.
  8. Jin glanced at Lucifer as the party began to move out, perhaps a little bit of respect had been added to his gaze since she made her comment and then smiled when she mentioned being a knight. "You don't strike me as the knight type," he thought out-loud, "on the other hand that's what most people tell me, actually I think that applies to most Azure knights, take Cloud there for example." Jin continued, "He could flatten a squad with two shakes of his fist, walk and talk like a gentleman, or play diplomacy but he wouldn't know a Fauld from a Vambrace." Jin paused for a moment, itching his eye-patch again, "And, with all due respect," he added a bit more soberly than usual, "you can't understand just how I feel, no one can." He was quiet for a moment but his smile soon returned. "I suppose though that we can all say that about something or other," he nodded, "knighthood is pretty different between kingdoms, but some things are always the same. If you want to be a knight you have to have belief. In yourself, in a cause, some deep ingrained truth that will get you through anything, something that will give you strength of will, because anyone can wield a blade or whip, call down fire and water, lead people or destroy them, but it takes a knight to be able to do all that and still be a whole person on the inside, not broken by experience, or turned into a monster. The ability to retain one's self through any duty you are required to perform, that is the test of a knight, and those who fail, die. Some go mad, some become murderers and animals, others kill themselves, all because they couldn't cope with their duty and their self." Jin spoke as if he'd heard it a hundred times, and he had, "At least that's what it's like in Azure, I guess maybe we're too strict, we don't have many knights, the knockout rate at the academy is nearly 100%. But even if you don't get to become a knight, you can still be a soldier or a guard, or a specialist." "To be a knight, well, let's just say you have to be more than human..." he winked with his one eye, "whether or not that's a good thing in the end, only you can decide." (Fauld and Vambrace are pieces of plate-mail armor common to medieval times if you want to look it up)
  9. Ooohhh I just noticed the oocc thread! Jin would not mind having a romantic interest in a cute woman with a panther and a living whip who likes to go around threatening people's lives. (lol jk). But in all seriousness, if you want to go for a romantic subplot I'd be all for that. You'll have to decide if Lucifer would be intrigued enough by Jin to work at getting through his exterior to find his true self. He has a fairly troubled past, probably that she'd like, but it makes him easy to be next to, but hard to be close to. On the other hand I love writing relationships, my character usually ends up having one if they are the right type of character, and Jin is.
  10. "Thank you," Jin replied simply, giving Cloud a half smile. "I know there has to be a loser and a winner, and you're right, I would have felt the same way if it had gone the other way I suppose." He sighed, "and I apologize for my outburst, it was... inappropriate." Now there was a word that hadn't been established in Jin's vocabulary prior to his confinement with the monks five years ago. Jin's expression took a far off look as he watched the lady with the whip heal the tree. "It's funny," he replied to her, "I could destroy an entire forest and still I believe it would take more power to heal an entire tree than to destroy a thousand of them. I envy your gift, thank you." He turned back to face Cloud, his expression had returned to normal, "I understand my place, or perhaps I don't. A knight is a tool to be used by a kingdom or an individual to accomplish a task, and as a tool has no say in that which it is used to create, or destroy, so a knight is sworn to serve as duty, without question, only bound by the honor and morality of the one holding his duty." Jin paused, "You've seen me fight as a child, and it was those times, in battle, that I felt at peace, free, and in control. But when I would wake up as the battle ends and see what the outcome was, I would be terrified. So often I wouldn't even remember the fight just walking into the arena, and then walking out. I once read about something called 'battle sleep' where a warrior can put himself into a catonic state and allow his body to become a weapon only, with no control, no moral misgivings, only survival and the completion of the task. for me it's different though, when I really fight it's almost like I become something else, someone else, and then I wake up, and have to live with whatever devastation I created and judge it right or wrong." Jin suddenly smiled idly itching at his eye patch, "Sorry, I must be tired, I'm not making any sense am I?"
  11. Jin suddenly became deadly serious, "Kevia fell?" He asked, sighing heavily as if a little bit of good just dropped out of existence in the world, perhaps it had. "I didn't think I was gone long enough for an entire kingdom to topple, who was responsible?" He asked quickly, eying Alazne suspiciously. Jin had only been to the small kingdom of Kevia once, but he liked it a lot on that one trip. The people were normal, hard working types for the most part, it wasn't big enough to have a lot of crime and it wasn't so small that the poor weren't taken care of. It was just right, a proud and generous little place, a balanced place... Jin scowled to himself and his tattoos seemed to grow a bit darker along with his expression. "Argh!" He slammed a fist into a nearby tree, leaving a black smoldering mark his hand had been. He stood like that for a moment, breathing heavily, but seemed to regain his composure and his expression and body lightened again. "Cloud sempai?" He asked, seriously, "you have been a knight for some time now, how do you deal with every tragic movement of life that you have no control over?" He paused, "I've been told that finding my balance is so important, you would understand that about me more than most. I want to become a knight Cloud, I have to, soon. My body is just like the rest of the world of late, unbalanced, tending towards chaos. I've trained so hard these past two years and..." he glanced at the tree he had just scorched, "I'm no better than I ever was it would seem, I still don't have the control I seek. Like the world I've gotten stronger, faster, but no more balanced." "I don't know how you manage it." he added with a weak smile.
  12. Jin was knocked out of the shuffle of fur, claws, feet, and two daggers for a moment as the panther disengaged itself. He rolled backwards and came up on four feet, well two hands and two feet but you get the idea. It looked like the wolf was behind the woman who had the daggers and that the cat was about to spring in that direction. Jin grumbled to himself and stood up, this was no fun, everyone was ignoring him in the fight, he hadn't even been cut yet... He sighed and brushed himself off, securing his staff to his back again and checking to see if anything else hand fallen off his person during the tussle. Apparently nothing was missing so he turned back to Cloud with a look that said 'it looked so inviting, how could I resist?' "I've heard of the mark before," Jin spoke up quickly, hopping from battle to conversation in the blink of an eye, "back when I was in the monastery there was some big hubbub about it and the end of the world, or the saving of the world, I forget which, I really wasn't paying attention." Jin had said it to everyone in general but he now turned to the Viziel knight lady, "sorry I didn't actually tell you the truth and Cloud sempai will surly strangle me in my sleep if I don't. So anyways I'm not actually an Azure knight, I'm still in training." he said it with such a sad look on his face you may have believed he was about to cry, but suddenly he smiled and his demeanor changed once more. "On the plus side I'm going to become one as soon as I get back to Azure. So I really don't have time for glowing marks and dead princes at the moment"
  13. Jin shook Alazne's hand politely, "Agh" he complained as Cloud gave him a clout on the head, "eh?" He ran a hand nervously through his messy hair, "ah, Cloud sempai..." Jin seemed to be trying to come up with something to say as he smiled broadly at the man he hadn't seen in at least two years, "eto... eto... Ahem!" He straightened up suddenly and reverted back to his gentlemanly demeanor, which as far as anyone could tell, was an act, or perhaps his more rambunctious self was an act, or perhaps both, he had always been a strange one. But anyone that knew him knew that he knew when to be serious. But he was also not an open person, his true self he hid most of the time, perhaps he was shy, maybe he had a horrible trauma in his younger life, maybe he was just an introvert, it was anyone's guess. "Master Cloud, allow me to introduce you to Miss Alazne Lilija de Clare, an esteemed knight of the Viziel kingdom." But suddenly his demeanor changed back to what it had been and his eye went wide with a look of shock. "Waaaaaait!" He grabbed Cloud by the shoulders and turned him so they were facing one another, interrupting any handshake or greeting he may have been returning to Alazne, "you had a glowing mark appear on your forehead too???" He would have continued to speak if it hadn't been for the other girl, well... one of the others, who started yelling and jumped into a bundle of flying fur with a cat and a dog, both overly large for that term to apply to them completely. Completely distracted by the three way wrestling match, Jin was suddenly airborne, vaulting with his hands off of Cloud's broad shoulders in a single graceful movement. He landed right in the middle of the flying fur and rolling girl... He wasn't particularity sure who was fighting whom, but he was sure that he wanted in on it! fighting wild animals was one of his most favorite past times, they were so much safer than fighting people with long swords or arrows. And so he growled as he tussled with the group, enjoying every minute of it.... somethings never changed, to him it was just a game.
  14. *Cough Cough!* "Blech!" Jin's chest suddenly heaved and he coughed as his body managed to recover from the sudden shock of salt and other spices to his system. He groped at his back until he managed to grab his canteen, quickly unscrewing the cork he guzzled down the entire two pints worth of water in record time. His single eye that was not covered by the eye-patch widened as he noticed all the animals around him. Wolves, rabbits, squirrels, birds... it was all a little weird, they were just staring at him, at his mouth more specifically from whence the spiced breath issued forth. It was then that he noticed the woman standing over him, does the ball attract women too? he wondered, but immediately decided that would be silly and didn't ask out loud. He lifted an arm, experimentally checking to see what his tattoos looked like, satisfied that they hadn't changed, and that he wasn't indeed dead or having some strange dream, he stood up in front of the woman, a knight by her appearance, but not someone he'd met before. Her garments caused him to guess that she was from the Viziel kingdom, or at least lived in that area at one point in time. The way she was looking at him and the others signaled she was unfamiliar with what was going on. Of course Jin was in that same condition... "Miss Viziel Knight," Jin bowed politely, his previous stupor and random manner vanishing as if he had acted them out, "Let me personally welcome you to this random part of the forest in the middle of nowhere particularly important. I am Jinjekkai Hitturo, an Azure Knight, and these fine plebeians are bandits who can't seem to get along." Jin failed to mention that he was actually a knight in training, I mean... who introduces themselves as a 'knight in training' that's what? a step up from tramp? The animals followed Jin's every movement, but his breath still left them in their intoxicated stupor even after the addition of water. "You'll pardon my lack of... shirt, and the eye," Jin glanced at his pants and belt, "and the lack of boots and..." Jin suddenly paused, "I'm not a bandit I swear... uhhh..." he fumbled with the pouch strapped to his belt, "see," he pulled out a small medallion he had been given when he left the academy to train on his own. "I'm one hundred and three point two percent Azure Knight!" he smiled broadly before adding, "which some people may view as bandits, rogues, barbarians, or other such sort, but I myself am merely a gentleman in disguise." Jin decided he had talked quite long enough and, not wanting to scare off the nice lady knight person, extended his right hand, "what's your name? and what brings you here?"
  15. "..." Jin watched as the wolves chased after a small green ball. "..." He suddenly caught a wift of the strong scent, it was so... delicious smelling! He quickly followed the wolves, ending up behind them, staring at the strange ball that the man had thrown. "..." He poked one of the wolves, who snapped at him, but returned its attention to the green ball. "ooooooh," he spoke, somersaulting over the wolves and picking up the green ball, all the wolves watched him, or rather, they focused on the ball in his hands. The smell was nearly overpowering this close to his sensitive nose. Is it a magic ball that tames animals? he wondered, poking and prodding at the green sphere. No, if it was just magic there'd be no reason to make it smelly... it reminds me of the herb cupboard back at the monastery... He licked the ball, immediately shut his mouth and began coughing as his eyes began to water. Wow! it must be a weapon of some sort, like a distraction device! He nodded to himself, rubbing his hands together, "Right!" he called out to the wolves in front of him, who were still staring at the ball. "This my wolf friends might appear to be a ball of dense spices and herbs used to distract furry friends like yourselves, but I tell you that is not the case!" He tossed the ball, catching it in his hand again, the wolves' heads followed its movement, "no, this is a training challenge. Just like eating poison in small doses over time can grant someone immunity, eating a weapon like this should do the same thing!" After all, he thought, If I can stomach this I can stomach anything! And maybe it will make the wolves attracted to my breath! With that, he tossed the ball very high indeed and caught it in his mouth. He gritted his teeth, bit the ball in half, and swallowed. After a few seconds of running in circles screaming, as the wolves followed after the smell now coming from his mouth, the effect of the inordinately large amount of spices finally over came him and he passed out with a happy expression on his face that resembled drunkenness. The wolves, interestingly enough, didn't tear him apart, rather, they sat next to his head as he breathed, scenting the spice ball on his breath to the same effect it had on them earlier.
  16. ((sorry for the long post, yes it involves all of you, wanted to introduce my character, go read my profile and feel free to ask me any questions that I'm allowed to answer)) Jinjekkai Hiturro stood in the middle of a large clearing in an equally large forest. Growls issued from the long grass all about him and a tiny furry mass squealed in fright. The baby wolf was latched onto his left gauntlet like its life depended on not letting go. Which it sort of did, not that Jin had any intention of dropping the pup, or letting go himself, but it helped when the pup held on. "I see your family isn't very happy with me..." Jin noted, speaking to the puppy as several dark forms leapt in his direction. He frowned, there were several days when his eye patch made life rather annoying, and today was one of them. The patch limited his depth perception incredibly, forcing him to dodge attacks at the last possible moment and not plan his moves in advance. It was a good training tool, but it had almost gotten him killed on several occasions, this one included. Jin felt a claw on his back and spun away in time to feel another on his shoulder, causing him to drop to the ground and roll backwards. He rose to his feet in time to continue his rearwards momentum with a one-handed backwards handspring, lifting out of the reach of two of the larger males. He quickly glanced around, he was finally at the edge of their group, now they were all facing his front, allowing him to quickly turn and run for his life. oh this was such a bad idea! he thought as his bare feet pounded over logs, through brush, and around trees as the pack gave chase. Stealing a baby pup in the middle of the night had seemed like excellent training, after all, if he could sneak past a group of wolves he could sneak past anything... right? Well the snatching had gone so well that he had left with the pup, still asleep, in his arms. Then of course he had the brilliant idea of using the pup to make all the wolves try and fight with him in order, after all, if he could out run, out dodge, and out last a pack of wolves he could outdo anything.... right? Unfortunately the pack wasn't showing any signs of getting tired, even after four hours of constant chase. In fact, they looked angrier and seemed to be getting faster... that or I'm getting tired and slow Jin imagined... it was a scary thought. He glanced down at the pup as he ran, "Sorry, this is probably going to leave you mentally scared for life, I forgot to consider that... Really though I'm almost done, if you could tell your parents to stop trying to kill me I swear I'll put you right back where I found you and you'll never see me again..." The pup's only response was to bite into his gauntlet even harder. Jin suddenly heard the sound of metal on metal and turned, running in that direction. It had come from the area he had seen a cave earlier, a group of bandits had been there for the past few days, doing who knows what. That gave him an idea, if he could use the bandits as a distraction he could have a fair chance of evading the wrath of the pack. He put on a burst of speed, forcing his taxed muscles to push him a little further. His first priority was to find a place to set the pup where it would he safe, after that he would deal with the wolf pack. He wouldn't kill any of them, but maybe stopping for an actual fight would allow him to knock them all out and send them home later. There were only five of them after all, right... that's only 100claws and 200 some odd teeth to deal with... no problem... ugh... He suddenly broke through the dense forest and into a large clearing. He couldn't really tell what was going on but three of the people looked like they weren't getting along. Then he spotted what he was looking for, a single young man near the entrance to the cave. He was about fifty yards ahead of his pursuers so he paused in front of the cave and quickly handed the pup off to Sei. "Be careful with it," he charged the man before turning to face everyone else, "Sorry, don't mind me, you can go back to killing each other or whatever it is that bandits do, just leave me and the wolves out of it if you don't mind." As if on que the five wolves suddenly burst through the bushes and launched themselves at Jin, paying no mind to the others. To anyone watching, it looked like a half naked man with tattoos across his body, wearing nothing but a pair of loose, wolf-skin pants and belt, two dark purple, metal looking, thin gauntlets on his hands, with a staff tied across his back and two daggers tied to his belt, ((Who looks like this except is wearing what I just mentioned)) just leapt out of the bushes, said a few words quickly while panting, and mentioned something about wolves who appeared behind him, large and black, and leapt in his direction as he took his staff from his back and twirled it in his hands. ~If Jin is left alone he will ensue in combat with the wolves and knock them out one at a time, aquiring any number of cuts and bites as he does so. ~If Jin is interfered with the wolves will attack him and whoever or whatever is interfering with him and he will ensue in combat with both, still attempting not to kill either them or the person/thing that interfered. ~If Sei doesn't hold onto the puppy it will curl up on the cave floor, whimpering.
  17. (well we will be out of D.D and class will be over for a while and the students can go to supper or socialize etc... in the meantime.)
  18. Kainama (Hera) turned as if noticing Glace for the first time, which she was. She stared at the girl for a moment, wondering how she had managed to get to DD and find them at the same time. Although at the moment that really wasn't important. "Hello," Kainama nodded at her and the familiars, "are you in this class too right now?" she asked. She then realized that this could be a problem and that the girl could be in a good bit of danger at the moment since she didn't know what was going on. "Either way," Kainama continued, "my name is Hera, I'm the familiar for professor Jinjekkai, who is teaching this class. We're in the middle of a game at the moment, Jin is teaching about various spell cards and according to the rules each student may have one spell card which they may use in tandem with the others in order to overcome the situations that Jinjekkai creates." Kainama paused for a moment, "Since he's not here in person I'm afraid you're going to have to watch this time around, it's almost over anyways, we'll all be recalled to the classroom in a minute or two." Kainama smiled at Glace, "I can explain everything in detail as soon as we get back, or Jin will I'm sure."
  19. Kainama frowned, "if you want to follow the rules then you can't use any cards but the one's I've given you, however, if you'd like to use your own decks that is up to you." She replied simply. It really was up to them. Part of the game was for the students to learn why the rules were important and also to understand what they could accomplish if the rules were broken. Either choice they made the lesson would be taught, however, she felt a nudge of pity for the familiars that would potentially experience the most trauma from the experience. "I'm not here to tattle on you, and I'm not here to make sure you follow the rules, I'm merely here to protect you. The only thing that will happen if you break the rules, is I will unsummon myself. But decide quickly because we will only be here for a few more minutes at most." she nodded, sitting back to watch and see what the students would do. Jinjekkai meanwhile was eating a candy bar he had brought with him, waiting for the students to decide on their course of action. Because of the two cards he had set, they only had one play order that would allow them to defeat the dragons. On the other hand, they were taking a long time to decide, so, either they were trying to figure out which card or effect to use first, or, more likely they thought it was impossible and were considering using their own decks. Either case was fine, and both were intended. The first thing you did when the teacher leaves the room is stack your deck, break the rules, when your opponent isn't looking and there is no judge. It was wrong, it was cheating, but it wasn't uncommon. And, if you didn't understand the concept of the rules and what could happen if they were broken, it was even the logical choice of action. In most cases breaking the rules against a weaker opponent with no judge was safe, no one cared, no one was there to stop you. However, you have to be careful if you cheat against a veteran or a dangerous deck, because if you cheat, and the other duelist notices, well there's nothing to stop them from cheating right back... Jin smiled, relaxing as he ate the candy, he was on the edge of his seat as to what the kids would decide to do. He knew what he would have done.... cheated. Of course, he'd already gone through that, and was older now, the rules meant more to him because he understood why they were there. But back then, in his youth, he played by his own rules. And that's what got him locked in D.D. for almost two years.
  20. Kainama nodded at the students, keeping her eyes focused on the Blue eyes currently on the field. Just seeing the powerful dragon brought back bad memories of the weeks she had battled, hidden, and battle some more with the crazed Blue Eyes that haunted the skies of the D.D. She still had scars from that battle. In the end she had trapped the mighty dragon and had been in a position to deliver a killing blow, and boy did she let him know it! Still, she hadn't offed him there and then, in truth she had felt no anger against the beast. It was trapped in a strange place, separated from its master and deck, and considering that it had been here so long, they were probably both gone forever. That could have been me had been her thought as she stood with her foot planted firmly on the helpless dragon's neck, who knows how I would have turned out if Jin hadn't trapped himself in here eight years ago... So she had let him go there and then, and the two had avoided each other ever since. "It's a good plan," she nodded again, breaking out of her private thoughts. Still... something was nagging at her, Why would Jin risk a dragon deck stratagem against a familiar like Dark Paladin in play? She knew there was no way Jin had forgotten to take his effect into account, on the other hand he may have just assumed that he hadn't learned to use his effect yet... but that didn't seem like him either. On the other hand... the students' plan was sound, it should work...
  21. Jin smiled as the face down spell vanished along with both phantoms and aqua chorus along with them. he frowned, they were obviously ready for more of a challenge than that, he thought to himself, how to make a good challenge without knocking off a familiar by accident... or a student for that matter. He smiled, it was time to use a real deck and not just draw whatever cards he wanted. he suddenly laughed to himself, why hadn't he thought of that before! This would certainly scare them a bit. He pulled a black deck out of his pocket, after all, this deck only works in other dimensions... anywhere else and it would probably cause physical damage to the surroundings. It was his turn, and he placed Future Fusion on the field adding two counters to it to keep track of the number of turns before it would activate. Now, don't be afraid anyone, I'll leave you a way out of this... you just have to find it. "And to activate the effect of future fusion, I summon, and then promptly send to the grave yard. Three Blue-Eyes White Dragons!" The giant dragons appeared on the wasteland casting huge shadows and roaring loudly, kicking up a dust storm as they beat their wings before vanishing into the graveyard. Future Fusion shown brightly and became activated. For a moment the students may have seen a brief foreshadowing of , a larger three headed dragon, but that quickly vanished as well. Jin then placed two cards face down in the spell and trap zone, "now, let's make them sweat a little." He placed Red Eyes Wryven in face up attack position, and then instantly removed it from play as per the effect of the final card in his hand, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, which he summoned to the field via the effect, then, activating Red Eyes' effect, he summoned a Blue Eyes to the field alongside it. The presence of the two incredibly powerful dragons could be felt in the very air of the wasteland. Jin began to sweat, Whew, this is going to be a workout! Kainama reflexively gripped her shield more tightly, She was about to use it to negate future fusion and send Jin back to his Main Phase, but she held back. "Don't be afraid anyone," She calmly spoke, "Remember that if anything gets out of hand I'll protect you, apparently Jin has noted your teamwork and provided you with a more difficult problem, now more than ever it will matter in what order you choose to use your cards, and when you use them!" She encouraged them. Still, Jin didn't use his Hopeless Dragon Deck unless he was teaching the upper classes, either the dimension was getting to him, or he had been very impressed with the students' play thus far. She closed her eyes for a moment, focusing, the trap back in the classroom would flip within fifteen minutes in this time zone. So they had fifteen minutes to solve this problem, then it would be over whether they liked it or not. That's cutting it a bit close... she frowned.
  22. Jinjekkai watched from afar off as Ancient Crimson Ape met a very interesting end. Flipped face down and then executed, interesting combo, that will certainly make it hard to keep an effect monster in play long enough to use the effect... unless... He frowned, this would be more fun than he had thought, the students were already working together even under the stress of it being the first day and also being in a new dimension for most of them. He was dually impressed, Kainama must have given one heck of a speech, he mused, or I'm up against a group of child prodigies... in which case I'd best watch my back... Losing Ape right away was unfortunate, he hadn't really expected to get much out of the effect, but extra life points were always nice, not that he thought he would need them, he was the one doing the attacking after all. On the other hand the students had not ordered their familiars to destroy either of the two Whitty Phantoms, which, while the phantoms hadn't actually attacked, still showed some lack of confidence on their part, perhaps they were wary of the trap card he had placed earlier, still, he would encourage them not to leave opposing monsters on the field for too long, especially ones with the same name... The trap card he had set earlier suddenly activated and the beautiful and terrifying melody of Aqua Chorus could be heard, raising the attack and defense of both phantoms by 500 points. At which moment, they both launched a magical attack in the form of a glowing purple orb at the students. Though the attack power of the Witty Phantoms now was raised to 1900 and the defense to 1800, they were still no match for at least two of the familiars. "and," Jin said to himself, "as long as those familiars move to intercept the attacks, no life points will be lost and the phantoms will be destroyed. I'm sure Kainama gave one of them mystical space typhoon, now he has a reason to use it, but... let's make him choose." With that Jin placed one card face down in the spell/trap zone and waited. Kainama nodded as the Aqua chorus activated, straightforward strategy, nothing fancy but the lesson that it was meant to teach was important. Don't give your opponent time to set up the battlefield as they choose, instead take the initiative and force them to react to your battlefield. "Incoming," she pointed to the glowing purple spheres of energy that sparkled and crackled as they drew closer. Out of habit she gripped her shield more tightly and subconsciously took a step closer to Marine, just encase. Still they shouldn't have any trouble with two attacks at that strength, not with the current batch of familiars anyways.
  23. Kainama turned to look at Chansi, "Yes, if it comes to that. Though that is the main reason I'm here. But you should always be prepared to defend yourself in other dimensions. This has been my home for a very long time, though I often think of it more like a prison, I know most every place, monster, and mad man who's ever been trapped here. There are a many things here to fear, and a few that even I wouldn't want to fight." Kainama briefly smiled at Chansi, realizing her speech had been a rather morbid one, "don't let it fret you though, the wastes are almost always empty... as you can tell" she glanced at Marine, "they're not the nicest places to visit." At that moment three monsters appeared on the horizon. Two Witty Phantoms in attack position and behind them, almost hidden by them was aAncient Crimson Ape who appeared to be in face-up defense position. "and so it begins." Kainama nodded to the students, "good luck." Jin meanwhile smiled to himself as he sent the first three monsters into battle. The two Phantoms were cannon fodder really, he was sure that any of the student's familiars could take them out of they wanted to, but that's what he was counting on. He smiled as he drew three fresh cards from the deck and vanished to the next location... and set one trap card.
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  25. Kainama watched with interest as it seemed that the students were hatching a plan of defense, it was a good sign. She absently stared out over the vast wastes, trying to sense where Jin was exactly. She couldn't help but be a little worried for him, not that she didn't think he could take care of himself. He had been in D.D longer than any human she knew, but it was still a hostile place at times, and besides that she didn't like leaving his side in the first place. But she recognized her role for now was to protect his students, and she would do that. There wasn't anything in D.D. that frightened her. Well... there was a Blue-Eyes around somewhere that had been sent in a few years back and pretty much gone insane.... He was scary and the only monster she had met in D.D. that not only wanted to fight her, but had an equal chance of beating her, she had no desire to run into him again... ever... And of course there was the D.D. organization itself, and everyone that was part of it was a bit... creepy. You had to be wrong in the head to want to manage the D.D. at least that's what she believed. Jinjekkai had by now set up his first wave and was preparing to use it. It would start out easy, simple defeats, simple attacks. I wonder what spell cards Kainama decided to give the students... he thought absently, placing another monster card in the dust. He thought hard for a moment, well Mystical Space Typhoon is nearly a given, it's a wonderful defense against spells or traps, and it's a simple spell to cast too... as for the others there are just too many to choose from, I guess I'll have to find out. he smiled.